10 Words for Someone Who Works With Metal

In the sector of metalworking, professionals with distinct expertise make their mark. Each word used to describe these specialists embodies their unique skill sets, adding value to the world of metals in diverse ways.

From the enduring craftsmanship of blacksmiths to the precision of welders, these terms convey the essence of their work.

This article takes a closer look at ten such words and the artisans they represent, shedding light on their contributions to the metalworking sector.

10 Words for Someone Who Works With Metal

  1. Metallurgist
  2. Metalsmith
  3. Blacksmith
  4. Metalworker 
  5. Foundryman
  6. Metal Fabricator
  7. Tinsmith
  8. Welder
  9. Sheet Metal Worker
  10. Metal Engraver


what do you call someone who works with metal

If you are looking for the perfect word for someone who works with metals, “metallurgist” is your best pick. Derived from the Greek words “metallon,” meaning metal, and “ergon,” meaning work, metallurgist is a great noun for someone who deals with the science and technology of metals.

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, a metallurgist is defined as “someone who studies or works with metal, or someone who makes objects out of metal.”

Metallurgists are professionals dedicated to understanding the properties, behaviors, and applications of metals. They play a critical role in industries such as manufacturing, mining, automotive, aerospace, and even healthcare.

These experts employ a combination of scientific principles, engineering techniques, and advanced technologies to extract, process, and utilize metals effectively.

Sentence Examples:

  • The metallurgist used their expertise to create a new alloy with exceptional strength and durability.
  • As a metallurgist, Sarah played a key role in developing advanced materials for the aerospace industry.


“Metalsmith” is another great adjective for someone who works with metal. Derived from the combination of “metal” and “smith,” this term exudes craftsmanship and dedication to working with metals.

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, a metalsmith is defined as “someone who makes objects, especially metal objects, by hand, using tools or a forge.

A metalsmith’s job begins with raw materials, and their hands are the primary tools of creation. These talented individuals forge, weld, solder, and shape metals into intricate and functional forms.

The craftsmanship of metalsmiths is deeply rooted in history, going back centuries to the blacksmiths who shaped the Iron Age. Today, their work remains relevant in both traditional and contemporary applications.

Sentence examples:

  • The metalsmith transformed raw iron into a beautiful, handcrafted gate that adorned the entrance of the historic estate.
  • As a metalsmith, Alice skillfully created unique copper jewelry, each piece reflecting her artistic vision.


“Blacksmith” is a great adjective for someone whose craft has stood the test of time. Rooted in history and tradition, a blacksmith is an artisan who breathes life into the raw essence of metal.

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, a blacksmith is defined as “a person who makes and repairs things, especially horseshoes, using iron.”

Blacksmiths are the custodians of a time-honored craft that dates back centuries. Their skill lies in the ability to heat, forge, and shape metal into various forms, such as tools, weapons, decorative pieces, and, indeed, horseshoes.

These artisans are known for their deft hands, keen eyes, and a profound understanding of the properties of metals, especially iron.

Sentence Examples:

  • The blacksmith skillfully forged a custom iron gate with intricate scrollwork for the grand entrance.
  • In the quaint village, the local blacksmith’s workshop produced high-quality horseshoes for the townsfolk.


what do you call someone who works with metal

“Metalworker” is another versatile yet apt term used to describe someone who works with metal. A metalworker is defined as someone who crafts, shapes and manipulates metal into various forms, from functional objects to decorative pieces.

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, a metalworker is described as “someone who makes things out of metal.”

Metalworkers are the unsung heroes of the metalworking realm, contributing their skills to create objects that span a wide spectrum of utility and aesthetics.

These artisans are known for their adaptability and expertise in working with metals, be it steel, aluminum, copper, or other alloys.

Sentence examples:

  • The metalworker meticulously shaped the stainless steel components for the precision instrument.
  • As a metalworker, John had a hand in manufacturing components used in the construction of skyscrapers.


If you are looking for the perfect word to describe someone who works with metals, “foundryman” embodies the mastery of shaping metal with precision and care. A foundryman is a specialist who plays a pivotal role in metal casting, transforming raw metals into diverse forms

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, a foundryman is defined as “a person who works in a foundry, where metals are melted and poured into molds to make objects.”

The heart of a foundryman’s work is the foundry, where metals are heated to their molten state and cast into molds.

This intricate process involves a deep understanding of metal properties, temperature control, and mold design. It requires precision to ensure that the final product meets the desired specifications.

Sentence examples|:

  • The foundryman skillfully poured molten metal into the mold, creating a perfectly shaped engine part.
  • In the foundry, the skilled foundrymen crafted intricate bronze statues for an art exhibition.

Metal Fabricator

A metal fabricator is an expert who specializes in transforming raw metal into a wide array of finished products and structures.

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, a metal fabricator is described as “a person who works with metal to create objects, structures, or components through cutting, shaping, and assembling.”

Metal fabricators are also the backbone of the construction industry. They create beams, columns, and structural supports that provide stability and safety for structures. Their work extends to manufacturing railings, gates, and fences that enhance both security and aesthetic value.

Sentence Examples:

  • The metal fabricator meticulously assembled the stainless steel framework for the modern architectural masterpiece, ensuring both structural integrity and aesthetic appeal.
  • The metal fabricator’s workshop was a hive of activity as they crafted customized metal furniture pieces, blending functionality and unique design. 
  • Tinsmith

“Tinsmith” is a word that captures the skill and artistry of working with metal. A tinsmith is a specialist who excels in crafting, manipulating, and shaping tin, creating a wide array of objects and products.

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, a tinsmith is defined as “a person who makes and repairs things, especially containers, using tin.”

One of the core aspects of a tinsmith’s work involves the creation of containers and vessels. These include everything from traditional tin cans for food preservation to beautifully crafted and ornamental boxes.

Example sentences:

  • The tinsmith fashioned a beautiful tin lantern with intricate patterns, casting mesmerizing shadows.
  • The antique market featured a tinsmith’s booth displaying a collection of vintage tin containers.


what do you call someone who works with metal

“Welder” is a term that describes someone who works with metal. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, a welder is defined as “a person whose job is joining pieces of metal together using a very hot tool, or to repair metal objects with this skill.”

Welders are the architects of metal connections, responsible for creating strong, durable, and precise joints between metal components. They play a crucial role in diverse industries, ranging from construction and manufacturing to shipbuilding and aerospace.

Sentence Examples:

  • The welder expertly joined the pieces of steel, ensuring a secure and seamless connection.
  • The shipyard employed several welders to assemble the hull of the massive ocean liner.

Sheet Metal Worker

“Sheet metal worker” is a fitting word for someone who is a skilled professional who specializes in manipulating thin metal sheets to create a wide range of products and structures.

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, a sheet metal worker is defined as “a person who specializes in shaping and forming thin sheets of metal, often for use in construction, manufacturing, or other applications.”

Sentence Examples:

  • The sheet metal worker expertly cut and bent the metal to create a custom-designed air duct for the new building.
  • In the manufacturing plant, sheet metal workers assembled parts for the assembly line, ensuring precision and quality.

Metal Engraver

“Metal engraver” is another distinct adjective for someone who has a level of artistry and precision in etching and carving metals to create intricate designs and patterns.

A metal engraver is a skilled professional who specializes in the meticulous craft of engraving, transforming plain metal surfaces into masterpieces of fine detail.

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, a metal engraver is described as “a person who specializes in cutting designs or words onto metal surfaces.”

Sentence Examples:

  • The metal engraver meticulously etched a detailed portrait on the silver locket, making it a cherished family heirloom.
  • The ornate design on the antique rifle showcased the remarkable skills of a master metal engraver.

Final Thoughts

In this article on the words used to describe professionals who work with metals, I believe you’ve gained insight into the diverse roles they play in various industries.

Whether it’s the metallurgist’s material mastery or the sheet metal worker’s precision, these individuals are the backbone of many sectors.

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