15 Words for Someone Who Works With Cement

In the world of construction and architecture, the foundation of modern civilization is quite literally set in stone – or more precisely, in cement.

Cement workers, the unsung heroes of infrastructure development, possess a unique and specialized vocabulary that is fundamental to their craft.

These 15 words encapsulate the precision and artistry required to shape the structures that define our world.

Join me as we look into the terminology of those who mold our cities and dreams with cement, offering a glimpse into a profession where words are as sturdy as the structures they help create. Let’s dive right in!

15 Words for Someone Who Works With Cement

  1. Mason
  2. Cement mason
  3. Concrete finisher
  4. Cement contractor
  5. Cement worker
  6. Cement labourer
  7. Concrete specialist
  8. Cement craftsman
  9. Cement technician
  10. Concrete expert
  11. Cement artisan
  12. Cement plasterer
  13. Concrete mixer
  14. Cement setter
  15. Cement installer


  • A skilled “artisan” works with various construction materials, such as cement, to build structures like walls and buildings.
  • “Cement Mason” is a word used that refers to an individual who specializes in finishing and leveling cement surfaces. He or she further ensures that the cemented surface is smooth and durable.
  • You can describe someone who is responsible for making the final stage of concrete work aesthetically pleasing as a “concrete finisher.”

Stay put! These words and more about someone who works with cement are further explained.

Alongside, there are contextual examples that will save you a lot of questions and grant you insight as you read further.

1. Mason

what do you call someone who works with cement

You can refer to a highly skilled artisan who works with various construction materials, including cement, bricks, and stones, as a mason.

Furthermore, you can describe a mason as an individual who is involved in the construction of a wide range of structures, ranging from walls and buildings to pavements and decorative features.

They have an obligation to accurately lay and align materials to ensure a strong and stable structure.

Check out how to use the word in your sentences:

  • The skilled mason meticulously constructed a sturdy brick wall for the new house.
  • The ancient castle’s restoration required a master mason to preserve its historic stone structure.

2. Cement Mason

A specialist in the field of concrete work is known as a cement mason. They are experts in the final stages of concrete construction.

The tasks cement masons undertake include pouring, leveling, and finishing concrete surfaces to make them smooth, even, and visually appealing.

Their work is essential in creating concrete floors, driveways, and other structures that require a polished appearance.

Check out how to use the word in your sentences:

  • The cement mason expertly poured and smoothed the concrete floor for the warehouse.
  • A cement mason carefully finished the driveway, giving it a polished and professional appearance.

3. Concrete Finisher

Concrete finishers play a critical role in the finishing of concrete surfaces. They ensure that the concrete is properly smoothed, leveled, and textured according to project specifications.

  • The concrete finisher used a trowel to create a smooth, level surface on the patio.
  • After hours of labor, the concrete finisher achieved a beautifully textured walkway.

4. Cement Contractor

what do you call someone who works with cement

Typically, a professional or a construction company can employ cement contractors since they offer specialized services related to cement and concrete.

These services may include concrete pouring, foundation work, structural construction, and more. Cement contractors are often hired for large-scale construction projects.

Check out how to use the word in your sentences:

  • The cement contractor managed the construction of a massive foundation for the skyscraper.
  • The real estate developer hired a cement contractor to oversee the construction of a luxury condominium.

5. Cement Worker

A general description of anyone involved in various aspects of cement and concrete work in the construction industry is a cement worker.

These workers may have a range of roles, from mixing and pouring concrete to assisting with finishing or performing manual labor tasks on construction sites.

Check out how to use the word in your sentences:

  • The cement worker mixed concrete for the construction crew with precision.
  • As a cement worker, he assisted with various tasks, from carrying materials to cleaning up the site.

6. Cement Labourer

There are entry-level construction workers who assist those who are responsible for carrying materials, preparing surfaces, or cleaning up the work area.

They aid finishers or contractors with various manual tasks related to cement and concrete work. Also, they may be responsible for tasks like carrying materials, preparing surfaces, or cleaning up the work area.

Check out how to use the word in your sentences:

  • The cement laborer cleared debris and ensured the masons had the necessary tools.
  • Working together, cement laborers efficiently distributed concrete to different areas of the site.

7. Concrete Specialist

A specialist refers to an individual with advanced expertise. By implication, a concrete specialist works with concrete in various aspects.

They are often consulted for their deep knowledge and experience in the field. This may include designing concrete structures, analyzing mixtures, or providing solutions for specific concrete-related challenges.

Check out how to use the word in your sentences:

  • The concrete specialist designed a structurally sound bridge using innovative techniques.
  • The project’s success was due in part to the concrete specialist’s problem-solving skills.

8. Cement Craftsman

what do you call someone who works with cement

Cement craftsmen focus on combining skill and creativity to produce decorative or artistic elements using cement as the primary medium.

These artisans take pride in high-quality cement structures and finishes. One interesting quality about them is that they are often sought after for projects that require unique and aesthetically pleasing concrete work, such as sculptural pieces or custom designs.

Check out how to use the word in your sentences:

  • The cement craftsman created stunning decorative concrete elements for a modern building.
  • The client was delighted with the cement craftsman’s artistic and unique concrete designs.

9. Cement Technician

There are professionals called cement technicians who are skilled in the technical aspects of working with cement and concrete.

Their role may involve conducting tests and analyses to ensure the quality and performance of cement mixtures.

Cement technicians play a vital role in quality control and ensuring that concrete used in construction meets the required standards and specifications.

Check out how to use the word in your sentences:

  • The cement technician conducted rigorous tests to ensure the concrete’s quality and performance.
  • The technician played a vital role in maintaining high-quality standards for the construction project.

10. Concrete Expert

Concrete experts are often considered subject-matter authorities in the field. They provide guidance, solve problems, and have expertise in complex concrete projects.

Due to their extensive knowledge and experience in concrete work, these experts may be consulted for projects that require a high level of technical proficiency and experience.

Check out how to use the word in your sentences:

  • The concrete expert provided invaluable guidance for the complex bridge construction.
  • The architect consulted a concrete expert for a project that demanded extensive technical knowledge.

11. Cement Artisan

Certain work by craftsmen goes beyond the functional aspects of concrete. Cement artisans often add artistic and aesthetic value to projects.

They focus on creating decorative or artistic cement structures or elements. As a result of their skillfulness, they are sought after for projects where creativity and unique design are important.

Check out how to use the word in your sentences:

  • The cement artisan’s work turned ordinary concrete into a remarkable sculpture in the park.
  • The homeowner commissioned a cement artisan to create one-of-a-kind concrete countertops.

12. Cement Plasterer

what do you call someone who works with cement

Specialists like cement plasterers apply cement-based plaster to surfaces. This plaster is used for protection, aesthetics, and as a finishing touch to interior and exterior walls.

Cement plasterers are skilled at achieving a smooth and consistent finish, enhancing the visual appeal of buildings.

Check out how to use the word in your sentences:

  • The skilled cement plasterer applied a smooth and consistent cement-based plaster to the building’s exterior.
  • The newly renovated restaurant had its interior walls finished with expertly applied cement plaster.

13. Concrete Mixer

In order to create beautiful and high-quality concrete, there’s a need for a concrete mixer. They are individuals responsible for operating machinery that blends cement, aggregates, and water to create concrete mixtures.

Concrete mixers ensure that the correct proportions of materials are combined to produce high-quality concrete.

They further make sure that the essentials for construction projects are available where precise concrete mixtures are required.

Check out how to use the word in your sentences:

  • The concrete mixer ensured the right proportions of materials for the road construction project.
  • Operating the concrete mixer, he blended cement, aggregates, and water to perfection.

14. Cement Setter

There are craftsmen who form and mold cement in order to determine the shape and structure of the concrete.

These cement settlers ensure that the concrete is poured into the correct positions to achieve the desired design and functionality of the construction project.

Check out how to use the word in your sentences:

  • The cement setter meticulously placed forms to shape the foundation before pouring concrete.
  • A team of skilled cement setters ensured the concrete was poured accurately for the bridge structure.

15. Cement Installer

what do you call someone who works with cement

Competent individuals like cement installers are commonly involved in the construction of buildings, walls, and other structures where precast concrete components are used.

They specialize in installing precast concrete elements, such as panels, blocks, or other pre-manufactured products.

Through their expertise, they position and secure these elements in a way that meets the structural and design requirements of a project.

Check out how to use the word in your sentences:

  • The cement installer expertly positioned and secured precast concrete panels for the office building’s exterior.
  • The construction team relied on the cement installer to ensure the precast elements fit seamlessly into the structure.

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