What Do You Call Someone That Eats Cereal?

A Serial killer: Buuhuu I am just kidding; I can imagine the look on your face when you saw that serial killer staring right at back you.

I can swear some of you went back to read again to be sure they saw serial killer but swearing is not a good thing and the fact is yes, we call people who eat cereals for breakfast Cereal killers.

So if you consume cereals every morning then you, my friend, are a Cereal killer.

I got you again, didn’t I?

Is cereal good for you?

Cereals, as harmless as they look, may seem harmful to the body if care is not taken.

Now we all know that cereals are just grains, they are roasted/fried grains to be precise, that can/are edible with milk as the case may be.

These grains are any of maize, wheat Rye, Etc. they are harvested, dried if need be, and then roasted or fried to be perfect for human consumption.

Cereal as a general term is mainly cultivated for its edible components. The question of whether this is good for human consumption or not depends on how much of the cereal grains you consume as too much of everything is bad with the cereals inclusive.

Most cereals do offer not much of the vitamins that are required to keep our body healthy.

In fact; some cereals are liable to cause heavy damage to our body organs and stand as a threat to our health.

Apart from not having recommended nutrients, some cereals are not heavy enough to keep us full so after consumption one begins looking for what next to eat.

With good research, it is proven that the regular consumption of cereals can lead to two types of eating disorders which are constant snacking and overeating.

Constant snacking: This is the act whereby you keep snacking, when you are bored or feel sick or even out with friends, this might sound cool but then you can’t stop even when you want to.

Overeating: I believe this is self-defining as it can b, this is the act where you keep eating anything else after having some cereals. This is liable to cause you body fat and obesity.

Cereals are good for consumption even though you are advised by medical practitioners to not take in cereals on a regular.

Why do people eat cereal in the morning?

Breakfast is an essential meal in the human body that plays an important role in building the body.

If you skip breakfast then your body must have missed a building block and you are on lockdown if you ask me.

Now, one of the reasons why cereals are mostly consumed in the morning is because of their less complexity when it comes to preparing them.

Let’s check out some of these reasons:

  • They are easy to prepare
  • They are delicious
  • It is more of a Tradition/Trend

They are easy to prepare

Let’s face reality here, this is one of the easiest foods that anyone can prepare no matter the time.

There is always this feeling of relaxation and calmness even if you are late for something and you probably have not had breakfast yet when you know that you have cereals to quickly mix up and have a not-so-healthy breakfast.

You don’t have to worry about breakfast for the kids as you have boxes of cereals stored up somewhere in the house.

These cereals are made to be less complex, with just milk or water and sugar you can have yourself a breakfast.

Their easy-going nature makes them come high in demand.

They are delicious

Another fact is the one that states that cereals are delicious, well the mixture you do makes them delicious, you should try taking your cereals with milk and honey instead of sugar.

This is totally healthy and would add to the nutrients you stand to benefit when you take it up like this and also it should be more delicious.

It is more of a Tradition/Trend

Kids are very cool and would not want to miss a trend especially if it has to do with food.

“My kid went to school, heard his classmates talking about this new cereal that just came to the stores and the next thing my kid got going was for me to get him this cereal that has the alphabets in it or he ain’t eating nothing else in the house.

So I got my keys, went down to the store, and got him the d*mn cereal and then there was peace.LOL” ~ YJ Salasi.

Why do people eat cereal with milk?

The addition of milk into a bowl of cereals happens to be the best combination there is with cereals of any kind.

I will give you three reasons why people eat cereals with milk and I am sure at the end of this article you should agree with me.

  • Milk is healthy
  • Milk coats the cereals
  • Cereals taste better with milk

Milk is healthy

Milk as we know it is rich in calcium, calcium as we know it is very important for children’s consumption because it helps in their growth and also the development of their bones.

Children are funny and cool creatures that will decide not to take a cup of milk on its own even with the fact that it is delicious and causes no harm to the body.

So the mixture of milk and cereals lets them take in milk which is a trick they shouldn’t know of.

Milk coats the cereals

Have you ever tried taking cereals with water instead?

You find that the cereals lost their form in no time, it just dissolves in the water even before you can get down to eating, you will end up eating cereal soup LOL.

Milk coats the cereals in the sense that it doesn’t melt them, rather it makes them soft enough for your consumption, unlike water which makes them completely watery.

Cereals taste better with milk

Just like I said earlier, cereals taste better with milk, in fact, there are certain milk that you can use that you wouldn’t have to add sugar at all which is actually good as sugar causes more harm than good in the body especially when it becomes too much.

Apart from tasting good, it is healthier to take in cereal with milk, seeing the fact that cereals on their own do not have much to offer, mixing them with milk actually reduces the risk and increases the nutrient you stand to get.

Is cereal a meal?

No, on its own cereal is not and shouldn’t be considered a meal, but a snack.

But, with a few upgrades, adding this and that to the bowl of cereal you have should make your cereal a well-deserved meal that is capable of giving you the right amount of boost that your body needs to engage a new day.

Does cereal make you fat?

No, judging by the majority, a lot of the cereals out there are not capable of making you fat.

And this is because most of the cereals out there are made with low calories which makes them incapable of making you add weight.

However, it is important to note that all cereals are not the same as we have different companies making different kinds of cereals, some of these cereals are high in calories and contain sugar which is an agent to adding weight.

Some of these cereals are made from processed grains, all these individual factors can cause you to add weight in no time.

Regardless, as long as the cereals you eat are part of your calories balanced diet then you have nothing to fear as they on their own do not possess the power to make you gain weight.

You should be more mindful of the kind of mixture you do with your cereals if you want to not gain weight and also be sure of the kind of cereals you get for yourself.

Does cereal make you fit?

Cereals are good for bodybuilding, they are all you need to make it through a workout as they are very easy to digest, and they circulate around the body at an amazing speed which kick-starts the body system and makes you fit for whatever activity you have ahead.

All you need to do to ensure your cereals are healthy enough to make you fit is to mix them with milk or Greek yogurt which is also highly nutritious.

This mixture will make your meal balanced and beneficial in the right sense.

It should interest you to know that there are cereals that are in the right position to make you add weight and also lose weight.

All you have to do is to enquire about them in order to know which one you should get for yourself to serve the purpose you have in mind.


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