What Do You Call Someone Who Loves Anime?

One of the reasons why people are so interested in anime is majorly as a result of the characters involved.

They are neither too childish nor too adult, but the characters express so much courage and strength that it is appealing and reveals something they would like to experience or even be like in their next world.

Another unusual quality of anime is the lively composure and the aesthetically gratifying characters involved.

Many people, especially young adults, casually enjoy watching anime, while some others, like Otakus, are addicted to anime to the extent that they purchase clothes with anime printed on them or try to act like specific characters in anime.

In this article, you will get to know the perfect names for someone who loves anime.

12 Names Anime Lovers Can Be Called

People who love anime may not be regarded as normal people, especially by people who don’t.

So aside from recognizing an anime lover by a name, the former category of people may call them outlandish or weirdos.

Weebs on the other hand can spend their day watching anime because they have an intense passion for anime. Some other names that animes can be called include:

  1. Anime fan
  2. Otaku
  3. Anime Zealot 
  4. Spectacular
  5. Nerd
  6. Geek
  7. Weirdo
  8. Awesome
  9. Outlandish
  10. Odd
  11. Weebs
  12. Anime Devotee 

Anime Fan

What Do You Call Someone Who Loves Anime

“Anime fan” is a casual name for someone who loves anime. This term is most suitable for someone who is fond of anime.

On a normal day, when you call someone an anime fan, people around you may begin to make assumptions that they enjoy anime, which is true.

They will prefer tuning in to a channel to watch anime rather than watching cartoons because they feel they can relate to anime more.

An anime fan is enthusiastic about anime. Also, they are great admirers of anime. They love it beyond the norm, to the point that they don’t mind viewing it over and over again.

In most cases, they have a favorite series or a particular character that they love and enjoy watching.


The most popular name for anime lovers is Otaku. People who are so obsessed with anime are referred to as “otaku” in Japanese.

You can recognize an Otaku by observing their deep knowledge of diverse fields, especially anime and other related fields like collectibles.

They are almost always analyzed as anime characters since they are interested in mangas, and idol singers, and to a large extent, they have made anime an excessive hobby.

Otakus are not only overly interested in anything that has to do with anime, but they also have a special interest in learning Japanese so that they can flow with the performances and relate better.

In typical Japanese society, “Otaku” is an insulting name due to the fact that the anime lover who is an outcast has an obsessive hobby: anime.

To date, certain people see people who call themselves “otaku” as not acknowledged in a positive manner.

Anime Zealot

What Do You Call Someone Who Loves Anime

These anime lovers are not regular ones. Anime zealots are so into anime to the extent that they act like they are possessed by it.

Some anime zealots also prefer a particular character more than others, and as a result, they do not fail to defend that character before other anime lovers.

In some cases, they behave like they are possessed by the god of that anime character if they have any revealed in the series.

Anime zealots are extremely passionate about certain anime characters, and they aren’t afraid to publicize or defend their unique characters, especially in front of anyone who disagrees with them.


Someone who loves anime can be referred to as spectacular. These anime lovers are attracted by the extraordinary actions that are unfurled in anime.

The impressive dramatic skills displayed make them feel so drawn towards watching anime time after time. The eye-catching environment, costumes, and possibly storyline are what draw people to spectaculars.

They are usually so engrossed in the performance displayed to the point that they are almost absentminded to everything else that goes on around them as all their attention is focused on getting the thrill.


What Do You Call Someone Who Loves Anime

These anime fans are one-of-a-kind. They are introverted and give so much regard to their intellect. Nerds always look out for something educational in movies and anime too.

Since they are socially inept, they may spend their time watching anime to learn more practical skills and broaden their knowledge.

Although they are academic-centered, their quest to learn and know more makes them love anime since there are a lot of fascinating things about anime.


It is not so difficult to spot a geek. Simply look at their T-shirts or shuttle bags and you’ll see a picture of their favorite character printed on them or sketched by them.

They are all out to show off their most interesting things too. Basically, geeks are so interested in movies even though they fancy gadgets more.

What drives geeks to anime is the level of creativity that is employed in its performance. As a result of the attention they give to and the level of creativity they crave, they can work as game developers.

On the other hand, it shows that their attachment to anime is stronger than the norm.


What Do You Call Someone Who Loves Anime

People who always act like their favorite anime characters are usually called weirdos. This is because there is a huge disparity between a character used to perform anime and a human being.

Weirdo is often given to lovers of anime by people who have little or no interest in anime. To a large extent, the name is justified, as the anime fan may have been acting strangely in an attempt to imitate before being labeled a weirdo.

Weirdos do not only act strangely but make others feel uncomfortable around them since their actions are only possible with anime characters and not in reality.


People enjoy anime because it depicts what they truly want to be and act like. So, when an anime lover does something outstanding, they tend to praise their most preferred character in an anime series and, in most cases, dedicate their accomplishments solely to that character.

Someone is awesome if they consistently applaud such a character actor for their noteworthy achievements or exceptionally pleasing works.

When you look closely, most anime lovers called awesome have dramatic favorite characters whom they often act like.


What Do You Call Someone Who Loves Anime

This name for an anime lover is mostly given to them by people who do not find anime interesting. Indirectly, they call them people with strange ideas or even practices.

They are mainly called “outlandish” because of their freakish appearance. This is quite popular during school freestyle days when students can wear any costume of their choice.

Someone whose clothing is quite unusual from the rest, especially if it is gotten from an anime series, can be referred to as outlandish.

And of course, someone who is called outlandish in this regard loves anime.


When someone doesn’t behave as their typical friends would due to the influence of anime, they can be tagged as odd.

Anime lovers who are odd may not only act strangely but also do everything in excess. They can print a picture of their favorite anime character on their shirt, make a tattoo of them, and make sure that everything they put on shows that they are in love with that character.

You can also tell the anime lovers are called odd by observing how frequently they put on their favorite anime costume or how regularly they tend to watch anime.


What Do You Call Someone Who Loves Anime

A weeb is someone who is passionate about anime and Japanese culture. They usually believe that anime is the best thing that has ever come out.

Weebs love to watch anime and sometimes wish they could converse in Japanese because they feel that Japan is the most unique place in the world.

These anime lovers enjoy things related to anime, like video games, movies, and, of course, anime.

Weebs are most times foreigners who are not Japanese but love the culture, including their anime. Their hype about Japan and anime makes some people around them annoyed. They can also be named weeaboo.

Anime Devotee

They are normal watchers of anime. They may not have been so interested in anime at first, but a relative or sibling who is a weeaboo lured them into watching anime all the time.

However, they may not have posters of anime characters or customized anime T-shirts. They may not be so interested in Japanese culture either, but they watch anime frequently.

They may eventually be converted to anime zealots or even otaku.


Aside from watching anime for entertainment purposes, the intentional composure and deliberate skillfulness attract people to derive delight from anime.

Although people who are not anime lovers find the zealots’ obsession odd, they may not always be capable of resisting the energy Otakus and Weeaboos dispense when they try to imitate anime characters due to their obsession.

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