What Do You Call Someone Who Sells Alcohol?

It comes in different brands, packaging, and flavors, and the taste of this most sought-after drink continually remains unbeaten and from generation to generation, this drink would remain the real drink for champions.

Kudos to the ones who do their best in ensuring their availability, from rum to wine fine, beer to spirit, those who sell us our favorite alcohol are deserving of our gratitude.

For our gratitude to register in the minds of this person as genuine, it is equally important to know what and how to address them, names matter, and knowing the right name to refer to those who sell alcohol makes them value our compliment.

In this piece, we shall be highlighting as well as taking an in-depth explanation of the names to call someone who sells alcohol.

The reason for this is to broadly enable patrons to recognize the succinct details between one and the other since one who sells alcohol in a pub differs in many ways from one who sells in a suite.

Without wasting precious time, the next section introduces and expatiates the various names we call one who sells alcohol.

10 Names to Call Someone Who Sells Alcohol

Here are ten popular names used to address someone who sells alcohol:

  1. Distiller
  2. Brewer
  3. Distributor
  4. Supplier
  5. Vendor
  6. Liquor Seller
  7. Beer person
  8. Sommelier
  9. Bartender
  10. Handler

This list depicts the names as per their roles and the location in which these sellers operate and should be used according to the situation the names describe.


When referring to one who sells alcohol in terms of the production or making of the drink, it is suitable to refer to such a person as a distiller.

The reason for the name lies in the fact that this set of people not only sell alcoholic drinks but directly supply them to consumers as per their taste preferences.

A distiller can be akin to a private driver who is only called when a service is needed, likewise, a distiller sells alcohol only when there is an immediate request and such people make them on the spot as opposed to other sellers of alcohol.


The name Brewer comes from the noun Brewery, which means a place where drinks are made.

In case you are wondering how the name Brewer fits in for someone who sells alcohol, here is why.

Since most Breweries not only produce drinks, they are also involved in the sale of their product to middlemen (who have their specific names) finding a suitable name that best describes their function in production accounts for the name Brewer.

Moreso, the nature of their job roles as producers and also sellers give valid reasons as to why they should be called Brewers.


The process of making alcoholics and also getting it to the consumers is a complex one, seeing to the usage of the right name to describe every process for those who sell is fairly important.

Calling one a distributor passes well as a name for an alcohol seller if such a person is involved in selling different brands and at the same time delivers to many people other than just a specific retail customer.

A distributor’s role resembles that of a house agent in that when any building is complete and ready for sale, an agent regardless of the contractors who built the house is saddled with the responsibility of finding buyers for the companies with the building auctioned for sale.

In essence, a Distributor is another name to call a person who sells alcohol in the context of the brand and company/companies they work for.


Closely knitted with the role of the aforementioned, the supplier covers everything that has to do with selling only a specific brand either as a franchise directly to consumers or another small-scale liquor store.

Mostly, they do not engage in any production but could reach an agreement with a Brewer to be the sole supplier of their drinks to either a consumer or a small retail outlet.

The big difference however between a supplier and a distributor is in the chain of persons they sell to, most distributors sell strictly to varied retail setups but suppliers cover everything from consumers to a specific retail customer.


Vendors are so-called when they sell alcohol either by peddling or hawking it. They perform the itinerary function of making alcohol available to consumers straight to their doorstep.

Another thing to note as to the name of this person who sells alcohol in this manner is the variety and size of their goods.

Most vendors sell only an ample quantity that they can carry while being mobile and oftentimes sell different brands of alcohol.

Knowing that the word vendor connotes mobility, and since this type of seller fits in this category, it is only suitable to refer to them as such.

Liquor Seller

If a  shop where only alcoholic drinks made from sour grapes and other vegetables are sold is called a liquor store, then calling one who sells such alcohol a liquor seller is a good idea.

Liquor sellers are so-called due to the nature of their stocks as they seem to stock only alcoholics that are liquors or spirit-like.

These people also sell directly to customers who are the final consumers that patronize them.

Another notable feature of most liquor sellers is the fact that they have a stall or physical building where they can be reached, unlike the vendors where one gets to buy only when they show up within the vicinity.

Beer Person

This name should be treated with caution when referring to someone who sells alcohol in this manner, the wrong usage could be treated with a fist if care is not taken.

A Beer person as the name suggests is one who only sells beers and local drinks to anyone.

It is not uncommon to find this set of people selling alongside these alcohol complementary products that aren’t alcohol inclined. For example, it could be a restaurant or a bar where the latter is sold solely.

As stated, great caution should be taken when addressing sellers of this alcoholic drink by the name of a Beer person, politely chipping in the name would be more courteous than just blurting it out directly.


Think grandeur, exoticism, and opulence, think Sommelier.

This name holds a pride of place amongst alcohol sellers in suites, five stars hotels, and lounges where quality is paramount.

Another name for one who sells alcohol, especially in very posh places is a Sommelier.

This seller not only sells alcohol to her customer but has a refined taste to help her customer select only exotic brands that would have them patronizing in the long run.

Most Sommeliers are seen as good when it comes to anything to drink, from wine to fruit, rum to spirit, these sellers should be on every alcohol producer’s payroll.

What Do You Call Someone Who Sells Alcohol


Found in most pubs and bars, a bartender’s role encompasses just more than selling alcohol to their teeming customers.

From sorting orders, setting the bar(glasses and wine), and making sure that stocks aren’t run out, a bar tender’s duty is a whole lot.

They are also called by the name bartender in that their sales are entirely restricted to the bar and hardly do you find any bartender selling alcoholic drinks outside that area.

Oftentimes, they get to have shifts and as well tips from customers who find them amusing to be with, there is one among the few alcohol sellers who assume a loose description of the salesperson.


Everything from the logistics, to the order placement and final distribution of any alcoholic drink, is the sole duty of a handler.

Known for the versatile role they play to get or sell alcohol to their customers, the name best fits what they do.

Handlers tend to work closely with consumers by making purchases for them from the producers instead of them (customers) doing it by themselves.

Once the handlers make the inquiries and the order is sent, the handler performs the final purchases and then resells to the customer for a profit, hence the name.

Most handlers do not have a specific store or place to make their order as based on the need of a consumer they tend to reach a producer who has what the consumer needs.

Many more words can be used to describe someone who sells alcohol and it should be stated here that the names given above aren’t for all names specific names to describe the crucial roles each seller plays in making these products reach her consumers.


The world of alcohol is filled with many jargons, and knowing the right word to use to define a specific can be daunting, from those who sell, regulations, and the like, the need for a comprehensive naming can’t be taken for granted.

Luckily, the names above would do well to tackle the challenge of knowing how to identify someone who sells alcohol while still seeking answers for other terminologies.

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