What Do You Call Someone Who Hides Their Identity?

To really know someone, you must know their name first. Someone who hides their identity may do that for so many reasons. Whatever the reason might be, tread with caution around such a person.

Normal individuals who fit in society or a community do not go around hiding their identity. If you don’t trust someone’s identity, exercise patience and find out who they truly are before developing any lasting relationship.

10 Names You Call Someone Who Hides Their Identity

What Do You Call Someone Who Hides Their Identity?

Here are 10 names you can call someone who hides their identity.

  • imposter
  • Charlatan
  • Cheat
  • Fake
  • Fraudster
  • Phony
  • Pretender
  • An insecure person
  • Deceiver
  • Masquerader


What Do You Call Someone Who Hides Their Identity?

Anyone who takes on a false identity or nomenclature in order to deceive is called an imposter. This individual hides their identity by assuming another name.

An imposter would go to great lengths to prove that they are someone else. Documents and other forms of identification are also fabricated to aid with their deceit.

Someone who hides their identity, and is also an imposter has multiple reasons. In common cases, they are committing the crime of identity theft. It is important to keep your identity secure by not leaving your personal info accessible to strangers.


 A person who hides their identity can be called a charlatan. This person masks their identity by parading as another person, usually, this false persona is a skilled professional.

When you meet a charlatan, they will be disguised as having knowledge in a field such as medicine or art.

Their intention is to use this font to either gain your trust or for other ill purposes. This set of individuals can be tricky to deal with because their façade can be convincing. What you can do is ask the important questions, and see how much knowledge they actually have.


If you meet anyone who hides their identity, that person can also be called a cheat. Cheater is a term that applies to a wide range of acts.

When someone hides their identity from you, it can be because they want to cheat you out of something. An honest person would not go through this with you.

People who cheat don’t care for anyone but themselves. They premeditate and plan all their acts, with an end goal that involves ripping you off.


A person who hides their identity can be called fake. Fake can mean something that isn’t real, and when an identity is hidden what is portrayed is fake. The person who hides their identity is deceptive. An illusion is used as a cover-up to hide their true nature.

Fake things don’t last, so such persons are usually quick to leave a scene. Their makeup and fake identity can easily be stripped apart.

This ability somewhat also makes them dangerous. When you meet fake people do well to stay away from them. They are not worth keeping.


A fraudster is someone who operates mostly by hiding their identity. People who do fraud use false identities to defraud unsuspecting victims of money or other personal items.

Because such persons commit crimes, they always hide their identity. Even if the crime they commit is discovered these persons can get away because of the false identity.

Your personal identities can be stolen and used to commit fraud, so caution must be taken when you use your details.

Check the security of all websites to submit your details. Also, you should always ask for proof of identity when meeting strangers for the first time.

A phony person

 One name you can call someone who hides their identity is a phony person. A phony person is someone who portrays an intention that is false.

This kind of person uses this false identity to deceive victims and cheat them out of what they have. A phony person is always after what they can get from you, from the moment they met you.

You discover the phony person has altered almost everything about themselves. Their actions and character give them away. Be cautious when you meet anyone that gives you some phony vibes.


You can call someone who hides their identity a pretender. This individual assumes a position or titular seat on false pretense. Pretenders use a fake persona to get a seat of power. Such people are liars and have a scheme up their sleeves.

Pretenders have no legitimate claim to whatever they have. Their core is believing a lie so much that they lose themselves sometimes. It’s very easy to spot pretenders, the façade they claim to uphold usually crumbles around them.

An Insincere person

Anyone who hides their identity is an insincere person. You should trust no one that is insincere. Every word they utter is a lie. Some folks are pathological liars and most insincere people are under this category.

They cover their identity to avoid any blowback on their real persona. If you meet an insincere person, chances are whatever name they told you was a lie. With social media, one needs to be careful about meeting new people.

Vet and verify any potential business partners. If you must employ anyone in a business, make sure you do a background check on them.


A deceiver is very good at hiding their identity from most people they meet. Such persons will intentionally say what is false to people who don’t know them. This kind of individual uses the air of mystery to shroud their deceit.

If you pull back layers of their cover, you will uncover the truth. Deceivers are often compelled to lie, so it’s best to avoid any friendship with them.


Identifying is a powerful thing and anyone who hides their identity can be called a masquerader.

This is because such a person uses a psychological, or behavioral mask to hide their identity. When this happens, the mask they put on is used as a tool to intimidate or mislead others.

People who hide their identity know how to moonlight as another thing. They will sell you an idea of them that is far from their real self. Sometimes they do this to blend in. just like the saying goes when in Rome do like Romans.

Why Would Someone Hide Their Identity?

If you hide your identity, you probably have a good reason for this. So also will anyone who goes through the stress of hiding their identity. Below I have listed out some reasons why someone would hide their identity. Let’s go.

1. Anonymity

Someone can hide their identity because they remained anonymous. The choice of anonymity is often a choice. People who act in such a way often do so because they do not want attention on them.

We see this behavior in celebrities, spies, lottery winners, etc. the gift of being anonymous helps one to blend easily with the crowd. This may be what they hope to achieve.

2. Fraud

Fraud is a good reason why someone would hide their identity. People who commit themselves to criminal acts use falsified information to get resources from their victims.

By hiding their identities, they are exempted from the crimes they commit. It also gives the law a hard time detecting and persecuting them.

Identity thieves use other people’s info to create a persona and commit fraud. When you suspect such a person, it is important to report it to the relevant authorities.

3. Security

Many persons hide their identity because of security reasons. They have been in trouble and want an escape. Hiding their identity is the only safe way to go about this. This applies to those who are seeking refuge from conflicts, and other things.

Public figures like politicians, government officials, and C.E.Os. use this method of disguise because of the position they occupy.

4. Job 

The job role of some people is too sensitive so they have to keep their identity anonymous. Military personnel, security agency staff, spies and other sensitive job roles may demand you to keep your identity a secret.

Some organization would require their staff to also hide their identity. This is an application of extra security measures to prevent attacks from enemies. If you work a sensitive job, it’s better to keep your identity hidden.


Our identity is who we are, it’s how we are recognized by other people. Because of personalization, issues concerning identities have become a frequently discusses topic today.

People hide their identity for many reasons, so it’s important that you verify whomever you meet. Social media is another way people hide their identities, with so many fake accounts, identities can be easily hidden.

Often time identities are hidden because of an ulterior motive. False identities and deceit have been employed to carry out elaborate scams.

One thing you should do is protect your privacy. Don’t be compelled to leave information about yourself carelessly.

Protect your identity because identity theft is a serious problem once you have your identity stolen irreparable damage can happen to you.

Do not put your details into websites or platforms that are not trusted and use different passwords for your accounts. 


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