What Do You Call Someone Who Can’t Turn Pancakes?

The common terminology that is used to refer to someone who finds it hard to turn pancakes is Flip Flop.

Although, many other phrases can accurately describe someone because the term ‘Flip flop’ seems to denote more than one meaning in its literary context.

What Do You Call Someone Who Can't Turn Pancakes

It is a no-brainer that one cannot cook a pancake successfully without flipping it over. And when you say someone can’t turn a pancake over, there is no special figurative meaning to it.

If the person in question had, several times in the past, literally tried to flip pancakes, that is, while holding a pan, the person made a motion with the wrist causing the pancake to fly in the air and land on its other side, and then makes damage each time he or she attempts, then you can call the person a flip flop!

Why Do You Call Someone Who Can’t Turn Pancakes A ‘Flip Flop’?

Flip flop can denote a lot of things. But in the context of flipping pancakes, you can only understand what it means when you take the definition of the words individually as contained in the terminology.

For instance, the ‘flip’ in the term ‘flip flop’ refers to the person’s attempt to turn the pancake that is inside the pan to the other side by holding the pan with his wrist firmly, while the ‘flop’ means the person fails in the mission to successfully turn over the pancakes.

When implied, you can read that the flipping (turning) of the pancake was a flop (disaster, failure, damage, mess)

This is why people who find it hard, difficult, or simply cannot turn a pancake are called flip-flops.

This does not mean that flip-flops do not love pancakes. Only the integral part of the preparation process which is the flipping requires great attention, skill, and mastery.

Whether one is after the thin, crêpe-like European style or the thicker ones more popular in North America, the success of a perfect pancake greatly relies on the cook’s ability to turn them well without flopping.

What Do You Call Someone Who Can't Turn Pancakes

What Are Other Names For Someone Who Can’t Turn Pancakes?

For anyone that has attempted flipping a pancake, it is agreeable that doing such is an art. Not everyone can master this art even after the 100th attempt.

If you know someone who, whenever he or she attempts to turn a pancake to the other side, would always drop the pancake on the floor or get it stuck to the ceiling while flipping, and you are wondering what name to call such person, the following terms, aside from the popular ‘flip flop’ are here to save you from running out of ideas.

Sloppy Flipper

You could call someone who can’t turn a pancake a sloppy flipper. This best applies when the person is fond of smearing pancake batter because of a sloppy flip.

When a person makes a disastrous pancake because they use their whole arm for what should be a quick, subtle motion, then the best word to use when referring to them as someone who can’t turn the pancake is a sloppy flipper.

Early flipper

Most of the words used to refer to someone who can’t turn a pancake are coined from the way most people make errors when flipping the batter. You could call the person an Early flipper.

When people hear that someone is an early flipper, in a pancake-making discussion, it immediately sends the idea that the person flops at turning pancakes especially by turning when they see bubbles.

Flipping impaired

This terminology is borrowed from the popular etymology that those who are impaired in particular enablement.

When you call someone flipping impaired, you want to make sure it is within a discussion of making pancakes because it is less specific enough to mean a lot of things.

Flip thinkers

Another word you can use to call someone who cannot turn pancakes is a flip thinker.

When you call someone this, it insinuates that the person spends too much time thinking about the flip to the extent that when the pancake is ready to get flipped, he is lost in thought on how to tuck the spatula completely under it.

What Do You Call Someone Who Can't Turn Pancakes

Note that most of these words are tilted to humor context. So, they won’t reply if you need a word that would be used when chastising, perhaps, a worker who occasionally fails at her job of making good pancakes.

Is Knowing How To Turn Pancakes Important?

You may want to consider taking it seriously to learn how to turn pancakes without messing up.

This becomes very necessary when you rely on making pancakes as a go-to meal during rush hours or are gainfully employed to make dishes, part of which includes making pancakes for customers.

Also, when you prioritize knowing how to turn pancakes, you are indirectly learning the right amount of ingredients, time for preparation, and the right equipment to use in making the perfect pancakes because they are all intertwined in the cooking process.

Aside from these reasons, knowing how to turn pancakes well appears to be important due to the life and business lessons we learn from it.

The flipping phenomenon in making pancakes has a lot to do with timing. This is exemplary in managing a business. Think about it, when turning pancakes if you must flip, you ought to flip at the right time.

When you apply this to the corporate world, you realize that it is synonymously important that if a business is glued to a particular strategy (one side of the pancake) at every time, then the possibility of failure is high.

Just like the lessons you’d learn from turning pancakes at the right time, you would be able to realize that businesses need to flip at the right time to achieve precision and success.

If you don’t deem it important to learn how to perfectly turn a pancake because you are not the type that prepares so often, then you are in for experiencing a lot of kitchen bloopers whenever the need for preparing a pancake arises.

Failure to know how a pancake is turned at the right timing often results in dripping it on the floor, getting it stuck to the ceiling while flipping, or having a burnt pancake.

What Do You Call Someone Who Can't Turn Pancakes

Final thoughts

Making a perfect pancake flip while preparing it is not only determined by your handcraft in handling the pan, it also has a lot to do with the mixing of a whole range of different chemicals.

The process is perceived as so complicated that those who are a bit mathematically inclined appreciate how university researchers have shown how formulae can be used in making pancakes, especially to have a perfect flipping.

The formulae are readily available on the internet and it contains many factors to be considered before the ultimate flip such as the cooking time, the temperature of, advice from chefs, and even scientific tips.

Still, there are many people out there who find it hard to turn pancakes. If you are looking for names that can be used to refer to them, I hope you found this article helpful.

At the end of the day, they don’t deserve these names because success tastes much sweeter when the taste of failure is known.

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