What Do You Call Someone With Brown Hair?

I bet you already know that we all don’t have the same color type for our hair. The black color type may be universal but that doesn’t make it the only color of hair out there.

There are people with brown hair, and they look stunning in it. They look just as amazing and authentic as your hair is and it is a wonderful sight to behold especially the ladies who look exceptionally beautiful.

What term do you think suits this type of person because of their hair color? Have you ever thought about that? You probably know one or two terms and I understand if you want to lay your hands on more terms.

In this article, I will be showing you some terms you can call someone with brown hair, including the popular ones ya’ll already know. So keep it locked in and read on.

12 Names to Call Someone With Brown Hair

When you see brown hair on a person, you’d probably think… oh, that’s brownish. What if I told you that’s just a basic term? Below are some good things you can call someone with brown hair.

  1. Brunet
  2. Brunette
  3. Caramel
  4. Swart
  5. Dusky
  6. Beige
  7. Henna
  8. Sunburn
  9. Tawny
  10. Brownish
  11. Bistred
  12. Copper-head


Starting with the popular terms, brunet comes first. This is the masculine counterpart of the next word which I will explain.

It is easily the most formal way of referring to someone with brown hair. A brunet has fairly dark hair which looks like it just got finished from being suntanned.

You have to understand that a lot of guys who have this type of hair color are easily handsome and full of glare.

Some of these guys I met are used as a point of difference in beauty by spectators. You will also love this type of guy because they naturally possess what other guys spend time and money to get, sitting for hours in a barber chair.

Ultimately, you can easily call someone with brown hair brunet, specifically for the guys.


What Do You Call Someone With Brown Hair

Women and beauty are inseparable and nature has its unique of improving the beauty of most women. A brunette is a feminine term that describes a woman with brown hair.

The inclusion of this type of hair color is nothing short of artistic beauty, carved from clay by God himself. It is a great sight to behold, especially if the person has tanned skin that matches her hair.

I’d love to see this type of hair color in my kids because it is beautiful. Unfortunately, some are not proud of this hair color and they spend dollars sitting around in a hair salon just to get their hair dyed up.

I’m in no way condemning their actions, but I’d prefer people keep it real and banging. So when you see a fine lady with brown hair and you want to shoot your shot, you can call her a BB. If she asks what that means, tell her she’s a beautiful brunette.


Just like heated sugar, you can call a person with brown hair caramel. This is because the person’s hair takes the look of caramel that’s fresh out of the pot. It is deduced that the person’s hair looks good just caramel.

While some people tend to make a big deal when you call them caramel, I don’t find it offensive because I see it as an edifying term that places someone on the same scale as caramel which is a beautiful sight to behold and a sweet production to taste.

By calling someone with brown hair caramel, you’re trying to say that the person looks hot and steamy like caramel.


I’ll be taking you back in time a little bit with this term. Swart is a type of gothic English which meant a person with fairly dark hair. This corresponds with the description of brown which is a fairly black color.

The reason I like this term is the fact that it is not rampant or worse already a cliché. Because you’ll have to further explain yourself to the person who you call it.

This way you can earn the ground to launch a full-scale conversation. This is most effective if you’re looking out to get a girl to talk to you or if you want your prince charming crush to talk to you.

You see; I did not only give you a term you can call someone with brown hair but I also gave you a nice pickup line. So when you meet someone with brown hair, you can call him or her a swart.


Have you ever tried watching the sunset? What do you see in the sky? You’ll most likely see a golden yellow firmament which is a good sight to behold.

This moment when the sun goes to rest is accompanied by a gradual procession of colors whose last phases are usually brownish and black.

Therefore, you can call someone with brown hair dusky, judging from the look on the sky’s face at dusk. It is a slightly innovative word that sits right into the conversation when you talk to someone about their brown-colored hair.


You couldn’t have imagined that it would be a good idea if you called someone with brown hair beige. But the truth is, you can do that it is one of the most perfect terms that depict the color of the person’s hair.

The beige color is a pale brown and that’s also almost exactly the shade of the hair of those with brown hair. It is also a nice sight to behold as the color is cool and alluring.

The fact is, it looks very good and stunning in females. Although guys with this hair type appear good-looking, some of them tend to dye up their hair to look as black as others.


If you’re imagining the next thing you can call someone with brown hair, best believe “henna” is your word. The word means colored and it shows just how much of a color brown is.

The brown color often brings a shade of other colors like gold, yellow, and even black in some cases. So you don’t have to see it as a misdemeanor to call someone with brown hair henna.

It is some kind of a thoughtful conglomerate of a word that pictures the creative blend of color in the person’s hair.


What Do You Call Someone With Brown Hair

You can get more inventive with the names you call someone with brown hair by calling the person sunburn.

It may not one of the most attractive words out there, but it is quite a good one. At least, it captures the relativity of the hair color and that of the sun which looks quite the same.

By sunburn, I mean something that has come in contact with the sun and now takes the form of the sun.

You can trace the authenticity of this word to sun worshippers, who spend hours on the beach and under the hot sun. Some of these people are probably trying to get their skin tanned and looking more brownish than white.

From this illustration, you can deduce that their skin color changed and became brown just like the hair of someone with brown hair. So it would be a reference to the sun to call someone with brown hair sunburn.


The list continues to flourish with this term making its grand entry. Tawny means yellowish-brown and it coincides with the color of most people with brown hair.

There’s almost no room for a resemblance between these two colors of hair type because they’re both the same shade.

However, for you to call someone tawny means you have examined the person’s hair color and it looks like a blend of yellow and brown.


This term is gotten from the word brown and it means anything that has the shade of brown color in it. Since the person’s hair is brown color, you can as well call the person brownish.

I would prefer to use this term because of how relative it is to the brown color. However, you have to exercise caution while saying this word because of the fear of sounding stereotypical.


This term is the runner-up to the last on this list and it relates to anything that is colored with bister.

Bister on the other hand is a pigment made from the soot of burnt wood which takes on a brownish-yellow color. The term which is often used in the art can also be used as a word to address someone with brown hair.


What Do You Call Someone With Brown Hair

As funny as it sounds, you can call someone who has brown hair copper-head. Although it sounds a bit condescending, it is a good illustrative description of what the person’s hair looks like.

Since copper takes on a light brownish color, it can be used as a metaphorical representation of the person’s hair color. Even a passerby who has seen copper will know you’re addressing the person’s hair color without being direct about it.


I will be closing the curtain on this article, but before I continue with that, let me give you a quick rundown of what it conveys.

This post provides you with a detailed analysis of terms or things you can call someone with brown hair.

Some of the terms require keen attention to detail to deduce, so you have to be sure of them before using any of them.

Away from that, some people need to get this information and it wouldn’t be possible if you don’t hit the share icon and make it a reality for them.

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