What to Say When Someone Calls You Naive

When someone calls you naive there is every tendency that the person does not know you well. Or it could be that you are naive and you need to work on yourself.

If you want to give a reply, your reply has to be based on your relationship with the person. If you happen to know the person on a deeper level, your response will be a bit different from when you know the person or even when the person knows you.

In this article, I will explain the replies you can give when someone calls you naive. It is left to you to choose the reply that is the best fit for the situation.

Things to say when a person who does not know you calls you naive

  • You barely know me, but you judge me too quickly
  • How sure are you?
  • You should have waited to know me better
  • I get that a lot from people who do not know me
  • Your opinion of me will change after a few days
  • I didn’t expect you to say less
  • Did you just learn the new word?
  • You are probably following the wrong instinct
  • I know, right? I’m working on it
  • Thanks for being honest

You Barely Know Me, But You Judge Me Too Quickly

What to Say When Someone Calls You Naive

It is not a cool thing to do for someone to not even know you at all and all of a sudden the person starts to judge you and call you what you are not.

If you happen to come across someone who does not know anything about you but is so quick to call you naive without knowing if you are naive or not, you can reply by telling the person that he judged you too quickly.

How Sure Are You?

What to Say When Someone Calls You Naive

The fact that this is coming from someone that you do not know, the person will most likely not be so sure about you being naive.

When the person tells you that you are naive, reply by asking how sure the person is. This will make him think about what he said and if what he said made any sense.

With a reply like this, you are reminding him to be careful of saying what he is not sure of.

You Should Have Waited To Know Me Better

What to Say When Someone Calls You Naive

For someone that does not know anything about you, it is too early to judge. If the person is so quick to call you naive, reply by saying that the person should have waited to know you better.

That is the only way the person will be sure about your true character. You cannot just see someone and conclude that the person is naive.

You have nothing to back up your claim unless you wait to know the person better.

I Get That A Lot From People Who Do Not Know Me

This is a reply telling the person that you get that a lot from people who barely know you. What this means is that a lot of people who do not know you tend to jump to the conclusion that you are naive.

It could be because there is a trait you portray that makes them think you are naive. For a lot of people to think this about you on their first encounter with you, then it means there is a part of you that portrays naivety.

Your Opinion Of Me Will Change After A Few Days

Of course, the person just knows you so he can say whatever he feels like saying about you. Because he does not know you well, he begins to call you naive.

In your reply, let him know that his opinion of you will change after a few days of knowing who you are.

People tend to have opinions about you even when they barely know you. With a reply like this, the person will be eager to know what it is about you that will change.

I Didn’t Expect You To Say Less

This is a reply that means you already expected the person to say what he said. You never expected him to say less.

This shows you already know what the person is capable of saying and you are not bothered if he says that you are naive even when he knows little to nothing about you.

Did You Just Learn The New Word?

People tend to frequently use a word they just learnt even though they do not have the full context.

The person does not know much about you, but how come he calls you naive? Just like I mentioned, it could be that he just learnt the new word and he wants to flex it on you.

Ask him directly, you could be correct that he just learnt the word.

You Are Probably Following The Wrong Instinct

Sometimes our instinct tells us things, some happen to be correct while some end up being wrong.

When someone who does not know you too well says you’re naive, reply by telling the person that he could be following his wrong instincts.

When you give a reply like this the person will have a rethink if what he said was correct or wrong.

I Know, Right? I’m Working On It

It could be that the person was correct and you are being naive. If you notice the person is telling the truth you can simply let the person know that you are working on it.

This way, you acknowledge your faults and admit that you are working on it to become a better person.

Thanks For Being Honest

Sometimes we find it difficult to tell ourselves the truth. The moment you realize that someone can tell you the truth without flinching or without even thinking about how you will feel.

If the person said the truth that you are naive, you should thank the person for being honest enough to tell you the truth.

Things to say when a person who knows you calls you naive

  • Ok, how do you think I can overcome it?
  • Is it that bad?
  • I know, I’m only striving to become better
  • Someone told me this same thing, how were you able to figure it out?
  • Are you trying to insult me?
  • What do you mean exactly?
  • What do you suggest I do?
  • You should have told me this earlier
  • How long have you noticed it?
  • You helped me know what I am bad at

Ok, How Do You Think I Can Overcome It?

When someone knows you, the person will be able to tell a few things about you. The person must have noticed you for a while and he must have noticed that you are naive.

If you know the person is correct, you can simply reply by asking how you think you can overcome naivety.

The person could be willing to even help you.

Is It That Bad?

Since the person knows you already, he will be correct to say that you are naive because he must have seen it in you too.

You can reply by asking him if it is that bad. It means you want to know if it is so obvious that everyone could see it.

When he replies you will know if it is obvious or not.

I know, I’m Only Striving To Become Better

It could be that you are already aware that you are naive. If the person tells you, just let him know that you are aware and you are only striving to be better.

When you reply by telling him you are aware and you are striving to become better, he will understand that you are aware and you are not just relaxed about the fact that you are naive.

You are doing something about it.

Someone Told Me This Same Thing, How Were You Able to Figure It Out?

This reply shows that other people have noticed that you may likely be a naive person.

Reply by telling the person that other people have been telling you this same thing, go ahead to ask him how he was able to figure it out.

When he tells you how he was able to figure it out you will know if it was too obvious that people can easily relate.

Are You Trying To Insult Me?

Some people know you too well and because they know you too well, they may look for a way to insult you without you knowing it is an insult.

When the person calls you naive, reply by asking if the person is calling you naive or insulting you.

Who knows if it is truly an insult or if he could just be saying you are naive.

What Do You Mean Exactly?

When someone calls you naive, you may not know exactly what the person means. That is why you need to ask what exactly the person means.

If the person replies he will tell you what exactly he means, and from there you will deduce what exactly they want.

Ensure the person tells you exactly what he means so that you will know to react to such.

What Do You Suggest I Do?

This reply shows that you are asking for his suggestions on what you are to do about your naivety.

However, take note that before you ask for suggestions from the person on what you should do, ensure the person is in a good position for you to be able to take suggestions from him on what to do.

You should not be taking suggestions from people who are not in a position to help or advise you. Take note of this before asking for suggestions.

You Should Have Told Me This Earlier

You are simply telling him to have told you earlier that you are naive. It could be that it is true that you are naive and you would have loved it if he told you earlier so that you can work on it.

If you started working on it long before now, you would have been a better person by now.

This is one reason why it is very important you let the person inform you earlier so that you start to work on it on time. It is important to quickly do something about it before it’s too late.

If you start to work on it on time, you become better, however, if you start late, it takes a little longer for you to become better.

How Long Have You Noticed It?

Some people who know you may notice a few things about you and they may not even tell you.

When someone you know tells you that you are a naive person, the person must have known it for a long time but chose to not say it until he told you about it.

Whenever the person tells you that you are naive, ask the person how long you have noticed it so that you would know if something you have had for too long without knowing it.

You Helped Me Know What I Am Bad At

Having people to tell you the truth is good. These people want you to become better daily.  If you have such people in your life then you are lucky

When the person tells you that you are naive, reply by thanking the person for letting you know what you are to work on. That way you will begin to work hard on yourself.

That way you know that you are going to improve yourself so that you will stop being naive.


Someone who barely knows you but calls you naive does not know enough about you. For someone like that, tell the person to know you first before judging you.

However, if the person knows you and calls you naive, then it is most likely true that you are naive and the person was nice enough to let you know.

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