What Do You Call Someone Who Has a Crush on You?

A person who has a crush on you can be referred to as smitten or infatuated.

Such an individual has an intense desire for you but you are not aware yet of their feelings and you do not have a love or romantic relationship together.

A person who is smitten or infatuated keeps his/her feeling a secret because he/she is attracted to someone who is not available or suitable for them and this is because the crush is not informed about the smitten’s feelings.

The attraction a smitten has is one that pulls them towards another person whom they don’t really know so much about and hasn’t experienced life with but has a heart for them.

What is the word used to describe a person who has a crush on another?

A secret admirer is an individual who feels adoration, fondness, or love for another person without disclosing his or her identity to that person.

The intention of a secret admirer is to attract the attention of the person they have secretly fallen in love with, making their intention known to them as they reveal their identity and lay the first stone for a real relationship.

A Secret admirer notices little things about you and tends to see every small change in your life like a new haircut or a new shoe and he/she always manages to say a comment on every new thing they notice about you.

He/she may not make a remark so outstanding but there will be a sweet observation accompanying the new thing they say about you.

What to say if someone has a crush on you?

Crushes are superb except in a case where the person crushing on you is not one whom you desire to be with.

It feels embarrassing to turn down a crush especially if such a person has been a friend over time.

There’s a way to be subtle, without hurting people’s feelings so, if you are not interested in the person crushing on you, give that person a simple reason why you both can’t be together.

You can say “I don’t think of you that way” or “I prefer being friends with you”.

But, if you also like the person crushing on you, they also admit it and tell them you like them too.

In a situation that you are not so sure about it, you can ask for more time to think about it.

How do you reject a crush?

One of the most important things to do when rejecting a crush is to put yourself in their shoes.

In this situation, it is best for you to avoid every tactic that is going to push them away and hurt their feelings eventually.

You need to focus on being honest. The last thing you would want to do is give them mixed signals making them think there is a chance when you know outrightly that there isn’t.

But what does honesty look like without being mean like saying “I don’t like you leave me alone!”.

Instead, you may want to use a phrase like this “Hey I really enjoy talking to you a lot but I want you to know that I only see this as a friendship, I really value your friendship and I don’t want to lose you as a friend but I want you to know that I don’t really see it going Into anything more this”.

Preferably, you might want to text them because it might be easier for them to read it, digest it and respond when they feel comfortable.

How do you confess to a crush?

First off, you shouldn’t be telling your crush you like them if you have barely spoken with them before.

By that I mean having one or two conversations with them, maybe you say “hi” to them once in a while.

If you barely know them, you don’t want to outrightly express your feelings to them.

I know it’s the exact opposite of what many people do, they just want to put their feelings out there and see how they would respond, but if you actually want to build something that will go somewhere you need to do it a little bit more strategically.

The first thing you really need is the focus on is building a better relationship with them.

This means talking to them more, engaging and learning about their interests and hobbies, asking them questions, and making jokes.

These different gestures are going to help bring you both close and this can happen over a text, in person, around friends, or during lunch just anywhere.

You can attempt to try to know your crush before making the decision to tell them how you feel. You’d normally expect them to tell you they like you too, innit?

And the only way you are going to have any kind of success with this is by showing them how much you feel not just telling them how you feel.

If a bulk of your conversations happen over text, you might want to tell them about it over text.

Talking to them in person is more effective, although not so easy. It works more to your advantage when you talk to them.

It displays a level of confidence and shows that you are not afraid to just approach them and talk to them your body language tone of voice and facial expression can convey a better expression of how you feel rather than a text.

Honestly, no emoji can really capture the essence of having someone approach you to tell you how much they want you.

What is a crush back?

I can imagine the excitement when you discover your crush has a mutual feeling with you.

A crush back is when your crush likes you back, sometimes they may not want to admit it so they don’t seem vulnerable.

Here’s how to know if your crush likes you back?

Dilation of pupils

Attraction can be noted from a dilation of the pupils. If you really want to see if your crush likes you back look deep into their eyes, the eyes may never lie.

They find little excuses to touch you

If someone is attracted to you, they are probably going to take every moment they have to touch you.

Touching is a major sign of crushing mostly when greeting or saying goodbye.

They show more skin

Sometimes people want to wear revealing clothes without attracting others.

We are not saying that showing skin always means that someone is attracted to you but a common technique people use to show a crush back to their crush is by exposing more of their bodies to their crush.

An example may be as simple as rolling up his sleeves and a lady exposing her cleavage.

They give you that coy glance

Sometimes it is easy to see that someone is attracted to you. It is written all over their faces some are harder to read than others but there are facial expressions that say only one thing “I am interested!”. A big sign of crush back is a coy glance.


When trying to show mutual feelings some people tend to paint themselves in the most possible light and this is natural.

They want their crush to see the best and most attractive side of them.

Does having a crush hurt?

Yes! having a crush can hurt because you have created an immense story around this person that you like and that is almost like a gigantic weight on your shoulders.

This story in your head about the person you like displays scenes about hanging around them, talking with them, and even making out with this person.

You constantly visualize yourself with someone, it becomes so much that it hurts because the person you are crushing on isn’t aware of it.

The longer you don’t get to be with them, you are not realizing the dream in your head and it becomes hard for you to handle it and that is why you feel more hurt

So the danger here is creating a story behind that person because in most cases you don’t really know that person and when you start fantasizing a lot about someone without talking to them about it, you tend to get more hurt.

You need to talk to them about it immediately to see what kind of person they are and if they are interested in you or if they can be a future between both of you.

What is a platonic crush?

Generally, a crush is considered to be a strong attraction we often have for someone to be in a relationship with them.

A platonic crush is also called a squish and is not the same as a conventional crush thing.

A platonic crush is when you like someone and wants to be friends with them.

Normally, if you have a crush on someone, you have a heart for them but platonic is commonly used when talking about friendship.

There are no extreme affection or romantic feelings towards that person. Having a platonic crush on someone is all about desiring to be friends with that person.


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