13 What Do You Call Nun Jokes (And What They Mean)?

Hello everyone. Today we will be looking at nun jokes. You know, nuns. The female monks in religious orders have vowed to be chaste and obedient all their lives.

Well, who knew that nuns and everything about them could be so funny? The answer is nun of us….get it?

Here are the top 13 nun jokes explained.

Why do nuns smoke weed?

Answer: To get high


Some people won’t get it without an explanation. Nuns are to be close to God.

By smoking, they can get high which is a pun to mean they can get closer to God because God is high above.

Do you get it?

What do you call a sleepwalking nun?

Answer: A roamin’ Catholic.


This joke is great if you read it right. Nuns all belong to religious orders, right? Well, the religion is Christianity and the denomination is Catholic.

Also, anyone who sleepwalks roams about a place. That makes the nun a roaming catholic. Catholicism however started in Rome.

That makes a Catholic from Rome a Roman Catholic.

But then roamin’ and Roman sound alike, they are homophones. So the nun is not just a Roman Catholic but also a roaming catholic.

What name do you give a holy woman that works in your office?

Answer: Nun of your business


I think we all get this one. Nuns are women who have taken vows to be chaste and obedient so that they remain holy all their lives.

Formal workplaces are called offices a.d in offices you do business. So that is why it is nun if your business.

What do you call a nun in heaven?

The answer is: “Nun of the above”.


This is very easy to understand too. Nuns, for the holy and devoted life, are to go to heaven.

When a nun goes to heaven that doesn’t make her an angel. She is just a person in heaven.

That makes the option, “an angel nun” wrong. But then the words none and nun are homophones. It is a pun.

None of the answers are correct and nun of the above because well it is about nuns.

Why does the nun always wear her uniform?

Answer: Because it is a good habit


The joke is one the play of words.

Nuns are made to wear a uniform that consists of a veil, coif, a long black or brown dress called a habit, and sandals.

Wearing the uniform makes it easy to recognize nuns anywhere. But as it is a good habit to wear the uniform.

My mum says that it is wrong to dress in all black

I tell her that it is my style and it is second to nun.


Dressing in all black is my fashion style but nuns also dress in all black. That is what makes my dressing similar to a nun’s dressing.

Want to know why it is second to nun? The nun’s did it first. I did it second. Get it?

Did you hear about the nun who procrastinates doing her laundry?

She has a filthy habit


The nun procrastinates washing her clothes. One of those clothes is her habit which is filthy because she has already worn it.

Also, by procrastinating a lot she has developed the habit of not washing her dirty habits.

That makes her have dirty clothes (filthy habit) and bad behavior (filthy habit).

Tim: My sister is a nun and she doesn’t like dad jokes

That’s why we stick to father jokes now

Sam: Did she tell you there will be nun of that?

Tim: Yup. Now the jokes are nunstop


Tim’s sister doesn’t like dad jokes. She prefers father jokes instead.

Why? She prefers father jokes because in the order the priests are called fathers just as nuns are called sisters.

She also said there will be none of that. The word none is replaced with nun because they are homophones and Tim’s sister is a nun.

Now the father jokes are nonstop. The nonstop is however spelt with a u so make it nun because, once again, Tim’s sister is a nun.

Why did the nun giggle when the Father gave his homily?

Answer: She had Mass hysteria!


A homily is a short sermon given by a priest during mass.

Hysteria can make people laugh very loudly. So she laughed very loudly during mass because she was hysterical.

What did the priest tell the nun when they were at the salad bar?

Answer: Lettuce pray


Did you get that one? “Lettuce pray” sounds like “let us pray” if you drag the words slowly.

It is very funny because you can put lettuce in your salad. Also, it is only right that you pray for your food. That’s a good one.

The other day I asked Tim how much money he had on him. He pointed to a passing nun.


It means Tim has no money on him. By pointing at the nun, he is trying to say he has “nun”.

The word nun rhymes with nine which was what Tim was trying to tell me. Clever huh?

What is a nun’s favorite type of cheese?

Answer: Swiss cheese, because it is holey.


This is one easy to understand. Almost everyone loves cheese. A type of cheese is one that has holes in it. So you call it a holey cheese.

It is a nun’s favorite cheese because it is holey, which means it has holes. Also the word holey sounds like holy.

All nuns are holy because they have dedicated their lives to living chaste, poor, and obedient lives.

There is a young nun who wipes her nose with her clothes.

She has a nasty habit


This joke has two meanings, and the two put together are hilarious.

As part of their dressing, nuns wear a long dress called habits. It can either be black or brown, and it is compulsory.

Now wiping your nose with your clothes is wrong and disgusting. So the young nun has developed a bad habit of wiping her nose with her own habit.

That makes the habit she is wearing nasty, and the habit she has developed nasty. Get it? It is a great pun joke.

And that’s all for today. Did they crack up? Tell me in the comments section below.

You can also drop your bun jokes too, let’s all have a good laugh. Thank you for reading. Do have a lovely day.


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