What Do You Call Someone With Black Hair 

Black hair is usually the darkest type of human hair. It is the most common type of hair and it is very unique. It is typical among Africans and Caucasians. It is very common to call a person with black hair “a black-haired”.

There is no specific term to call someone with black hair. However, they are few names to call people with black hair that have been suggested. We would also look at quick facts to note about black hair. Let’s check them out.

5 Names to call someone with black hair 

  • Raven haired
  • Brunette 
  • Emo haired
  • Ebony haired
  • Noirette 

Raven haired

What Do You Call Someone With Black Hair 

This is a name to call someone with black hair especially when it is deep glossy black hair. A raven haired is someone that has a very dark and lustrous hair.

This hair is usually shiny, wavy, and voluminous. It is a hair that is pitch black just like the feathers of a raven. The hair is being compared to the raven bird. It is a large black bird that has thick bills and as well makes a quirking sound.

It has a lustrous ad shiny feather and this is why the best name to call someone with black hair especially a shiny one is Raven haired.

You can also use this name when the person had thick, full and shiny hair. This shows that not only is the hair black and shiny but it is also thick. 


A brunette is a person that has dark hair. Usually, it is a name for a person that has brown hair but it can also be used for a person with black hair. A brunette can either have brown hair or a really black hair.

It is a French word that refers to people with brown hair. This word is used for all females whose hair is darker either a darker brown or a very dark kind of black.

Brunette can be used for someone with hair color that ranges from brown to black. Black hair also falls into the category of brunette, so you can call the person who has a black hair brunette too. So just in case, you may not want to call the person a Raven haired, brunette is a better word 

Emo haired

Emo hair is a type of hair that is usually dark or black and longish, it is made to frame the face and also sweep the side. Emo haired people have black hair color. Black is usually associated with emo hairstyles.

Emo hair is characterized by black color so you can call someone who has black hair emo haired. This is different from other names because the black hair is long.

Ebony haired

Ebony is a very deep black color. It is usually used for something that is very dark and beautiful. An ebony haired is someone that has a hair of dark color that still looks beautiful.

It is another word to call someone that is black haired. Ebony is a dense black, it is a very dark black color. So calling someone ebony means that the person has very dark black hair. 


What Do You Call Someone With Black Hair 

Noirette is known to be equivalent to brunette. Noirette is a better word for black hair. A noirette is simply a black haired woman. It is someone with very dark or black hair.

Though it is not a common word used for them but it works too. It is similar to the word brunnete. Since this term befits people with black hair, you can also use it.

Quick facts about people with black hair

People with black hair often have some specific trait in them. These are facts that are very common about them and they are generally known for it. Below are a few of them. 

  • They are more energetic and active
  • Their hair contains more carbon
  • For the males, their beard grows very slow
  • For the females, they are spouses of wealthy men
  • Their hair is thicker than other types of hair
  • Their hair is dense
  • They have more pigment spots
  • They usually experience natural hair lose

They are more energetic and active

What Do You Call Someone With Black Hair 

People believe that black hair harnesses more energy. They believe that people with black hair are strong. They are more lively and active. They are usually very active both physically and mentally.

They have the capacity to face intense activity. It is very rare to see a person with black hair that isn’t strong or active in whatever he or she is doing. Black represents strength. 

Their hair contains more carbon

Biologically, black hair contains more fats (also known as lipids). Black hair is made of about 45% carbon the rest are made of elements like oxygen, hydrogen, sulfur, and nitrogen.

Its lipid components are about 3%, they are usually produced in hair bulbs. Carbon helps the hair to grow. The abundance of a pigment called eumelanin gives the black hair or brown hair while the abundance of pheomelanin gives red hair.

For the males, their beard grows very slow

What Do You Call Someone With Black Hair 

Research has shown that black haired men have slow growth of their beards. The average beard grows at ½ inch every month.

This is because hair follicles have to be properly stimulated and the growth of the beard needs to take shape and this may take some time. The beard growth journey of a black haired man is slow but steady.  

For the females, they are spouses of wealthy men

The majority of black haired female always get married to rich men. This is because they want to be with someone who can take good care of them. To keep their black hair healthy and in tact, they need to take proper care of it.

Another reason why most of them marry wealthy men is because they want to get to the top. They want to be at the top of the social ladder and to get to the top they need financial assistance.

Getting married to rich men makes them famous, they tend to gain fame, and the only way to get it is by getting married to a wealthy man. Black hair takes a lot of time, energy and money to maintain, so they prefer to have a wealthy spouse.

This doesn’t mean that all black women get married to rich men, it only means that most of them have the desire to marry rich men.

Their hair is thicker than other types of hair

Black hair is usually coarse. The thickness of black hair strands makes it different from other hair types. It is really thicker than other types of hair. It is not as silk as other types of hair. Its follicle is very thick and as well curly than other hair types.

The strands are also thicker than others. The hair is thick to provide more protection for the scalp from heat and this is because the scalp has very fragile skin.

The hair is usually thick in texture and in sight. Hair thickness is a very common feature of black-haired women.

Their hair is dense

What Do You Call Someone With Black Hair 

Black hair is also dense. Its density is known o be very high. Hair density is usually determined by how many strands of hair grow on your scalp. Due to the thickness of the strands, black hair is usually thick and somewhat heavy.

Having high density means that a lot of strands are growing near each other. This is why most Africans that have black hair are usually called Afro because their hair is so full and also thick.

Black hair has a large amount of eumelanin and tends to be denser than other hair types. Research has shown that Caucasians have the highest hair density. Black haired people have slow hair growth but their hair tends to be thick and dense.

They have more pigment spots

People with black hair usually have high pigment spots. Their skin is usually highly pigmented and as a result, appears darker than it used to be. Eczema, acne, and sun exposure cause this pigmentation. Hyperpigmentation is usually common in black skin and tends to last longer.

They usually experience natural hair loss

It is advised that black women shouldn’t comb their hair every day. They always experience more natural hair loss than other types of hair.

This is because black hair can be dry most times and it may be a result of the natural oil that the scalp produces. Washing black hair every day can cause damage to it by removing oil from the hair follicles.

Woman with black hair usually deals with balding at some point in their lives. They usually suffer from scalp conditions, this is because the oil the scalp produces is thicker and needs to be moisturized. They usually have issues like dandruff and psoriasis.


Black-haired people usually have dark pigmentation and slow hair growth. Most people call them brunettes while others call them Raven-haired. Whichever name you use is still fine as far as it relates to the person having black hair.

They are also some fact listed in the article that is common and typical to all black people. It is very common to see at least two of these facts in someone with black hair. 

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