10 Words for Someone Who Knits

The art of crocheting is a timeless and intricate craft that has captured the hearts of creative individuals around the world.

Whether you’re an experienced crocheter or just beginning your journey into the world of yarn and hooks, you’re likely to encounter fellow enthusiasts who share your love for this captivating craft.

To celebrate the passion and dedication of those who turn skeins of yarn into beautiful creations, we’ve compiled a list of 15 words that aptly describe someone who crochets.

These terms not only define the individuals who practice the art of crocheting but also reflect their unique skills, passion, and contributions to the world of handmade treasures.

Let’s dive into a collection of words that describe crocheting enthusiasts and the wonderful creations they make, one stitch at a time.

10 Words for Someone Who Knits

  1. Knitter
  2. Needleworker
  3. Knitting Enthusiast
  4. Yarn Artist
  5. Stitcher
  6. Yarn Lover
  7. Creative Knitter
  8. Knitting Artisan
  9. Threadmaster
  10. Knitting Aficionado


what do you call someone who knits

“Knitter” is the most fitting term to describe someone who actively engages in the art of knitting. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, a “knitter” is defined as “someone who makes clothes, etc., by using two long needles to connect wool or another type of thread into joined rows.”

They are skilled in creating fabric by interlocking loops of yarn with knitting needles. This term describes someone who is passionate about and proficient in knitting, and capable of producing a wide range of knitted items, from clothing and accessories to decorative pieces.

Here are a few examples to try out:

  • Sarah is a dedicated knitter who spends her evenings crafting cozy scarves and blankets for friends and family.
  • The local knitting club welcomes knitters of all skill levels, from beginners to experienced artisans, to share their love for the craft.


Needleworker” is another adjective for someone who knits. This word aptly describes someone who actively engages in various forms of needlework, with knitting needles being one of their primary tools.

According to Merriam-Webster, a “needleworker” is defined as “a person who does decorative needlework.” These individuals don’t merely contemplate or discuss needlework; they are hands-on creators who use needles to craft textiles, fabric-based art, and decorative pieces.

A “needleworker” can encompass a diverse range of skills, from knitting and crocheting to embroidery and cross-stitch.

Here are some examples:

  • Joan is a versatile needleworker who enjoys both knitting and cross-stitching, creating intricate designs in various textile forms.
  • The local needleworker’s guild welcomes individuals with a passion for needlecraft, fostering a sense of community among those who share a love for creative needlework.

Knitting Enthusiast

Another word for someone who knits is “knitting enthusiast”.

According to Mirian Webster, A “knitting enthusiast” is someone who passionately and eagerly engages in the art of knitting, characterized by their deep interest and dedication to the craft.

Therefore you can use this word to describe a person who knits. This term comes from the idea of an individual who not only practices knitting but also approaches it with unwavering passion and eagerness.

The artistic elements of knitting truly delight these people, and they frequently engage themselves with passion in a variety of knitting tasks.

Their passion for knitting extends beyond a simple pastime; it plays an important role in their lives and serves as a source of fulfillment, relaxation, and creative expression.

Take a look at these examples:

  • Jane, a knitting enthusiast, spends her weekends exploring intricate knitting patterns, eager to create unique and beautiful pieces.
  • The knitting enthusiast’s club welcomes individuals who share a profound dedication to knitting, fostering a sense of camaraderie among those who are passionate about this craft.

Yarn Artist

what do you call someone who knits

“Yarn artist” is a widely recognized description for an individual who uses yarn as their primary medium for artistic expression, often associated with the craft of knitting.

A “yarn artist” is someone who specializes in using yarn as their primary medium for creative expression. Though not a term typically found in standard dictionaries, it is widely understood in artistic and crafting communities, particularly in the context of knitting.

A yarn artist views yarn not just as a material but as a canvas for their creative endeavors. They craft unique and intricate pieces that often transcend traditional knitting techniques, turning yarn into beautiful works of art.

Try out these examples:

  • Lisa, a talented yarn artist, creates stunning knitted sculptures that blend colors and textures in captivating ways.
  • The local art gallery is hosting an exhibition featuring yarn artists who push the boundaries of conventional knitting to produce innovative and visually striking pieces.


If you are looking for one word for someone who knits, “Stitcher” is a “must-try”.

The Cambridge dictionary defines a “stitcher” as a person who creates fabric by sewing together various stitches, commonly associated with knitting and other needlework crafts.

While “stitcher” is a term that can encompass a wide range of stitch-based crafts, it is particularly relevant for describing those who actively engage in the intricate and creative aspects of knitting. Stitchers expertly combine yarn or thread to produce a wide variety of fabric-based items, from clothing and accessories to decorative pieces.

Here are a few engaging examples:

  • As an experienced stitcher, Emily takes pride in her ability to flawlessly blend different knitting stitches to produce exquisite and unique scarves.
  •  The knitting class is open to stitchers of all levels, from beginners to advanced crafters, providing an opportunity to refine their stitching techniques.

Yarn Lover

“Yarn lover” is a descriptive phrase used to portray someone who has a strong affection and appreciation for yarn and its qualities, especially in the context of knitting and other yarn-based crafts.

How very concise!

Nonetheless,  “yarn lover” is an informal and literal word for someone who deeply adores yarn for its vibrant colors, rich textures, and endless creative possibilities.

Although it’s not a term commonly found in standard dictionaries, it is widely recognized within crafting communities, especially among those who practice knitting and other yarn-based crafts.

Yarn lovers often have an extensive collection of yarn, carefully selecting colors and materials for each project. They find immense joy and satisfaction in working with yarn, transforming it into a wide array of knitted creations.

You can engage these examples:

  • Samantha, a devoted yarn lover, spends hours exploring yarn shops, delighting in the softness and hues of each skein.
  • The knitting club welcomes both experienced knitters and yarn lovers, creating a space where members can share their passion for all things yarn-related.

Creative Knitter

what do you call someone who knits

When someone has the skill of knitting and is also very creative at it, then they are a “creative knitter.

“Creative knitter” aptly describes someone who approaches knitting with a strong sense of creativity and innovation.

Creative knitters don’t simply follow patterns; they invent, adapt, and experiment with various stitches, colors, and techniques to produce imaginative and one-of-a-kind knitted pieces.

Their knitting projects often reflect their artistic flair and a desire to push the boundaries of traditional knitting, resulting in stunning and unconventional creations.

You can try these examples :

  • Rebecca, a creative knitter, combines different knitting techniques and unexpected color combinations to fashion wearable art pieces.
  •  The knitting workshop encourages participants to embrace their inner creative knitter, fostering an environment where innovative ideas and designs are celebrated.

Knitting Artisan

“Knitting artisan” is a word used to recognize an individual who has achieved a high level of skill and expertise in the art of knitting.

A “knitting artisan” is someone who has mastered the craft of knitting, often surpassing conventional skills and techniques to create finely crafted and intricate knitted items.

Knitting artisans are known for their impeccable craftsmanship, attention to detail, and ability to produce exquisite and high-quality knitted pieces.

They take pride in their artistry, showcasing their dedication to the craft through their creations.

Check out these examples to understand what we mean:

  • Mark, a knitting artisan, is renowned for his heirloom-quality knitted blankets, each a masterpiece of intricate patterns and luxurious yarn.
  • The local knitting guild celebrates the work of knitting artisans, providing a platform for these skilled crafters to share their expertise and inspire others.


“Threadmaster” is a trait that aptly describes an individual who has mastered the art of knitting.

Urban Dictionary defines  “threadmaster” as someone who has honed their skills in working with various thread-like materials, with a particular emphasis on yarn in the context of knitting and related crafts.

Threadmasters excel in manipulating yarn, thread, or other similar materials, producing intricate and precise stitches and designs. They are often sought after for their expertise in crafting beautiful and delicate fabric-based creations.

Here are some sentence examples to try:

  •  Julia, a skilled threadmaster, specializes in crafting lace shawls with intricate yarn patterns that showcase her mastery of thread-based crafts.
  • The knitting workshop invites threadmasters to share their knowledge and techniques, providing valuable insights to crafters looking to refine their skills.

Knitting Aficionado

what do you call someone who knits

Lastly, you should use “knitting aficionado”. It is a brilliant adjective for someone who knits.  A “knitting aficionado” is an individual who is not only deeply passionate about knitting but also possesses a wealth of knowledge about its history, techniques, and various aspects.

Knitting aficionados not only enjoy the act of knitting but also immerse themselves in the culture and heritage of the craft. They often share their knowledge and enthusiasm with others, creating a sense of camaraderie within the knitting community.

Sentence examples:

  • Emily, a knitting aficionado, hosts regular knitting gatherings where participants discuss knitting traditions from around the world while sharing their latest projects.
  • The knitting conference is a must-attend event for knitting aficionados, featuring workshops, lectures, and discussions on the art and history of knitting.

Before You Go

When it comes to crafting, crocheting is a special art that’s all about making things with yarn and a crochet hook. We’ve explored 15 words that describe people who love crocheting.

These words show how creative and passionate crocheters are. From “Hooker” to “Yarnie,” each word tells a unique story about these crafty folks.

They turn simple yarn into beautiful things that warm our hearts and homes. So, the next time you meet someone who loves crocheting, you’ll have the perfect words to describe their amazing talent and the cozy world they create, one stitch at a time.

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