What Does It Mean to Call Someone A Toy?

There are a couple of reasons why someone can be called a toy, and these reasons are often related to how the person is perceived.

For what it’s worth, calling someone a toy is a condescending remark, and anyone who makes use of it does that intentionally to ridicule the other person.

I’ve often seen instances where this word is used, especially in coital relationships. In this type of setting, the person who remarks seems to be in total control of the situation and tends to make the rules.

Aside from this scenario, calling someone a toy can also mean something different from what we see on the surface view.

However, you probably found your way to this post because you needed answers to your questions and clarifications for your doubt.

I’ll be giving you a detailed analysis of the meanings attached to calling someone a toy. Keep reading on!

5 meanings to calling someone a toy

In the intro, I tried to give you a glimpse into what it could mean to call someone a toy. Notably, I mentioned its contextual use in a coital engagement or association.

I also did a shallow talk on another instance where the phrase is used and its meaning. However, the following points below explain further the aforementioned reasons and also state more of them.

  1. It means the person is being objectified
  2. It portrays a non-committal attitude
  3. It means the person is being befriended by an unserious person
  4. It indicates flirtatious intentions
  5. It means the person is indecisive

It Means the Person Is Being Objectified

Many people look at the objectification pg humans from the angle of sexuality, but it is not usually the case.

Calling someone a toy hints at the fact that the person is being reduced to nothing but a toy, vulnerable to manipulation, and void of self-will.

It means the person who is given the tag is intentionally demeaning the other person at the receiving end, probably to make them feel less of themselves.

On the other hand, it could mean that the person has no bearing or fort during coital meet-ups. That is to say that the person doesn’t take charge in whatsoever form during intercourse.

Because of this status, he or she gets thrown on either the couch or bed and sits back to watch while the other partner dominates. Just like a toy, the person keeps quiet and lets their partner make the moves.

It Portrays a Non-committal Attitude

Anyone who calls another person a toy, especially in a relationship is not going to commit it no matter what.

They won’t even give it a second thought, because all they see in the other person is a puppet-like human that’s not worthy of their long-term commitment.

The person has already conceived in their mind that they or won’t commit to you on a long-term scale. This type of person who calls someone a toy plays the use-and-dump game that some people do in relationships.

You might want to look out for this type of person because they’re the most common ones to call someone a toy.

It Means the Person Is Being Befriended by an Unserious Person

I know quite a lot of people who would be found in the situation of being called a toy. The reason for this is their tendency to fall in love easily and almost without hesitation.

Because of this, they often fall victim to unserious persons. Differently from the previous point, there could be a motive to commit but the frame and mindset to get to that look shabby.

In a relationship, If someone calls you a toy then you could be dealing with an unserious person who probably sees you as a getaway plan.

It Indicates Flirtatious Intentions

I’ve noticed a recurrent attitude among those who call others a toy, especially members of the opposite gender. The underlining motive present in their statements is usually flirting.

A girl could call you a toy to indicate her interest in either having a fling with you or just hooking up. The same applies to a guy.

However, this sublime observation stems from the speaking pattern of the speaking and how well they relate with the person on the receiving end.

It Means the Person Is Indecisive

What Does It Mean to Call Someone A Toy

Indecisiveness is a real-life social cancer. It can keep you away from taking a great leap in your life, for a positive outcome. It also limits a person to their comfort zone and therefore hinders their chances of a breakthrough.

When a person calls someone a toy, it could be that he or she is trying to highlight the person’s inability to make decisions and stand by them.

Just like a real toy, the person is left at the mercy of others, particularly the speaker who is probably manipulative.

Imagine a puppet being bent over and moved into different shapes, patterns and forms, without hesitating. If you can picture this, then you have to understand what it means to call someone a toy.

It also hints at the lack of will. Some are out to make decisions, but they lack the willpower to substantiate their mental stimulation.

Calling someone a toy is demeaning all rounds but could be an eye-opener for those who do not know how they’re perceived by others.

Having a piece of knowledge about this is their opportunity to take the bull by the horn and strive harder.

What Does It Mean to Call Someone a Chew Toy?

It means one thing to call someone a toy and gas a different meaning when the same person is called a chew toy. Your foremost thought about this term might be about bubble gums that are chewed until they get soft.

What if I told you that’s literally what a chew toy is? Well, let’s look at what it means to call someone a chew toy.

  • It means the person is not in a serious relationship
  • It shows the person is prone to a squirm just by getting bitten

It Means the Person Is Not in a Serious Relationship

Just like in the instance of calling someone a normal; a chew toy is not in a serious relationship. He or she is a chew toy because that’s the position where they’re placed by their supposed partner.

The word “chew” is representing coital meet-ups. Someone who is being tagged a chew toy is believed to be only good in bed.

The person’s importance is limited to being skillful in the meeting between genital organs.

It Shows the Person Is Prone to a Squirm Just by Getting Bitten

I wouldn’t want to place you in the instance of seeing X-rated videos to be able to witness a squirm. Therefore, I’d say you’ve probably heard of people getting squirmy.

The term which is mostly used on women denotes heightened arousal of genital feelings.

Anyone who gets tagged a chew toy is probably prone to getting squirmy, but in this case, the primary drive is biting. You could imagine being bitten on the neck or ear by your significant other and the feelings that come with it.

That right there is squirm. Someone might call you a chew toy after they heard how you instantly grabbed a random boy who bit your neck and demanded you to get laid.

What Does It Mean When You Call Someone a Boy Toy?

There are many varieties of toys and boy toy probably happens to be toy exclusively for boys… hehe funny, right? Since that sounds correct, there are other things to the term. These meanings include.

  • It means someone who is an object of sexual desires
  • It indicates a guy who is a simp
  • It means a gigolo

It Means Someone Who Is an Object of Sexual Desires

Toys can be toyed with and they can do nothing about it. The same thing applies to a boy toy. A boy toy is an objectified person who is only needed and valuable for genital stimulation.

In this scenario, the person in question is often at the beck and call of whoever it is that they’re matched with. It gets messy when you get to know that most of those who are boy toys are boys. Males are being reduced to nothing.

It means a Guy Who Is a Simp

What Does It Mean to Call Someone A Toy

Have you ever heard of female boys? It sounds too funny that you wonder if there’s something like that aside from its use as a ridiculing phrase. The thing is, there’s something of that sort and there are real people who fall in that category.

If a guy is a simp ( a non-malevolent guy), he is seen as a boy toy. The primary reason is that this guy is vulnerable to women and is prone to be played with.

It means a Gigolo

Did I mention I had an unusual dream job as a college student, battling student loans? That dream supposed short-lived work is that of a gigolo.

A gigolo is a guy that acts as an escort for a woman and is rewarded either with monetary value or favors. A gigolo lacks nothing, making it a more formal term for a sugar boy. Anyone called a chew toy has a high tendency of being a gigolo.

What Does It Mean to Call Someone a Broken Toy?

A musician sang about how he looked good in front of a broken mirror, but he forgot to picture the broken mirror felt. That’s just humans being humans. The following are what it means to be a broken toy.

  • It means someone mentally unstable and unfit for a relationship
  • It means someone who is s serial loser
  • It indicates a fragile woman

It Means Someone Who Is Mentally Unstable and Unfit for a Relationship

Just like a broken could be permanently useless, a broken toy is subject to the same fate if it is not fixed. Anyone who is termed a broken toy is probably unstable due to mental stress and unhealthy physical relationship.

This state of mind pushes the person to be reduced to a broken frame, metaphorically a broken toy. The person is also unfit to engage healthily with people because of issues like insecurity and distrust.

It Means Someone Who Is a Serial Loser

How do you feel if you failed your driving test for the third time in 8 months? Terrible, right? You might even feel broken and unwilling to try again. That right there depicts a broken toy.

Because of this persistent loss, you remain at the mercy of the road officers who wouldn’t give you a pass and would certainly hook you when you drive without certifications.

It Indicates a Fragile Woman

Naturally, women are vulnerable but it becomes a thing of caution when the person is repetitive about being fragile. If the chief reason for this attitude is being traced to past relationships and childhood,  the person could be tagged as a broken toy.

What Does It Mean to Toy Someone?

We all have been toyed with directly or indirectly. Whatever odd feelings you had in that situation is what I’m going to dissect. The best meanings as to what it means to toy someone are.

  • It means being manipulative
  • It indicates an  interest to deceive
  • It means emotionally destabilizing someone

It Means Being Manipulative

What Does It Mean to Call Someone A Toy

The remote for your TV needs to be manipulated to work out. Its manipulation comes with pressing some buttons. The same thing is applied to real-time toys because you’d want to straighten your soldier in COD to take a great shot.

Toying someone depicts manipulating the person. The subject of manipulation is not restricted to bad deeds, because it can be used for a good cause.

It Indicates an Interest to Deceive

You can be toyed into believing that most movie scenes were done with props. That’s a typical example of toying with someone.

It involves using misleading information to create a concrete belief in someone’s mind.

It Means Emotionally Destabilizing Someone

To toy with someone may also imply a deliberate act to destabilize someone’s emotional frame. This meaning is often found in relationships and any other form of friendship, including platonic relationships.


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