What Do You Call Someone Who Avoids Conflict?

Have you ever witnessed a scene where a friend, colleague, or just somebody was confronted by another? They had every reason to fight back because their opponent was at fault, but they didn’t.

Amidst the pressure and expectations from people around them to see them exchange words and blows, these people walk away instead.

Being humane demands that when someone gets under our skin we fight back. But what happens when one avoids every form of word bantery, fuss, or conflict?

They are being seen in a different light and called certain names. In this article, we will be looking at 10 names that people who avoid conflicts are called.

10 Names To Call People Who Avoid Conflict

People avoid conflicts for a number of reasons. However, it is insensitive to recognize everyone who acts as if they are easygoing when, in reality, they are fearful. How about calling a person soft when they are actually behaving cowardly?

This article is aimed at letting you know the right names to call someone who avoids conflict so you give a wrong judgment. The 10 names you can call them are listed below.

  • Pacifist
  • Placid
  • Soft
  • Easygoing
  • Peaceful
  • Non-confrontational
  • Timid
  • Fearful
  • Reasonable
  • Coward


What Do You Call Someone Who Avoids Conflict

Pacifists are people who make the choice not to surrender by giving into conflict. They don’t see fighting back as a defensive tool when they are wronged by others.

Instead, they refuse to react to the aggression of another. This act of pacifism diffuses the aggression of the aggressor. This is because they bring the situation of an intended crisis to a standstill.

Pacifists believe that conflicts do not only affect lives but also corrupt those involved, and so violence is never justified. In this regard, they avoid anything that could possibly lead to conflict.


“Placid” is a term used to identify a person who avoids conflict. Being placid means being relatively at ease, passive, and “chilled out.”

What Do You Call Someone Who Avoids Conflict

This type of person is emotionally stable and is most likely to be unaffected by anything other people do.

It is important to point out that this does not imply that they are psychopathic or emotionless; rather, it suggests that they are less likely to be moved to respond by external provocations.

They are simply a relatively calm, level-headed person who reacts with their brain before their spleen, or they may have a low threshold for stimulation (hence, it would take something extremely significant to arouse them).


A person who avoids conflict can be said to be soft. They hate to fight and so opt for nonviolent means of resolving a dispute because they are aware that violence never solves anything. It only intensifies the level of hatred.

What Do You Call Someone Who Avoids Conflict

Soft people are of the school of thought that the feelings of others are more important than just things and materials of a physical nature.

They care about other people and are constantly driven to provide assistance to those in need.

This is because witnessing suffering anywhere awakens the compassion inside of them, which is always ready to help those in need.

As a result of these personality traits, soft people are empathetic and will avoid every form of conflict as much as they can.


Easygoing is a word used to describe someone who avoids conflicts. They introduce ease to every situation, and by this, they absorb anything intended to make them react negatively.

What Do You Call Someone Who Avoids Conflict

When it comes to fighting, arguing, or defending, you will never find an easygoing person. They allow the rest of the world to do what they do because they are irritated and frustrated by the world around them.

They are generally peaceful to be around and believe there is an easy way to go about everything. Hence, instead of combating someone because they are right, they see overlooking it as the easier route.

They channel their energy toward resolving conflicts instead of intensifying them.


An individual who avoids conflicts is said to be peaceful. These individuals repel any form of violence.

They love to be in serene communities. Their choice of music, movies, and outdoor activities show how gentle they are.

They preach love because they believe that if everyone could show compassion to their friends, relatives, and strangers, there would be no need for them to fight.

What Do You Call Someone Who Avoids Conflict

Peaceful people also believe that the world can be a better place if we stop fighting. And so when they encounter a confrontational situation, they easily let go because they know that fighting back is not an option.

As a result of their peaceful nature, they have a way of soothing their opponents’ hearts through apologies or their choice of words. so that, in the end, they no longer see the need to engage in conflict.


Non-confrontational individuals are those who avoid anything related to conflicts. Their calm personality is a dominant tool they use to be conflict-avoidant.

They are calm in the face of conflicts because they have built some form of orientation for themselves that they live by.

What Do You Call Someone Who Avoids ConflictWhat Do You Call Someone Who Avoids Conflict

Just like the name “non-confrontational,” individuals who have these traits do not engage in fights even when they are on the right side of a situation.

Non-confrontational people are quick to apologize to ensure that the intended conflict is resolved.

They are advocates of peace and would educate people about the need to not fight back when faced with conflict.


Timid is a word used to describe a person who avoids conflicts. They mostly do this because they have no courage or confidence in themselves.

They may be bitter or hurt because they have been treated unduly by someone.

Even if they have every reason to fight back, they refrain, not necessarily because they have a positive view of conflict but because they lack confidence in themselves.

For instance, when a person is timid, they easily back out after seeing the appearance of their opponents.


An individual who avoids conflicts can be said to be fearful. The reason they are avoidant when it comes to conflicts is that they are scared.

They tend to consider a lot of factors, like their physical strength, losing out, or even getting embarrassed eventually. With this, they strive by every means possible to avoid every form of conflict.

In situations that warrant confrontation, a fearful person decides to stay in the background and resolve the situation amicably.

It is possibly because they do not match up with their opponent in terms of the ability to fight. This becomes a major drawback for them because they fear being beaten up or injured by their opponents.

It proves to be an embarrassing situation as people they know may capitalize on their weaknesses. They are fearful of the possibility of things going south if they fight back, and avoid conflicts.


On the social media space, it is being filtered around why people should “Avoid Avoiding conflicts”.

This isn’t to completely out rule what is being said, but this ideology makes it hard for so many people to overlook other people’s flaws.

Hence, they will not let anyone who wrongs them go scot-free. They live with the mindset of being prepared at all times to fight back. This is why those who avoid conflicts are called “reasonable”.

Against every pressure of friends, family, and the social space, who preach the ” fight back” message, they avoid conflict in every possible way.

When faced with a confrontational situation, they have a hundred reasons why they shouldn’t fight back.

Reasonable people consider the consequences of fighting back other than the prideful feeling of “putting an opponent in their rightful place” by engaging in a conflict.

Because these individuals reason things through, they avoid conflicts.


A coward is a person who often avoids conflicts because they are scared. It aims at self-protection and self-preservation at all costs.

They hold the words, “He who fights and runs away leaves to fight another day.” dearly.

They do not want to be caught unawares at some point because they confronted someone who did something wrong to them when they could let it slide instead.

For instance, if someone threatens or tries to fight you, you give them whatever it is they want and run away. It could be your wallet or a secret password.

All this is in a bid to avoid conflict because of how incompetent they feel they are.


In conclusion, calling a person by a certain name should mean that it is related to the way they behave.

On this note, it would be inappropriate to call a person who avoids conflict a coward when they are only behaving out of love because they are peaceful individuals.

You ought to ascertain what their character says before you can be sure what name to call them. I believe you have been enlightened by this article about what names you can call someone who avoids conflict.

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