What Do You Call Someone Who Is Curious?

Inquisition is a basic characteristic of an average human being. It is often just a hunger to know about something, but sometimes it graduates to a deeper quest to get a piece of information whether it is meant for you or not.

Most times, this type of curiosity sets off a bad image of the person as they’re likely taking their hunger to know more to a level that is not convenient for any other person around them.

If you’re around a curious person, you’ll notice their keen interest in favorable topics. In such situations, you’ll like to address the person with the perfect term.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t come on out as polished as you wish. So you look out for more appealing terms which is probably why you found your way to this post.

However, this article won’t disappoint you as I will be giving you some of the best things to call someone who is curious. Read on to learn more!

10 Things to Call Someone Who Is Curious

If a person is curious, there’s a high chance they’ll act nosy around you. They’d want to know every single thing happening and sometimes they’ll trespass. Some of the best names to call such a person include.

  1. Snoop
  2. Mystic
  3. Seeker
  4. Nosy Parker
  5. Inquisitive
  6. Eavesdropper
  7. Medler
  8. Detective
  9. Weird
  10. Tattler


What Do You Call Someone Who Is Curious

The word Snoop is often used alongside the animal dog. You must’ve asked why, but didn’t have the extra time to think it through.

Did you think about why dogs are used as detectives in Force? The K1s and other breeds of security dogs are trained for hyper-receptivity. The reason is that they’re naturally snooping.

Dogs snoop around, curious about what they’ll find. It could be bone to crack their dentition on or wraps of drugs in the case of security dogs. A curious person does a similar act by seeking information about a certain subject or person.

The Snoop term could sound condescending, so you should be tacky if you’re going to use it.


A mystic is a person who is attracted to the ancient way of life and seeks information about them.

Most times, people like this look into old texts or fossils to get spiritual insights and meanings. Their quest for knowledge lies with the past and its relation to the present.

If you’re in the company of a curious person who wants to know things about a past event, probably one with spiritual or metaphysical properties, you can call him or her a mystic.

When you do so, you’re not in any way trying to appraise the person although that’s what it will look like.

Calling a curious person a Mystic is quite a good term for such a person.


What Do You Call Someone Who Is Curious

The early 2000s saw the airing of one of the best household movies. The British screenplay titled “The Legend of the Seeker”, featured a great deal of curiosity and suspense. Betrayal, hatred, and love were also portrayed.

Borrowing the term ‘Seeker’ from this movie, you can use it as a term for anybody curious, especially in the right way or reason.

A seeker can also pass for someone who has genuine intentions concerning any subject they want to know about. I’ve heard and read books where this term was used to refer to students of ancient teachings from old Egypt or the time of Buddha.

If you encounter someone curious about topics like those I just mentioned, you can call him or her a Seeker.

Nosy Parker

Just like the Snoopy term, you can call a curious person a Nosy Parker. Although it sounds like a shade, it is not. It is an informal way of addressing a curious person, especially one who is bent on finding out what’s not meant to enter into their ears.

When a curious person starts being too drawn to details of a discussion or subject, it’s becoming a nosy act that deserves the name ‘Nosy Parker’.

Therefore, you shouldn’t hold it back from calling him or her a friggin Nosy Parker, for poking their nose into what is not meant for them.


Most of the best innovations in the world came into existence because people asked questions and needed answers.

Humans have problems and needed solutions. Hence, being inquisitive didn’t start at the time I wrote this content. But it has been going on for quite a long time.

However, people are still showing this same concern about getting information. They want to know why you wore a blue shirt to work and not the white one.

Why is the boss not looking cheerful like on other days or why it is raining in the Summertime? You can call such an inquisitive person.

Another sharp point that backs up the use of this term is when curiosity is accompanied by tons of questions. Not one, two it three but multiple questions, all at the same time.


What Do You Call Someone Who Is Curious

I would make eavesdropping an offense if I had my way. Because I don’t mostly believe it when someone passes to me a piece of information that came out of an eavesdropped conversation.

Eavesdropping is an unethical way of sourcing information without the consent or awareness of those discussing it. If you catch a person in the act of listening to your conversation without your consent, you can call the person an eavesdropper.

Let’s assume you were on a phone call and your friend tried to listen to the conversation out of curiosity, you can call him or her an eavesdropper.

This is because you gave no consent and they were particularly curious to hear or know what your discussion was over the phone.

The conversation could even be a secret that someone else shouldn’t know about. Using the term on the person signals your unsatisfactory mood with their action and if the person is conscious enough to recognize this error, he or she will probably apologize for their action.


Another term that describes a curious person in a negative form is a Medler. A Medler is someone who pokes their nose into issues that have little to nothing to do with them.

They want to get their skull into other person’s life and details.

A curious person can be a Medler because it takes curiosity for someone to have their mouth on another person’s life. They probably know something about the case at hand and want to dig in further by poke-nosing into it.

So, if you have someone that is curious and also getting into others’ lives then you can call the person a Medler.


A detective’s work involved unveiling and uncovering information about a person, place, or event.

If it’s in the instance of s murder case, a detective is probably looking for crime shreds of evidence and witnesses.

Because of all these job descriptions, the primary driving force of the detective becomes curiosity.

Curiosity is the fuel that fires up the detective’s efficiency because more questions and doubts lead to uncovering more answers and hence more information.

However, you can call a curious person a detective if he or she is bent on finding out details about someone, a place, or an event.

Also, the person earns the detective term if he or she has some kind of right motive behind their curiosity.


This could easily be my best term for a curious person, especially if the person yearns to learn about things that are quite odd and sinister.

If a curious person asks questions like how to be a vampire or if vampires ever existed or even the case of the hidden secret society that runs the world…he’s a weirdo.

You can’t convince me more that he or she is utterly odd and so is their subject of curiosity.

How would a regular person ask how to be a vampire, simply because vampires are always rich? It sounds both laughable and absurd.

Even without considering other options, I would call such a curious person a Weirdo and you should do the same.


You’ve probably encountered someone who enjoys trading gossip between two or more persons or groups.

I saw a lot of them in high school and I bet you did too. Individuals like this are always on the lookout for the next comeback and that’s curiosity.

If you want to call such a person curious without using the word curious… you can call them Tattler instead.


I promised to serve you the best of terms for a curious person at the beginning of this post. And guess what? I did it! This post offers you a 10-number list of terms that you can call someone curious.

However, some of the terms like Snoopy and Nosy Parker could sound condescending, so I suggest you examine the situation before using them.

Lastly, do not forget to hit the share icon to get this post to others who would find it helpful as you did.

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