What to Say When Someone Says “Bite Me”

Have you ever been put on the spot where you do not know the right response to ‘bite me’?

Probably you have never heard the phrase being used and you do not know what it means or what to say.

You may decide to keep mute because you do not want to sound petty or awkward. Your silence, however, may be interpreted as being cold, unreceptive, rude, or worse still eccentric.

So what is the way out? What is the best thing to say?

What does ‘Bite Me’ mean?

The first thing you may want to do is to know what the phrase symbolizes, then you can deduce the proper way to respond to it.

Here are a few interpretations of the phrase ‘Bite me’:

  • It could be that one is teasing you in a not-so-serious way
  • It could be an expression of anger, frustration, and aggressiveness
  • It could be someone giving you or another person a green light for a sexual come-on.

Whatever meaning it bears will depend on the tone, facial expression or context in which it was used.

A good scenario would be when a girl tells a boy, ‘bite me’:

She is properly flirting or joking around. However, if she says it to him in a more deadly and angry tone, it may be an indication that she is not pleased with him or that she is angry.

If however, she is referring to a stranger, she may be trying to pick on him sexually.

20 Things to Say When Someone Says, “Bite me”

As with any polysemous or ambiguous phrase, the meaning of ‘bite me’ will vary depending on who is saying it, who it is being said to and how they are saying it.

Whatever the motive, ‘bite me’ is not an actual invitation to violence but a way to express strong emotions.

Either way, when a boy or a girl tells you, ‘bite me’, you may want to be playful but not too forward. Coming up with the right response is the real challenge. Some responses can come across as more playful than others.

If you do not ever want to be left hanging, we have compiled 20 great responses to ‘bite me’ for you to choose from.

So here are some awesome responses for ‘bite me’ :

“I prefer my food cooked”

This response serves mainly those that love a good challenge and also share your sense of humor. If you give the response to a narrow-minded person, a rigid person or someone who is just not in the mood, they may not catch the joke.

If that happens, the situation may get awkward real quick. Thus, make sure that you’re interpreting the signs correctly before you give your response.

“Just say where”

What to Say When Someone Says "Bite me"

If the vibe is flowing and he or she (depending on who you are flirting with) catches the drift then this is a great response if you want to take the chat to the next level.

This may sound like a dirty reply to some people. Not that being dirty is a crime, but if you want to take it slow then you may want to choose any other reply besides this one.

“How many girls have you said that to?”

If you suspect him to be a player, you may want to protect your heart. A slow chuckle, sideward glance and a sure response of, ‘I’m sure I’m not the first you’ve said that to’ or a plain, ‘How many girls have you said that to?’ will let him know that you’re unto his game.

“What number am I on your list?”

If perhaps I’m not the first then I hope we are the only few you have said, ‘Bite me’ to. This could stand as a response on its own or it could be a follow-up response to the above reply.

Whether you decide to make it your principal reply or not, the attitude should be a playful one and should encourage your admirer to continue the discourse not scare him away.

“Sorry, I only bite on the third date”

Oh, now we are getting somewhere. This atmosphere must have already been set. When you say this, you are giving your admirer the impression that you would be willing to go on a date with them if he or she asks.

It may be that you guys are already on the first date but you subtly communicate that you like the person a lot and may want to have a few more dates with the person.

You never know. It may not end in just the third date. Something more could spring forth from the relationship.

“How hard?”

What to Say When Someone Says "Bite me"

Now, this is outright naughty. When you both are intending to be expressly flirty then this sounds about right.

Most times, people using this expression may already be familiar with each other or may already be in a form of relationship.

“Yeah, I’d love a little bite”

Talk about showing some manners while being playful or naughty. Just in case you do not know, a girl who knows what she wants and goes for it is more attractive than a girl who tries to play it safe.

This also applies to guys. Ladies are more attracted to you when you are confident.

This also communicates with your admirer that you like them too and are willing to take a chance with them.

So next time a lady tells you ‘bite me’ while flirting with you, let her know that ‘you would love a good bite’.

When you demand what you want, you just might get it!

“Be careful what you wish for”

What to Say When Someone Says "Bite me"

Hey, if the way you want to go is outright mischievousness or naughtiness, well the floor is yours but be careful what you wish for cause I may just bite.

The above is the playful impression you give your admirer when you use the phrase, ‘Be careful what you wish for’.

“I only bite my type, you don’t make the cut”

Who doesn’t love a good challenge?

Telling perhaps someone you just met, ‘I only bite my type. I‘m sorry but you don’t make the cut’ will serve to make them extremely curious about who your type is especially if they have developed a genuine liking for you.

However, it could be a subtle way to tell someone off or clearly let the person know that you are not interested.

“Is that an invite?”

You should be sure that the person also wants you to take a bite before you do it.

This does not necessarily mean that you are taking permission but could be a fun way to discover the real intention of the person.

“You’re making me real hungry”

When someone says, ‘Bite me’, you could reply ‘You are making me really hungry’. This comes from the impression that we bite something probably when we are hungry or craving a particular meal.

So, in the real sense, it can also be used as a joke or a funny reply.

“I might do just that”

This is another awesome response. From the situation what your admirer may deduce from this statement is, ‘Hey, I don’t joke around. If you ask me to bite you, I may do just that.’

This can provoke laughter or fetch you a smile.

“What would I get in return? A kiss?”

Either you are the extremely bold type or you are extremely familiar with this person. If it is said between strangers, then they must have spent some time together and grown to like each other.

They are then willing and able to progress to the next level. They could already be couples who are exchanging naughty conversations.

“How long would that be for? All night?”

If Sandra, a girlfriend to Mark, tells him, ‘Bite me’ and he replies with ‘How long will that be for? All night?’, she may end up smiling and grinning ear to ear from morning till dawn.

If she was in the office, she may bite her lips or kick the air with happiness and glee. This is because she is reacting in anticipation of the promise that the response holds.

“Do I prove to you that I’ve got the softest places?”

‘Oh okay. You want me to prove to you that I have got the softest places?’

‘If I prove to you that I have got the softest places, do you promise to bite?’

The above are the cool reply one may give to your reply ‘Not to burst your bubbles, I only bite the softest places’

They may receive the impression that you want to continue to flirt hence the reply.

“Waoh. Easy, tiger!”

What to Say When Someone Says "Bite me"

Asides from playful and flirty situations, ‘Bite me’ can also be used when expressing intense displeasure or anger.

Sometimes someone can say ‘Bite me’ with so much anger and violence. Either because you have previously offended them or your actions just recently displeased them.

So replying, ‘Woah easy tiger!’ means you are trying to discourage the person from using excessive amounts of anger or force or from probably using venomous statements.

“I did not mean any harm”

This is when your intentions are misinterpreted; thereby provoking an adverse reaction from the person. You could let the person know that you did not mean any harm and then proceed to reveal your true intentions to the person if given the chance.

If you are not given the opportunity to properly explain yourself, that may be because the person is not in the right mood to listen. So you could give the person space.

When he or she has calmed down, you could go back and reiterate that you did not mean any harm then proceed to say what your true intentions were.

“I’m sorry if I offended you”

Once there has been a misunderstanding and you explain yourself, you could do well to add an apology at the end. This will diffuse the situation and make the person calmer.

Remember a harsh word stirs someone’s anger but a calm word tends to settle their spirit. Instead of probably returning the bad energy the person gave you by insulting or walking out on them. You could apologize instead.

You may find out that they are not cranky because of you but because someone somewhere else has provoked them.

Apologizing will then give the opportunity to find out what is the real cause of their bad mood and restore the good atmosphere once they have let it out.

They may appreciate you in return for being patient towards them even when they seemed unapproachable.

“Can you tell me what I did wrong?”

Have you ever had to deal with a pregnant woman with raging emotions?

Or a young lady on her period?
Or a father who just had a bad day at work?

It is very likely that when you approach them they may snap at you. So the next time they tell you ‘Bite me’ in an unpleasant manner, do not be quickly offended. Rather calmly inquire, ‘Could you please tell me what I did wrong?’

When they see your calm approach, they would be the one to realize their bad attitude and quickly try to make amends.

“Please, let us forget that it happened”

In the heat of a verbal exchange like an argument, it would be most likely that you have heard the phrase ‘Bite me’ more times than not.

If that has ever happened to you or coincidentally this may be your present situation, you could suggest that you both forget about fighting each other and focus on finding out who you are fighting with and how to amend the situation.

It could also be that using the aforementioned replies, the angered individual has apologized for their outburst, and you then suggest that you both forget that it ever happened.

You could use comments like, ‘Let the sleeping dogs lie’ or ‘Can we just let this go? ‘Let’s forget it ever happened’ or ‘Let’s just pretend this outburst never happened’ and other similar phrases along that line.

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