What Do You Call Someone Who Goes Along With Everything

What would you call a person who seems to support what everyone says? Some may call that person a Pushover but is that always the case?

You have probably had an encounter with someone like that and you may have found the act annoying. The person can be said to not have a mind of his own. However, it depends on the angle at which you view it.

The person is probably someone who sees a successful breakthrough in every suggestion raised while you and the others don’t.

It is quite annoying when the act is not displayed in your favor. It could also be very annoying if it’s done very often but what do you think that person should be called?

What To Call Someone Who Goes Along With Everything

  • A Pushover
  • A Congenial person 
  • An Altruistic person 
  • An Acquiescence person 
  • An Agreeable person 
  • An Amenable person 
  • A Compliant person 
  • A Man of Straw
  • A Doormat
  • Sycophant
  • Lackey
  • Pygmy

What Do You Call Someone Who Goes Along With Everything


This is most likely what a person will be called if he or she is always in support of every opinion raised. The idea is very simple. When a person is easily persuaded to do something that he or she would otherwise not do, he or she has been pushed over.

 It is one thing to be agreeable but it’s another thing to be easily made to bend your will.

One can avoid being called a Pushover and it is simply by having an opinion on every suggestion; an opinion that shows your understanding instead of going along with what another person suggests.

In this case, when you are asked why you support an idea that was raised, you won’t stutter or point fingers like a Pushover would do.

Congenial (A congenial person)

 This is another word that describes a person who agrees with things. However, it is not an insult like Pushover.

This word will most likely be used in cases that do not result in failure. In other words, virtually all suggestions raised can work and people only need to agree on which one to with.

 A person can be called congenial if he supports the opinions of everyone without arguing. Easygoing is another word you can describe that person with. Being easygoing, the person would rather be decisive than argue over the many options available.

 This word can also be used in a different way. You have probably met someone who agrees with all the opinions that come from you. Other people may find it annoying but it happens because that person is congenial to you.

However, if the person doesn’t have a reason for always agreeing with all of your suggestions, he will probably get called an insulting name that relates to this.

Altruistic (An Altruist)

 This is another nice word you can use to refer to a person instead of Pushover. The two words are different and this one is used in a quite special case. However, the two are similar in meaning. Altruistic refers to a benevolent person who puts the needs of others before his.

 You can check the meaning of Pushover again. There is a high chance an altruistic person will be called a Pushover. This is because, in the process of altruism, a person can agree with a suggestion that favors the other person while hurting himself or herself. 

 Instead of calling such a person a Pushover, you can call the person altruistic since it is very clear what happens when the ideas are brought to life.

Acquiescence (An Acquiescent person)

 This is not a name or an adjective you can refer to a person with but it is a word that may describe the act of going along with the opinions of others. It is also called Quiet SATISFACTION.

 Satisfaction is capitalized because the person doesn’t just accept ideas but is also satisfied with the ideas raised, even if it is different from the one he or she had initially raised. There is a chance that the person will go against an idea that would hurt himself or others.

 In other words, when a person has demonstrated acquiescence, he or she has quietly accepted an opinion that satisfies himself or herself.

Agreeable (An agreeable person)

 This is the simplest word to use after Pushover. However, it is much more polite than Pushover. It also has a condition attached that makes it much better than being a Pushover.

 While a Pushover can agree to a destructive opinion, an agreeable person will most likely have reasons for agreeing. There is a high chance a person will be called a Pushover rather than agreeable if the opinions he or she supports are against a lot of people.

 However, a person is most likely called agreeable when he or she looks for reasons to agree with the opinions of others. With this, the person understands and sees the brighter sides of the opinions of others before agreeing.

Amenable (An Amenable person)

Amenable is very similar in meaning to Agreeable but is used in cases that are much more similar to being a Pushover. An amenable person is one who is easily led.

An Amenable person is usually a follower and this is just a polite way of describing it. There are insulting words like Pushover that refer to this servile behavior.

 An amenable person can also be someone who is just open to the suggestions of others. The person probably has not contrasting opinion so he or she would just accept any idea that may work out.

Compliant (A Compliant Person)

 This is another word for Amenable and also very polite. It refers to someone who is submissive. A compliant person is willing to take orders from another person. It is quite different from persuasion. In other words, he or she doesn’t bother to have opinions.

 This is most likely used in the case of rules and regulations. While the laws of a state may seem very restricting, a compliant person will follow the rules regardless.

As mentioned earlier, it is just a polite word to describe the act since many people would rather stand up for their rights than endure laws that trample on their freedoms.

Man of Straw

This is a name given to a weak person. It refers to a person who has no substance, no strength, no dignity, and can get used by others.

 A Man of Straw will most likely go along with all opinions and negative ideas raised since he has no mind of his own. That is probably what you thought when you saw a person go along with all opinions.

The person is probably a Man of Straw who will let people use him/her to their advantage than fight for himself.

 This is an insulting name, even though the words seem simple.


 Everyone knows what a doormat is. Also, virtually everyone knows what doormat means in this case. It is very similar to Pushover but can be considered more degrading due to what its literal meaning refers to.

 A doormat refers to a person who is OVERLY submissive to the wishes of others. OVERLY is capitalized because that person will agree to opinions that hurt himself or herself oreven opinions that don’t work at all.

A doormat simply complies with all suggestions without the slightest objection, even if the suggestion is detrimental to himself or things he cares about.


This is a very different word and its meaning may seem off but this may be the exact word you have been looking for. A Sycophant is a person who serves another person just to receive compliments from the person and get special favors.

The words mentioned earlier are names you give because a person agrees with the opinions of others. However, this one is a name borne by a person before he/she agrees with the opinions of another person.

 A Sycophant is very hypocritical. While the supported person may think he/she is truly supported, the sycophant is laughing behind his/her back and making selfish plans.


This is similar to Sycophancy but it is slightly different. It refers to a person who follows another person like a servant.

 A lackey can be sent on all kinds of degrading errands without objecting while hoping to get a favor in return. A lackey is most times compared to a paid slave.


 This is another word that refers to the reason a person goes along with everything. It is an insulting word but it isn’t given because a person agrees with all opinions. It is given because a person is UNABLE to object to opinions.

 A pygmy is an insignificant person. In other words, arguing would be a waste of time so going along with all opinions may be the best idea in his/her case.

What Is It Called When Someone Goes Along With Everything?

 Going along with the opinions of others can be viewed from three angles which will help to judge why and what the person should be called. It could be Compliance, Subservience, or Fawningness.

 Compliance refers to a person’s willingness to comply with the rules that have been laid down, even if he or she has the power to go against them. The rules could be negative or positive but the person chooses to be led.

Subservience refers to a person’s need to comply with the rules of another person due to inferiority. The rules could be negative or positive but the person has no power to object. It is most likely not by choice.

Fawningness (or servile following) refers to a person who only complies with the rules of a person just to flatter and receive favors. This is quite hypocritical and selfish. It is most often a fairly negative opinion because fawning tends to work only when there are several people opposing. A Sycophant allows himself to be led just to receive favors. Also, the rules may be against everyone except himself or herself.

What Does It Mean When You Go Along With Everything?

 When they say you go along with everything, it means you are in support of all opinions raised. It means you never object to opinion of a person or people.

 However, what you are called depends on how your compliance is viewed by people. If people see you as deceptive, you may be called a Lackey.

If people see you as compliant with one rule or authority, you may be called Weak because they expect you to support a different opinion. If people see you as docile, you will most likely be called Stupid because they would believe they can use you as others use you.



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