What To Call Your Dom? (Different Names We Know!)

In a Dominant/submissive relationship (D/s or Dom/sub), there are more ideal names to call your Dom than the ones you have probably heard in Fifty Shades of Grey and other pop culture content.

Aside from being characterized by whips, ropes, and role play, a D/s relationship is dynamic such that the role of the dominant partner is to hold and exercise control throughout the intimate activity.

This control must have been consensually transferred by the partner playing the role that depicts the submissive.

If you are the sub in the intimate activity, there are perfect names you can call your Dom to heat the moment. These names include Our Highness, Master, Owner, Handler, Governor, Chief, Boss, or even Commander.

Depending on the theme of the intimate r0le-playing, you could also consider calling yourself Dom: Your Exaltedness, Your Excellency, Keeper, Captain, Sergeant, Alpha, or Patron.

Read on to know more about Dom and sub-relationship names and what should be considered before giving these names so that you don’t run out of ideas.

List of Best Names To Call Your Male Dom

Meanwhile, some of these names are gender sensitive or may not apply to the setting of the intimate theme or plot.

For this reason, you could resort to the regular ‘daddy’ or ‘mommy’. Alternatively, using Dom’s first name initials is another good idea.

For example, call him ‘K’ if his name is Kelvin, ‘J’ if her name is Jennifer, and so on.

So here are interesting hot names to call your Dom, categorized into male and female:


When referring to the dominant partner during the activity, you want words that will inspire authority which will translate into an energetic performance by the Dom.

Words like ‘King’ is one of the ideal names to address your Dominant partner.


Similar to ‘King’, the term ‘Lord’ is an alternative to call your D-type, especially in certain r0le-playing themes.

It is a substitute for other cliché honorifics such as Chief or King. It may sound masculine and may not be ideal if your Dominant partner is feminine.


The headmaster is another creative name to call your Dom especially when it compliments the r0le-play theme.

For example, when engaging in a Teacher Vs Student scene, you could scream ‘Headmaster’ as he penetrates forcefully. It spikes energy, inspires authority in your Dom, and lit up the whole move.


Most people who use ‘Mister’ as a name to refer to the Dominant partner are usually inspired by the theme of the environment or r0le-playing.

As he flogs the back of your thigh and works you, screaming “Mister, can I have more” establishes a craving for continuity that triggers the Dom to do more or better.


Maestro is a term to denote a Master, however, one particular in the area of art such as being a composer, conductor of orchestra, or teacher of music.

When you call your Dom this, it suggests the position of being in charge or controlling the course of the event. This very much applies to his role during the intimate activity.


A Latin word for Master or owner. The title denotes superiority and helps to variant the choice of words to say as he whips you and penetrates rigorously.

It is a title synonymous with respect from which your Dom is expected to derive pleasure and energy transfusion from.


Daddy is a very popular term that most women would prefer to call their partner during rigorous, intense l0ve making.

It is more effective when it is screamed and great for male characters in r0le-playing.

However, there are some dynamics in which this term may not be ideal such as if you have more than one dominant partner at the scene, and the plot does not resonate with the honorific.


The thing about names to give doms is that it is entirely up to you. However, saying Sir is simple yet effective. Most subs who use Sir tend to say it aloud when the dom deserves it.

The benefit of this name is that it can also be used in public since it is a relatively common title.

List of Best Names To Call Your Female Dom


Mistress, for many male subs, is the go-to title for their female doms. However, it is conflicting because the sub can also be called mistress, however, this only happens when she assumes the role of the sub.

As mentioned earlier, there could be a switch.


The word Melinka, sourced from local legend, is a Russian word that denotes the term lovely.

There is a Russian colloquialism for this but when you call your dom link, it is a pure indication that you derive pleasure from the activity, thus, encouraging energy and more rigor to the intimate exercise.


Dom names for females include the term, Lady. This can be determined by her role in the plot of the r0le-playing. However, it should be paired with other varying names so that it doesn’t sound cliché.

Again, this is a title you can use in a public setting.


She instructs the submissive and can be er0tically referred to as Goddess.

This is something that is very common and would likely not elude you when you are lost with what to call your girlfriend or woman, especially if she is the one calling the shots in the heated intimate moment.


As the king is to male dominants, Queen is the opposite honorific for female doms in any D/s relationship.

The reason you’d want to use Queen as the name is because it establishes a sense of authority and respect for the Dom, allowing for effective flow and engagement.


If the r0le-playing is similar to the mom-themed p*rn content, then calling her mommy would suffice.

The usage of this name is limited in effectiveness to only the event that she plays the r0le of ‘mommy’ in the scene.


You must have heard that using abuse to subs is an element of whip & ropes-themed intimacy. However, it can also be effective for female doms too.

Calling her bitch can help break inhibitions and make them feel less bad about the engagement.


Khaleesi is not a name. It is a royal title that means ‘queen,’ If you have watched Game of Thrones, you will recall that the character, Daenerys Targaryen received this name when she married Khal Drogo, the leader of the Dothraki Clan. It is an authority-related term to call your female dom.


The literal meaning of Countess is any woman married to the Count or has the same rank as the earl.

Calling her Countess denotes authority and puts her in the right place as the dom, thereby encouraging enhancement in the intimate authority as she compliments with your sub name as well.

Other creative names for female doms include Domina, Princess, Ma’am, Madam, Governess, Headmistress, and Miss.

Is It Okay To Call Your Dom ‘Daddy’?

There is nothing bad in addressing your Dom as “daddy” in a D/s r0le-playing mating. However, it is best used for dominants who display fatherly tendencies.

In other words, it would only be ideal if the Dom plays the role of guiding, correcting, punishing, and caring about you – the sub – during the activity.

However, not everyone is comfortable with the idea that using titles like Daddy is great for Dom. Again, it is gender sensitive and can be factored by the theme of r0le-playing.

The name ‘Daddy’ suggests a character that is assertive and direct in how the scene plays out. So it is a good choice.

Generally speaking, Dominants are expected, through their role, to lead, guide, protect, enforce, and so on. Hence, being referred to as ‘Daddy’ while at it isn’t bad.

The bottom line is that it is a personal decision if you want to be addressed as Daddy as the dominant in the intimate activity. However, I usually recommend couples consider other names to not sound cliché.

P.S.: Your D-type doesn’t necessarily have to be older than you to call them Daddy or Mommy. Simply use what fits your dynamic and the mindset of you and your partner.

3 Things To Consider When Giving Your Dom A Name

Given that D/s relationships involve r0le-playing power-based intimate games such as ‘Doctors and Nurses,’ ‘Guard and Prisoner,’ ‘Teacher and Student,’ and so on, one partner usually dominates the other.

So the theme of r0le-playing can easily suggest what name to call the partner who assumes the Dominant in the r0le. However, since the power is sometimes ‘switched,’ it is usual for couples not to be D/s all the time.

Here are three things you want to give thoughts to before deciding on which of the honorifics shared above you’d call your Dom at your next intimate activity:

  • The central theme of the r0le play
  • Gender-heavy terminology
  • Frequency of usage

The central theme of the r0le play

You also take into consideration the dynamics of the r0le-playing and see that the name you have chosen applies to the usual r0le-playing you engage in with your Dom.

This may be Military r0leplay or teacher-student r0leplay. You’d want to desire honorifics that support the theme

Gender-heavy terminology

You also want to consider how comfortable you and your partner are with the usage of gender-heavy names.

If you have a non-binary partner, you want to be sure they prefer to identify with either masculine or feminine names, but some may not desire gender labels

Frequency of usage

Another thing you want to consider is how you intend to use this name for your Dom beyond the scene. Do you intend to use the titles outside mating activity?

Or beyond that singular r0le play? Then you may want to go for something more neutral like his or her first name initials.

Hot Things to Say to Your Dom While At It

Some of the common things you can say to your Dom while at it is what a girl can say to her man in a regular l0ve making activity.

However, given the dynamics of r0le-playing, you want to be very sassy with your words to complement the plot of the intense mating.

If you want your Dom to go god-mode in the activity, you could leverage sentences like “F**k the shit out of me, master!” “Stretch it open, eat me up,” and so on.

There are many things you could say. The point is that don’t get hung up on technicalities.

In summary

We have gone through some of the Dominant names you can call your partner in a D/s relationship.

While some would best apply to masculine, we have also seen others that very much apply to female Dom (Domme).

I would however recommend that you stick to honorifics like Master, Owner, Handler, Governor, Boss, Commander, Keeper, Captain, Alpha, or the first initial of Dom’s name. Not only are these names classic and energetic, but they also easily fit into any D/s r0le-playing theme.

Dom and Subs are under the umbrella of Bondage-Discipline & Dominance -Submission & Sadomasochism type of intimacy.

The names shared in this article apply to the person in charge of the scene whether they’re a man, woman, or non-binary!

Meanwhile, if you engage with multiple dominant partners, you could use the same name for all, except they individually prefer to be referred to with specific names during the activity.

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