What Do You Call The Person Who Baptized You? 

The person who baptized you is simply known as a baptist. This is a name given to someone who baptizes you. If you want to refer to someone who baptized you, you can simply say that the person is a baptist.

The ritual of baptism is familiar in Christian societies and other societies perform similar traditions. 

If you do not want to call the person that Baptized you a Baptist, there are other names you can call the person. The good thing is that these names may sound so different but they mean the same thing. 

Take a look at three other names you can call the person who baptized you:

3 Names To Call The Person Who Baptized You 

  • A Baptist
  • A Baptizer
  • A minister of baptism


Someone who baptized you can also be called a baptist. This is a common name that you can call someone who baptized you.

The name ‘’Baptist’’ came from the name ‘’baptism’’ which is the immersion of someone in water which indicates cleansing in Christianity, it signifies purification and admission into the Christian Church.

When someone is baptized, it is believed that he has become Christian and all his numerous sins of the past have been washed away. And they are now free to turn a new leaf and live a new life as Christians. 

Note that a baptist does baptism in the Christian Church. Other societies that perform similar rituals like baptism have what they call it. You should not call it Baptism if you know full well that it is not baptism.

When next you come across the person that baptized you when you were not so conscious of yourself, you can call that person a baptist.

You will not be doing anything wrong if you choose to call that person a baptist. That is the right thing to do as a Christian. 


Yes, someone that baptized you can also be called a Baptizer. If you are in a situation where you want to address the person that baptized you and you do not want to call the person a Baptist, you can simply call the person a Baptizer. 

As long as he is the one that baptized you, whether you were conscious of it or not, you cannot change the fact. This is quite easy, ‘baptizer’ is from the name ‘baptism’, when you baptize, you can also be called a baptizer. 

The same thing applies to other fields, if you play football you are called a footballer, if you play basketball you are called a basketballer. Feel free at all times to call a baptist a baptizer, they both mean the same thing. 

A minister of baptism

A baptist can also be called a minister of baptism. That is if the person who baptized you is a priest or a minister of the church.

If you do not want to call the person a baptist, you can simply call the person a minister. Since a minister can baptize, you will not be wrong to call the person a minister of baptism. 

A priest can also be referred to as a minister of the church. In situations where you may not be able to refer to such people as baptists, you can simply call the person a minister, you are not wrong in any way. 

In Church, a minister does not only baptize but also minister teachings. 

Who officiates baptism? 

A Priest or any other minister of the Church can officiate baptism. If a Christian individual wants to get baptized in a Church, all he needs to do is to call the attention of the ministers in his church and inform them of his decision to get baptized.

Once an agreement has been reached, depending on the church, they can decide to make the baptism a private one or a public one where there will be a congregation to witness the baptism.

In the Roman Catholic Church, the minister of baptism is the Bishop, Priest, or Deacon. This means that these are the people capable of ministering baptism in a Catholic church.

However, note that in a situation where there may be an emergency and a Priest, Bishop or Deacon may not be available for baptism at that moment, then any baptized Christian may baptize. This is only in an emergency.

If someone you know needs to be baptized, you should endeavor to locate the closest church next to you and notify any minister.

If the person is a Catholic, call the attention of the Bishop, Priest, or Deacon in charge. Once that is done, they will be able to guide you on the steps to follow and the person will be able to get baptism as requested. 

Who is involved in baptism?

Those who are involved in baptism are the parents and their preferred godparents. These two people ought to bring their candidate for baptism to the bishop, priest, or other ministers of the Church. 

When they are about to start the baptism proper, the candidate is immersed in the water fully or partially. Depending on the church. Some other churches pour water on the candidate’s head, while others submerge the candidate in water fully or partially. 

These are the people that need to get involved in baptism. If you have a candidate that wants to get baptized, you need to pass the message to him that he needs his parents to get involved, as well as godparents which will be chosen by his parents. 

The parents and godparents also must encourage their candidate who just got baptized to live a chaste life after baptism.

This is because when a candidate gets baptized, he confesses to Jesus as his savior and renounces the devil. This introduces him to Christianity and Christians are known to live chaste life. 

Can an average person baptize someone?

Yes, any baptized Christian can baptize someone. However, there is a caveat. A baptized Christian can only baptize someone in an emergency.

For example, if someone had an accident and he is on the verge of dying if there is no Priest, Bishop, or Deacon to baptize him, as long as the person there is a baptized Christian, he can go ahead to baptize him.

He should check to see if there is water available. He should go ahead and baptize the person by saying ‘’I baptize you in the name of the father, the son, and the Holy Spirit’’.

While you are saying this, ensure the candidate confesses his faith and belief in Jesus Christ. 

Since it is an emergency, you may not be able to immerse the person in the water fully or partially, what you can do in a situation like that is to pour the water on the person’s head as you baptize.

It is also important you know that in some churches,  there is no age restriction or gender restriction for an average person to baptize. This means you do not have to be a certain age or a particular gender before you can baptize. 

You must ask questions to be sure if it is also applicable in your church. 

Can you be baptized at any age?

Yes, you can be baptized at any age as a Christian. Some parents prefer to baptize their children when they are still infants.

This is a common practice, especially in the Roman Catholic Church. You tend to see a lot of Catholic parents baptize their Children when they are infants. 

However, some Christians prefer to get baptized when they are teenagers or adults. They believe at that age, the child is already aware of things going on and he will be able to differentiate between right and wrong. 

Catholics baptize their children as babies because they believe that babies are born with original sin and they need to cleanse the babies from their original sin.

When they are baptized, they become adopted sons and daughters of God. Original sin is the sin we inherit from our first parents Adam and Eve. 

This is the major reason Catholics prefer to baptize babies. 

What Do You Call Someone Who Is Not Baptized?

Someone that is not baptized is an unbaptized person. This means that the person has not undergone any Christian ritual of baptism. It also means that the person has not been cleansed of his original sin. 

If a child gets to his teenage or adulthood and has not yet been baptized, if he is interested in baptism, he should contact the Priest, Bishop, Deacon, or any other minister in his Church.

 When he contacts any of them, they will be able to put him through on the right thing to do if he wants to get baptized. Since those that are involved in baptism are one’s parents and godparents, the candidate will be asked to provide them to proceed with the baptism. 


I have already established the fact that the person who baptized you can be referred to as a baptist. Even if you do not want to call the person a baptist, you can choose to call the person a baptizer or minister.

 These are the other names you can call someone who baptized you, they all mean the same thing. Those who can officiate baptism are the priests, bishops, deacons, or any minister of the church. However, in a case of emergency, any baptized Christian can baptize.

 If you happen to come across someone who is on the verge of passing away and the person needs baptism, as long as you are a baptized Christian you can baptize the person if there is no minister of baptism at that moment. 

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