What Do You Call Your Son’s Girlfriend?

One cannot be careful enough, especially in delicate issues and times like this when people are a tad more sensitive.

This is why we’re not supposed to undermine the importance of appropriateness. Things should align with context, and nuances should be gotten in fullness. 

You can call your son’s girlfriend her real name, a pet name, or use a more direct approach to inquire from her about the preferred name that she likes to be called.

If all of these still do not suffice, what do you call your son’s girlfriend then?

Well, because there’s no single strategy that suffices for all cases, the name you should call your son’s girlfriend depends on the type of personal relationship you share with her, the level of cordiality established, and her type of person. It is on these bases that you can know how to call her a name that wouldn’t go out of line.

Here Are 5 Names To Call Your Son’s Girlfriend

  • Call her her real name
  • Call her a pet name
  • Call her your daughter
  • Call her by her first name

1. Call her her real name

Calling your son’s girlfriend her name is a harmless way to approach her. Especially if you do not share a close relationship with her aside from her being a girlfriend to your son.

Some parents are not exactly mean to their children’s partners, they only maintain a cool distant relationship. In this case, it is only Ideal and natural that a father or mother addresses her son’s girlfriend with the girl’s name.

Calling her by her name denotes a ground of neutral connection; neither a bad nor good energy. However, parents still call their son’s girlfriends by their name even in cases where they share close relationships.

It is the undertone and the paralanguage that comes with calling out the name that determines whether or not the girlfriend stands a chance of being fully accepted.

2. Call her a pet name

Parents can call their son’s girlfriend’s pet names or use endearment to address them. The common ones are “Honey“, “Dear“, or “Darling.” These names can be used colloquially even in instances of a first meeting.

Endearments and pet names are also used by parents to their son’s girlfriends they share a very close relationship with. In this case, when mentioned, it is truly heartfelt.

There are families where parents have made it so warm and welcoming that the partners of their children have come to find a home.

The human subconscious makes every person act and be themselves in places where they feel welcomed and accepted.

Most parents know this, and because they want to know their son’s girlfriends beyond the surface level, they tend to call them these names to have them relaxed so they can spot any possible intolerable red flags.

3. Call her your daughter

Calling your son’s girlfriend your daughter also sparks a similar kind of feeling as calling her pet names and endearments. However, it’s a bit different as it sparks more of a kind of parental love than friendliness.

This is one of the reasons girls often have a good emotional connection with their boyfriends’ parents, especially if they had no good bonding with their biological parents while growing up. It comes off like an emotional void filling.

This often leads to the existence of a kind of stronger bonding between the girl and her boyfriend’s parents than the bonding the boyfriend himself has with his parents. This case has often played out.

It is because bonding involves nurturing affection and social connection. It is often characterized by trust and a deep feeling of affection.

This is why a strong bond can come between a lady and her boyfriend’s parents if the parents have created a conducive ecosystem for it to thrive through appropriate name-calling and sincere care.

4. Call her by her first name

You can call your son’s girlfriend by her first name as well. However, you should add the “Miss” title to it so it doesn’t come off as rather inappropriate.

And while this may sound too formal, it is ideal in situations where parents want to keep the relationship between them and their sons’ unmarried partners as healthily distant as possible.

Parents have valid reasons why they may not want to have a close connection with their son’s girlfriends. This could come from a terrible experience or other personal reasons.

What should your son’s girlfriend call you?

What Do You Call Your Son's Girlfriend

Your son’s girlfriend can call you Mom or Dad, Sir or Ma, or address you by your second name while adding a title to it. It all depends on the type of relationship existing between you and her.

These are all in stages. It reeks of disregard to address your boyfriend’s parents with their first names. Wait until the basis of a first name is established.

Continuing that way can become stuffy too when you both share a cordiality that has grown past that level. So this calls for intuitively understanding the stages and following up as supposed.

Here is a list of names your son’s girlfriend can call you:

  • Mom or Dad
  • Ma or Sir
  • By your second name

1. Mom or Dad

Your son’s girlfriend can call you either Mom or Dad if the relationship you share is so close that she feels comfortable calling you that. This is one way to know she has found solace in your home and now sees you as family.

This way is most universal and is seldom frowned upon across many demographics and cultures. You know the African and Asian setting has some of what is seen as disrespectful that is not frowned at across America and Europe.

2. Ma or Sir

Ma” or “Sir” is a more formal way for your son’s girlfriend to address you. This at the same time doubles up as less stuffy. It puts you both in a relationship that is not too formal or casual.

It also gives chances for the relationships to thrive on grounds of mutual respect before the continuity determines how better the relationship goes.

Ladies use this because they do not want to be perceived as disrespectful to their potential in-laws. Especially in African and Asian settings, and in some parts of America too.

And because calling you (their boyfriends’ parents) affectionate names at your early meeting point may not sound ideal, “Ma” or “Sir” becomes the safest. One rule will forever count, formality and respect can never be a mistake.

3. By your second name

For ladies, getting to meet their partners’ parents puts them in some type of nervous situation such that they find it pretty difficult to navigate through as regards what to call their potential in-laws.

This is why they sometimes use the “Mr” or “Mrs” followed by your second name. This one is very common among Americans, and within the confines of their culture and reality, it is very healthy and normal.

However, in Africa and some Asian countries, whether your son’s girlfriend is meeting you for the first time, the widely accepted means of address is Mom or Dad. And this is regardless of the extent of cordiality established between you as a parent and them.

Why the names your son’s girlfriend calls you are important

What Do You Call Your Son's Girlfriend

  • The name tells the level of comfort
  • It defines the relationship

The name your son’s girlfriend calls you is important because it is a reflection of the type of relationship that you share with her.

The name she calls you goes a long way in telling how she feels about you. If she uses a formal term to address you, it may not be bad in itself, it is a sign she’s not very much comfortable with you and has not yet completely felt at home around you.

Simply put, one of the importance of the name your son’s girlfriend calls you serves as a window to the level of comfort she has with you and how free she is around you.

How she addresses you can also tell whether or not you want her in your son’s life. It can be a revealing factor to some of the inner traits she exudes that you should warn your son about.

Basic morals are seen in the undertone and diction used by people these days. A badly brought-up lady wouldn’t care about being subtle with the terms she uses to address you.


Parents have called their sons’ girlfriends different names according to the established cordiality they share. And this is vice versa. There’s no absolutism here. Different cases can play out.

It is important to understand one’s own culture and follow up with what is captured in the definition of “appropriateness” in that culture, otherwise, there’s going to be a problem.

Especially in this internet age, people have developed the unhealthy habit of copying what is frowned upon in their own cultures.

However, no one goes wrong with being formal to either a partner’s parent or a child’s partner; this is always advisable for a start.

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