What Do You Call Someone With Blond Hair?

Have you thought of the best thing to call that beautiful girl with shiny hair next door? I bet you’ve thought of some terms but have not gotten the perfect one to address the person.

The thing is, the term seems to be used more on guys. However, it is not limited to guys, as there are girls that have the same hair pigment and they’re known as a blonde (the female version of blond).

People with blond hair are a wonderful sight to behold and trust me, you’ll need to be on you’re A-game with words to be able to find the right set of words to use when describing them.

To save you from a long stride with thoughts, I will be relieving you of the mental stress of trying to figure things out.

In this post, we’ll look at a detailing of terms you can call someone with blond hair. Keep reading to learn more!

12 Names to Call Someone With Blond Hair

There are a couple of terms you can use to address someone with blond hair. To avoid getting you confused on some of these terms, I’ve curated a list of terms that meet your need by envisaging the condition of the person with blond hair.

The list below highlights these terms in no particular order.

  1. Fair-head
  2. Pale
  3. Sallow
  4. Aphrodite
  5. Auricomous
  6. Snowy
  7. Leucous
  8. Towhead
  9. Flaxen
  10. Nordic
  11. Golden-haired
  12. Pastel


This might appear as a complete term for someone with blond hair, and the truth is not far from that.

Blond hair can easily pass as the opposite of the black one. It is fair-colored hair, which often shines under the sun and looks too neat.

The fun fact about people with blond hair is that majority of them are fair in complexion. Because of this, this hair type is predominant among Caucasians and majorly those from the Caribbean.

As much as I’d love to place men among those with blond hair, their number is laughable and doesn’t add up when compared with that of women.

So when you meet someone who has blond hair, be it male or female you can call the person fair-head.


“Hey you look pale, thanks to your hair”… that’s a good statement pointing out the use of the word “pale” to address someone with blond hair. The statement posits that the person is pale, courtesy of their hair color.

To have pale-looking hair means your hair color is deficient in color. It is neither black nor brown but takes the form of a faint yellowish color.

However, you don’t have to be engrossed in thinking about the components of the word pale. You just have to bear in mind that you can use it on anyone who has blond hair.


The sallow term denotes a person, place, or even anything that has a light brownish color. If you take a good look at a person with blond hair, you’ll notice that this is the same color as their hair.

Although not every blond person has this lightish brown hair color, some do. And for this reason, you should be able to distinguish them and call only those with this blend sallow.


What Do You Call Someone With Blond Hair

You’re probably wondering what a Greek goddess term has got to do with this topic. However, this term is strictly for ladies as you cannot use it on a guy because of the feminine character associated with it.

You can call a girl with blond hair Aphrodite because the Greek goddess is said to have a fairy hair color. Aphrodite is also the goddess of fertility and beauty according to Greek mythology.

Because of her status as a beauty goddess, you would also be implying that the girl in question is also beautiful and alluring with her looks. It also goes a step further to deduce that these entire beauty feats are courtesy of her blond hair.


Being auricomous connotes having a fair hair color. It is no accident if it becomes something you can someone who has blond hair. The term dates back to its first documented use in 1864.

It is an evolutionary term from two Latin words aurum (meaning gold) and coma (meaning hair). This means that the person’s hair color looks like gold. And that’s what it looks like to have blond hair, or isn’t it?

This means that you’ll probably be sounding a lot more classical if you use this term to address someone who has blond hair. It’ll be an added advantage for you if this person is a girl you’re about to woo because I’m sure you’ll sweep her off her feet with it.


It won’t be a mistaken term if you called someone with blond hair snowy. This term depicts that the person’s hair appears somewhat bright and attractive like the snow. A snowy-haired person has fairy hair that would catch your gaze easily.

My high school days were blessed with some memories which I’ll not forget in a hurry. One of the highlights was when a blonde girl joined the class and it became a reason for a tussle between the hot guys in class.

On the day of what seemed like her unveiling, the teacher commended her blonde hair saying she looked snowy with them. Right from that moment, the snowy-blonde term stuck with me.


This is another term you can call someone with blonde hair. Like most English words, the word also has its origins in Greek mythology.

According to Greek history, “leucus” is the name of a Greek character that is the son of a bronze giant Talos of Crete. The name itself means “white” and can be relatively traced to the color of blond hair.

Because of this, you can call anyone with blond hair leucous. First to portray the color of the person’s hair color, and second to show solidarity with the Greek figure.


A towhead is someone who has the color of a tow. This is also the same color as blond hair, but this one has a blend of white in it. There’s also a yellowish blend of color in the person.

The thing is, calling someone a towhead could sound condescending to some extent but there’s nothing wrong with using it as a term for anybody.

But the only discretion you should take is to examine the situation of the conversation before using this word on someone. This is to avoid any case of misunderstanding between you and the person you’re addressing.


Most people with blond hair also possess soft and flowy hair texture. This texture and outlook resemble that of the flax substance.

The fiber which is often light and free-flowing has the color of a light yellow. Therefore, in comparison, you can use this term on anyone who has blond hair.

It means you’re trying to draw a line between the hair type and the fiber flax. I’d suggest you use this while you’re probably ascertaining the texture of the person’s hair by touching it.

This way, the person will know that you’re indirectly comparing the texture of the person’s hair with flax.


Scandinavia, Finland, Iceland, and the Faroe Islands are geological places in Europe that are close to the sea and have one of the lowest temperatures in the world.

This extreme cold temperature affects the makeup of the people inhabiting these environments. It reflects on them from their skin color to their mode of house-building pattern and even their dresses. Most importantly, it also reflects on their hair color.

The result of the effect is that of blonde, snowy hair. Because of this trait, you can call anyone who has blond hair Nordic.

It is in no way a defamation of origin like some people will think, especially if the person is not from that side of the world. But all the same, you can still reserve this as a term for someone who possesses blond hair.

What Do You Call Someone With Blond Hair


The color of blond hair is slightly golden. There’s often a shade of white in the blend which makes the color take the form of yellowish.

Because of this, you can say someone with blond hair is golden-haired. This is an acknowledgment of the golden thread in the color of the person’s hair.


A pastel is a type of crayon that is made with powdered pigments often bound together by glue or any other adhesive solution like resin.

This substance takes the form of a soft and delicate shade of color. This color is oftentimes a light yellowish hue.

The reason you can call someone with blond hair pastel is because of how it relates to hair which is a soft and delicate part of a person’s body.

Similarly, the color of the pastel is the same as a blond person’s hair, so you can use it as a term to address such a person.


This is the part where this post comes to an end. However, it will be worth it to give you a quick recap of the highlights of the contents.

This post has given you a couple of terms that suit well to be called anyone with blond hair. Do not forget to hit the share icon to get this post across to those who need to see it.

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