What Do You Call Someone Who Hides The Truth?

The truth is a very common thing that can be Ironically hard to find. Someone who hides the truth can be called many things. The important thing all these names have in common is that they attempt to keep the truth under a bushel.

Some people hide the truth without knowing that is what they are doing. Others do so for personal gain or to achieve a purpose. Whatever their reasons are, I am going to go through five names we can call someone who hides the truth.

5 Names For Someone Who Hides The Truth

What Do You Call Someone Who Hides The Truth?

  • liar
  • Deceiver
  • A Dishonest person 
  • Fabricator
  • A devious person 

1. liar

Someone who deliberately hides the truth can be called a liar. Liars go an extra length to also intentionally say something that isn’t true, therefore covering up the truth. The truth is a fact that is known and often has factual empirical backing.

When a liar is around, such a person uses the information which is true to create a lie. Sometimes the lie is told around the truth so that it can’t be easily detected. Other people may tell a whole different story. Either way, a liar hopes to mislead, misinform, or remove the legitimacy of a truth.

You can deal with such liars by making sure they may not spread their lies. Attempt to know the truth and use this information to thwart any lies from them.

Also, you can limit the access such a person has to you, your family, your work, or the general populace. Liars have never done well for society. A large effort to bring out the truth should be everyone’s concern.

2. Deceiver

What Do You Call Someone Who Hides The Truth?

If you see someone who hides the truth, one name for them can be a deceiver. A deceiver uses deceitful tactics and actions to cover the truth. This person uses a combination of behavioral and psychological methods to hide the truth.

What a deceiver does is show you something that seems like the truth, while in reality, it threw you off the real prize. A deceiver cannot be trusted with anything; this is because they always have their intentions well hidden. What they show to the outside world is a false representation.

You should be wary of deceivers because they are very good actors and can make over one person buy into their lies. When confronting them, be careful so that they don’t use this as an advantage to discredit the truth you know.

To deal with deceivers, it is best to bring your evidence of the truth to light. This will make their actions very hard for others to believe.

3. Dishonest

A dishonest person is someone who hides the truth of a situation. This person is a crooked individual, and they hide the truth by not telling anyone about it. If you were to ask a dishonest person a question, their answer would be the evasion of the question.

This is because they do not want to bring the truth to light. A dishonest person may bring up an equally serious matter when confronted with the truth. They often use tactics of throwing up an air of chaos or distrust, instead of telling the truth.

They hope to use the truth they know for some personal gain. Someone that is dishonest will sell you an item whose price has been reduced, to a higher price. This is because they know something you don’t know and will hide it from you for personal gain.

Dealing with a dishonest person can be tricky, you will learn not to take their word for it. Learn to do extensive research before getting into deals with them. Better still contractual agreements should be drawn up for serious business. This will save you from any form of crockery by them.

4. Fabricator

A fabricator is essentially a person who hides the truth by cooking up stories or false info for a dishonest reason. This kind of person carefully crafts a beautiful and interesting story. Then this story is told repeatedly to multiple people hoping to make such falsehood a widely accepted belief.

Anyone who acts in such a manner usually does this for personal gain. They hope to use this information to ensure the truth remains buried. You may ask what they get from this. They get personal gain by either making folks invest in the wrong thing or discredit those who are of true character.

Stay alert around this kind of person, when you hear stories from them. Vet this story and ensure that you are not also aiding them to sell their lies.

5. Devious

Someone who hides the truth can be called devious. This term is used for a vile person whose only goal for hiding the truth is to cause harm. The devious person is almost never caught in their schemes to hide the truth.

They use trickery and smokescreen to masquerade, their plan usually involves several layers of deceit, and even have a backup plan. Devious persons have no love for the truth, their only aim is to cause harm to others.

Once you notice an individual scheming and plotting lies, put a distance between the both of you. The Farther the distance the better.

Why Do People Hide The Truth?

You should understand that people hide the truth for so many reasons. Some of them are ashamed of who or what they are so they conceal the truth and sell a lie. This habit does not have a specific age or gender because even babies have hidden the truth.

Reasons for hiding the truth may be personal or intentionally done to cause harm to others. Below I have listed some reasons why people hide the truth.

1. Feel Threatened

One reason someone might hide is that they feel threatened by the truth. In such circumstances an individual knows the truth will cause him problems, so they hide it to save themselves.

Such persons have a way of dealing with situations that they deem fit for them. They will intentionally throw truth seekers off their trail because of the threat of the truth spoiling their present situation.

2. Sell False Idea

People who hide the truth do so because they want to sell you a false idea. This idea may be a story or information about a thing, person, or fact. Such persons who have this kind of attitude or behavior do so to either project an image that is false. This may be a bit to fit in and be accepted by others.

An example is when a wolf disguises itself as a sheep by wearing sheep’s wool. This will make them appear in a different light from who they really are. The falsehood is worn as a mask to hide the truth beneath.

3. Personal gain

Someone can hide the truth because they want to gain something personally from such actions. This includes self-protection, sometimes the truth of a situation is not brought to light because it may attract unwanted eyes. Celebrities and public figures use these tactics to protect themselves from the public eye and dangerous folks.

In today’s society where privacy is a very serious issue. Many people often hide the truth from others, these include information like addresses, contact phone numbers, job placement, etc. this is because the right info in the wrong hand can be dangerous for you.

4. Avoiding Consequences

A lot of us conceal the truth because we are afraid to face the consequences of an action. This lie is done to avoid punishment. When someone sleeps late and arrives late to work, they lie by blaming traffic or calling in sick.

By effectively hiding the truth they hope to avoid whatever punishment is in store for them. These kinds of lies are often harmless and just a reaction to save a moment. However, when they become frequent and unnecessary, it has the potential to ruin everything about them.


They say the truth can set you free, and I am an advocate for that. I feel that emotional intelligence and assessment of a situation are paramount. By application of this technique, you can easily know when the truth is being withheld and the reason for this.

Sometimes the truth would cause harm by coming out prematurely, other times the way the truth is presented can cause it to lose its power.

By carefully analyzing and studying different people over the years, I have come to an understanding that the truth can be easy and hard to find.

Understanding the motive of someone who conceals the truth will put you in their frame of mind. This will tell you if they are doing this for themselves or others. You will gain a bigger insight into the situation by sitting down and inspecting it before deciding what to do. 

Understand also that the truth is a relative concept. What may be someone’s truth, may not be yours and vice-versa?

You should always be prepared that some truths are meant to be known. 


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