What Do You Call Someone Who Is Easily Influenced?

Everyone has their level of acceptance. What you are receptive to differs from mine. Because of this, idea formation and thoughts are also distinctive from one individual to another.

But among all these, there’s a percentage of people who are easily influenced or bought over to the other side of either an argument or school of thought.

You’re probably clogged up with thoughts on the most suitable term, which explains why you found your way to this page.

What do you call such a person when you meet them? They’re certainly not “swines”, so what could be the best term or name you can call the person?

Well, I’ll be taking you on the different terms or names you can call someone who is easily influenced. Read on to find more!

12 Names to Call Someone Who Is Easily Influenced

Someone who is easily influenced sets off a red alert of indecisiveness to those around him, even to the influencer. They’re out to pitch their tent to the highest bidder or who has the most appealing storyline. You can use the person any of the following terms or names.

  1. Gullible
  2. Naive
  3. Follower
  4. Persuadable
  5. Puppet
  6. Easygoing
  7. Impressionable
  8. Weak-kneed
  9. Barber chair
  10. Chameleon
  11. Complacent
  12. Pliable


A gullible person is easily manipulated into something they don’t want to do initially.

This type of person is credulous, i.e. he or she is easily persuaded into believing something without prior planning or investigation into the matter.

This is almost the exact feature displayed by someone who is easily influenced. The person is subjected to a type of manipulative mechanism which employs the use of influence.

The contents of this influence can either be negative or positive, but the crux remains that the person is easily bought over to the other side of view.


What Do You Call Someone Who Is Easily Influenced

Do you know how a teenager is easily taught to follow a particular political theory either Liberal or Republican?

That’s because he or she is naive about the arrangements or formulation of political theories. But with a little information, you can easily Influence such a person into pitching their tent with you.

A person who is easily influenced is nothing but naive and inexperienced. The person is played as a pawn in a Chess game because they’re not as knowledgeable as the person who’s trying to get them to his or her school of thought. This makes ‘naive’ a viable term that you can call someone who is easily influenced.


In case you never gave it a thought, someone who is easily influenced is an intrinsic follower. This person depends on the decision of others to take action.

He or she is always at the beck and call of some supreme mentor, leader, coach, or trainer.

They see themselves as inferior compared to the wits of the supposed leader. Hence, they just follow while others attempt to rule.

You might’ve encountered such a person and didn’t read the signs. Well, that’s why you’re on this post, to figure things out.

If you have a friend is easily concurs with any stand you take, without giving it a thought or doubt, then you probably have a follower for a friend.

So you can call anyone who is easily influenced a follower, he or she will understand especially when you say it condescendingly.


Having persuasive skills is a good basis for a marketing career. It’s the ability to usher in a product and make sales.

What do you think would be the best way to refer to someone who buys a product from you each time, without asking questions or even bargaining price?

You guessed right, Persuadable…that’s the right word. This person buys because you easily Influence him or her.

Now take your mind away from the marketing field and bring it to your daily relationship with people.

There’s a chance you have a friend or know someone who is easily bought over, without thinking about it. This is someone who can be told to lick an ass for money and he or she will do that effortlessly.


What Do You Call Someone Who Is Easily Influenced

You probably know what a puppet is. However, this piece of art supposedly used as a form of entertainment in most cases barely has its say.

It is drawn and dragged into different shapes, forms and positions. A puppet is easily influenced.

It may sound condescending to call someone who is easily influenced a puppet, but it is quite a good term to describe the deliberate acceptance of influence.

Therefore, you should make sure the circumstance of using it won’t erupt into anything violent between you and the person it was meant for.


I once worked under a boss who had no issues, at all. I mean, this dude kept things cool with everyone.

It was a media firm so a lot of effort was going into the creative part and he wasn’t out to point out errors but gave accolades when due. He’s the perfect example of an easygoing person.

But the use of the phrase in this context brought out another view from my story. The boss was doing all that because he had a personality disorder.

This made him utterly low esteemed and living at the mercy of those around him, including his workers. This made him easily influenced, which was cool by us but was not right for his position as a boss.

So someone who is easily influenced can be called easygoing.


Have you ever met someone who believes everything you tell them about yourself? Like they take in the whole story hook, line, and sinker. Such a person is easily influenced.

They’re quickly impressed by others and as such barely have the best of personal decisions to themselves.

Prejudice for this type of person is formed from what he or she’s been told and not what he or she observes. Hence, it would a nice try if you used impressionable as a term for someone who is easily influenced.


The first impression that comes to mind with this phrase is someone in love. Well, the truth and its relativity to the subject matter are not far from it.

Have you noticed how people in love act towards each other, especially the ladies? If you’re observant, you’ll notice that they’re easily influenced by their male lover.

Although this could be seen as feminity, when the circumstances are extreme it means something else. It indicates that the female partner is weak-kneed when it comes to her partner.

Such counterparts in the relationship are easily influenced into wearing what suits the guy or liking the guy’s choice of food. As a result of this, weak-kneed is a good term for this subject matter.

Barber Chair

What Do You Call Someone Who Is Easily Influenced

If you’re a guy reading, the reality is you have been in a salon to get a haircut. When you walk into the shop, you go straight to the barber chair and sit down and the barber attends to you.

While the process is ongoing, you’d notice how the barber turns and drags the chair to suit his view and position.

Funnily you don’t have a say, because you probably do not want him or her to do a bad job, so you keep calm. He only stops when he’s done with your hair and is satisfied.

Some people are like barber chairs. They don’t move without being moved, and even when they do it is mostly to the advantage of the position that asked them to move.

Just as the barber chair is easily moved into different positions, this person is also easily influenced by different thoughts, opinions, and actions.


A lot of people only ascribe the features of a chameleon to people who act like slimes. These are people who are tricky and impossible at the same time.

However, you can also call someone who is easily influenced a chameleon. This is why.

A chameleon adapts to its current environment by changing its colors to that of where it finds itself. This act is involuntary and the animal has little power over it.

In this scenario, we can agree that the chameleon is easily influenced by its environment.

The same thing applies to anyone who is easily influenced because he or she easily takes the form or opinion of anyone or anything involuntarily.


This term connotes reluctance and it is part of what causes someone to be easily influenced.

Complacency is characterized by the lack of hunger to grow. This, in turn, makes the person vulnerable to distractions and flying opinions about things.

Complacent is a nice term for someone who’s easily influenced because he or she barely makes an effort to formulate their views about life or any issue, due to reluctance and dependence on what others offer.


This is the last term on this list, which is a suitable term to refer to someone who is easily influenced.

To be pliable means anything can permeate through the core of your being. It means you’re vulnerable enough to be bought over to a different school of thought easily.


If you’re thinking of the one perfect term for someone who is easily influenced, I believe this post has given you more than just one perfect term but 11 more.

While some of the terms sound a bit condescending, others are moderate. Therefore you have to be careful about who you use it.

Finally, you should only use terms that capture the situation at hand. And don’t forget to tap the share icon, to get this post across to those who need to see it.

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