What To Call Your Grandfather’s Brother

A “grand” relationship simply means that you both are two generations apart. It’s just like a grandparent and a grandchild, they are both two generations apart.

The parent is the first generation while the grandparent is the second generation. This is the same as the name for aunts, uncles, nieces, and nephews. They are all two generations away, so you refer to them as “grand”. Let’s take a look at some grand relationships in a family’s generation.

Different names to call a grandfather’s brother 

What To Call Your Grandfather’s Brother

  • Grandfather
  • Grand uncle
  • Great-uncle

You can call your grandfather’s brother any of these; Grand uncle, Great Uncle, or Grandfather, or Grandpa.

Your grandfather’s brother should be called Grand Uncle. Some people use Great uncle. It depends on whichever one you are cool with. The words above may not be recognized by all dictionaries and some people would rather just use Grandfather.

What To Call Your Grandfather’s Brother

It is only in rare cases does a person meet his grandfather’s brother so there are high chances you may never have to address your grandfather’s brother by any of these words. 

In conversations, you can simply say, “I met my grandfather’s brother yesterday at my grandparents house”. However, if you want to use the right terms, you can say, “I met my Grand uncle yesterday” or “I met my Great uncle yesterday”.

Whichever one you choose to use in a conversation will be correct. Though, this is not known by everyone. 

It’s not so bad to call him your grandfather or your grandpa. Maybe calling him your great-uncle will sound off to the ears, you can call him your grandfather. After all, he is your grandfather’s brother and also the grandfather of your cousins.

So it wouldn’t sound so bad to call him that as it will still be in line. He is almost the same age as your grandfather so you’re not saying something out of place.

What do you call your great-grandfather’s brother 


You can call your great-grandfather’s brother your great-granduncle. The “great” in a family relationship is used when we are talking about three or more generations apart. Grand is usually followed by “great”. Every great thing brings in a new generation.

This means that a great-grandparent is three generations apart because great adds just one generation and grand adds about two generations.

The words “great” and “grand” are used in the same way as nieces, aunts, nephews, and uncles. Your grand-uncle is two generations apart while your great-grand-uncle is three generations apart. 

This means that your great-grandfather’s sister can be called your great-grandaunt, which is the same thing as calling your great-grandfather’s brother great-granduncle. This also means you’re their great-grandniece or great grand nephew.

What do you call your grandfather’s sister 

What To Call Your Grandfather’s Brother

You can call her your grandaunt. Your grandaunt is your grandfather’s or grandmother’s sister. In this case, you are her grandniece or grandnephew.

People usually call their grand aunt, their great aunt. You can use whichever you’re comfortable with for this relationship. You can call her husband your great or your grand-uncle. 

Since your grandfather’s brother can be called your grand uncle, you can as well refer to your grandfather’s sister as your grand aunt.

Also, if you can alternatively call your grandfather’s brother your great-uncle, then you should also be able to use the same term for your grandfather’s sister by calling her your great-aunt. 

Genealogists see it more appropriate to use grandaunt for your grandfather’s or grandmother’s sister, instead of using great aunt. This doesn’t mean that great aunt is wrong but for the sake of avoiding any form of confusion, it is advisable to use grandaunt.

Your grandaunt or your great aunt is also your father’s or your mother’s aunt. This is because your grandmother is the sister of your grandfather or grandmother.

What do you call your grandfather’s cousin 

Your grandfather’s cousin is your cousin-twice-removed. They are your first cousins but twice removed. This is because you are two generations apart from your grandparents.

See it in this way, you and your siblings are one generation, your parents and their siblings are another generation (once removed from your own), and your grandparents and their siblings as another generation (twice removed).

Grandfather’s brother’s wife is called 

Your grandfather’s brother’s wife is called your grand aunt. She is the sister-in-law to your grandfather, so the term grand aunt suits her.

Also, since your grandfather’s sister is called your grand aunt, you can as well call his brother’s wife your grand aunt. Though, in most cases, you may not need to use this in a conversation. 

She is called “a grand aunt” because she is your grandfather’s sister-in-law. You can refer to her as such since your grandfather’s sister is being referred to as such. You probably wouldn’t need this in a conversation.

What do I call my grandfather father 

What To Call Your Grandfather’s Brother

He is your great-grandfather. You can call him your “great-grandfather” because he is three generations away. Your grandfather is one generation away and since your grandfather is the one that birthed your grandfather, he is two generations apart. This is where the word great comes in.

He can be called your “great-grandfather” as he is two generations older than you. Your grandfather gave birth to your father, he is one generation from your father and two generations away from you. The word great comes from generation to generation. He is the father of your grandparents.

You can also call him grandad or grandpa, it can still serve the same title.

What do you call your grandfather’s grandfather

Your grandfather’s grandfather can be called your great-great-grandfather. He is four generations apart. You can also call him “papa” or “gramps”. Though, most times people don’t get to see their grandfather of the fourth or even the third generation.

So this may not really be applicable in reality, except if you want to make reference to them, probably what they did when they were alive or something they left behind. Other than this, you may not need to use it. 


Sometimes, we struggle to find words to describe our relatives. It may not feel right and maybe disrespectful to call them by their names and may not be cool not to know what to call them. This article has given several names to call them in a way that would sound pleasing.


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