What to Say if People Ask You if You Are Rich

Some people have this habit of effortlessly making you feel less of yourself as regards your financial status, either because they feel happy that you are on the same level or you aren’t as rich as they are.

When people ask you if you are rich, it is so callous, insensitive, rude, and cruel of them. It is all shades of wrong to subtly shade your financial status. There is nothing beneficial in making a human like you feel inferior, nothing at all.

I am sure this question would come to you as a shock, that you would either remain mute with so much hurt in your heart or respond with a low NO because the right response didn’t even come to your mind.

That moment can be so embarrassing that you wish you could wipe off the grimace on the bully’s dirty face.

Well, that moment has come to an end because this article has 20 responses to give to people who care more about your financial status but less about you.

Whether they are joking or not, there are various responses to choose from. It is high time you took their noses out of your business.

Are you ready? Let’s go!

20 Things to Say if People Ask You if You Are Rich

1. “My Financial Status Isn’t One Of Your Problems”

What to Say if People Ask You if You Are Rich

Yes! You need to let them know that out of the problems they have got in their life, your financial status isn’t one of them.

Funny how they leave their problems unattended to and poke nose into other people’s lives.

They definitely would feel hurt by this response but it is not equal to the hurt you felt when they asked you that derogatory question.

If it is then one of their problems, they can go ahead to solve it- make you rich and shut the hell up!

2. “No, I am Claire. Nice To Meet You,”

Well, it could be that it is a case of mistaken identity.

You know they say God creates people in twos. They probably are looking for a lady/guy whose name is Rich so just clear their doubts- you can even go as far as telling them your full name so they can get the message loud and clear. Or, is your name Rich?

This reply would crack them up, yes, but they wouldn’t even bring themselves to ask for the second time because they know how savagely the next reply can get.

See! You got this, don’t worry!

3. “Do I Look Poor?”

Ask this question while scrutinizing your dress, you can even twirl for them to catch a full glimpse of it.

To some people, being rich means you have to look rich too- put on designer clothes, drive expensive cars around, move around with bodyguards, have hundreds of houses that you can’t sleep in just to prove one point.

Reply to their rude question with a nasty question and watch if they would point out how your dressing depicts poverty.

Of course, they cannot because they definitely just realized that empty barrels make the loudest noise.

4. “Very Rich, You Need Some Money?”

Make sure you say this with enough confidence. In fact, bring out your purse/bag/wallet and act like that rich person that wants to help someone who needs money but doesn’t know how to ask.

Plus, you can even make an “oh” sound, bring out your phone and ask “or do I need to transfer?”

Sometimes, you need to save some people the stress. They probably do not know how to say “I want to borrow a huge amount of money but I am not sure if you have” so the question that comes out of their mouth is are you rich?

5. “Yes, Let’s Go Spend Some Money, Bills On You,”

Sometimes, you need to be a not-so-sweet sweetheart too.

Imagine the reaction of that person who you asked you the question, no, just imagine. You just said contradicting things that he would not be able to comprehend.

I mean, you have admitted that you are rich so whether or not he agrees to go spend some money with you, is none of your business. You have put him in the right place.

You could even say “Don’t worry, I am gonna pay you back. I have exceeded my transfer limit for today”.

Awwwn, rich kid!

6.  “Do you have some money to spare?”

It could be that little miss-rich has more than enough that she cannot spend in millions of years to come.

When you reply with this question, please do it with boldness, she should be the one to feel uneasy for a stupid question asked.

Ask in such a way that she would realize that her money isn’t even enough to fund you. Nobody should question your financial status if they aren’t ready to help.

7. “Yeah, Just Like Your Breath, I Am Stinking Rich” 

What to Say if People Ask You if You Are Rich

This reply would definitely first of all make the person wonder if his breath stinks so badly.

If he perceives his breath and then replies with “my breath smells good,” then you reply with “oh, you have lost your sense of smell too,” or “I am sure something about you stinks so bad and that is how rich I am”

Trust he wouldn’t stop thinking about it but that would stop him too from asking disturbing questions about one’s financial status,”

8. “Very Rich, I Just Got Myself A Brand New iPhone14”

What to Say if People Ask You if You Are Rich

Imagine the shock on this person’s face when you say this. iPhone14 is now in vogue but you just got an iPhone14, wow that is sweetly insane!

You shouldn’t be bothered about what they would think of you with this reply though, I am sure that they have learned that life is not a competition neither is it race so whatever goals you have in mind would be achieved at your own pace.

Wow, they just learned one of life’s most important lessons for FREE.

9. “Yes, And That Makes You Poor To Talk To Me”

Bring that sassy attitude on! They need to know that you are not on the same level.

Let them know that you would rather spend an hour with rich folks than spend seconds with poor people like them.

Do you feel bad for calling them poor? Well, they just subtly threw shade at you too.

So, you are EVEN.

10. “Sure, I Pay My Bills,”

Paying your bills without anybody’s money makes you rich. If you had no bills to pay, you probably would have more money, right?

The meaning of rich differs and to you, it means paying your bills so let everyone do whatever rocks their boat!

You pay your bills so, you are independently rich.

11. “Are You Interested In My Account Balance?”

Now, this is the best response to someone who takes you out on a date to know about you but instead asks questions about your financial life.

A question like this during a date is no doubt a red flag but you must not leave the question unattended to. In fact, it is best to watch what you order so you do not end up being ordered- You came for a date, so do not end up washing plates.

12. “Affirmative, Rich In Everything Good Life Has To Offer,”

The greatest mistake some of us make is thinking that money can buy everything. So, you need to remind them that there are things in life that money can never buy and it is quite sad that the things money cannot buy can’t go round.

Make them know that you are contented with rich in happiness, love, health, etc.

13. “And How Is That Supposed To Make Me Feel?”

Wipe that smirk off their face by making them look dumb. They definitely want to see the hurt evident on your face but when you feign confusion and throw this question at them, they wouldn’t wait another second before turning back.

14. “No, But You Are Why I Have A Middle Finger”

What to Say if People Ask You if You Are Rich

Action speaks louder than voice so instead of giving someone the chance to make you say the F-word, just show and don’t tell. Let your middle finger do the talking.

They do not matter at all. Next time, they would think twice or more than before approaching you or even anybody to ask meaningless questions.

15. “And What Is The Total Figure For That?”

Since they are on the lookout for rich people, they probably have a particular figure one needs to have before being called rich.

Give them that “I am close to being rich” vibe that would make them not sleep at night- well, they asked for it.

16. “Is Our Country In Debt?”

Say this with a worry on your face and you would get a “are you okay?” look.

You can even go as far as saying “I didn’t hear in it the news that the government has called on the rich people to help clear the country’s debt”

Well, if the country is not in debt, why the question?

17. “Oh, Yes. I am $20,000 Rich, I Just Sold My Properties”

This reply is kind of complicated and it would take a little time for them to realize the real reply.

First of all, you admit that you are rich, then you mention the amount that makes you rich, and then end it with the fact that you actually sold your fridge to be that rich!

Well, you didn’t steal what you sold and the money you made you rich- Simple as ABC!

18. “Oops, No! Check Back Next Year”

It is one thing to admit that you are not rich and it is another thing to be confident of when you will be rich.

Giving this reply would make figure out that you are not putting yourself under any pressure but you definitely want to secure the bag.

Joblessness can make them ask this same question next year, though. Lol.

19. “You Look Adorable Talking About Something You Are Not”

Trust me, there is nothing less than annoying when someone who is not rich wants to know if you are rich. I mean, I am not sure they even take enough time to assess themselves and ask if they are in the position to say something.

Some of them would even package themselves in a way that you would think they are more successful than you are, whereas, they are not.

Do not be deceived by the packaging and give them this response right back.

20. “Wow, Is That A Song?”

I am sure you would almost burst into laughter while responding with this question but, they might not get the message too and can go as far as saying “No, it is actually a question”

You can then reply with “Oh really? It sounds like a song title, I thought [insert the name of an artiste] sang it. He just released an album…”

Changing the subject matter would definitely be a huge turn-off for them because you have got them wondering how a question sounds like the title of a song.


Sometimes, being polite might put you out there as being timid, and when this can lead to people from different walks of life treating you less.

Truly, there are some questions you should ignore, there are some people you shouldn’t pay attention but, but it is not all the time – not when your self-esteem is at stake.

So, we have come to the end of this article. Which of these responses do you like the most and look forward to using if people as if you are rich?

Which of these responses did you wish came to your mind when someone asked you this question? You can as well start storing them up on your brain for next time. You don’t want to be caught unawares again.

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