What To Say When Someone Calls You A Moron (30 Things To Say)

Saying someone is Moron is a very nasty remark. But these are the words you can expect from a verbal bully. It is the opinion of some people that when you are called a moron, you should just ignore it.

What To Say When Someone Calls You A Moron

But silence is not always the best answer for a fool because it could send the impression that you are an easy target, thereby giving room for more ridicule in the future.

The next time someone calls you a moron, there are many ways to react. But the last thing you want to do at that moment is to say something that’d put you on the same level as the person who said it.

Instead, maintain confidence and poise by putting a spin on the insult and give it back to them using any of these responses:

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1. Of course, I sound like a moron. How else would you understand me?

You have to speak the language of a dog for the dog to understand you. Applying that analogy to this response, you are sending the impression that you had to act or sound like a moron only so that the moron who called you a moron would understand your message.

2. You want to be a smart a*s. I get it.  But you first have to be smart. Otherwise, you’re just an a*s.

Chances are the person who had called you a moron had done so just to feel smarter and superior. Understanding this possible intention, you can use that against them in your response and let them know they did not succeed in making you feel ashamed.

3. My ears must be deceiving me. Could you repeat that?

When the person calls you a moron, his or her intention could be that you should be an object of ridicule and maybe make people around laugh at you. And what do they say about repeated jokes?

They lose impact. So having the person repeat what he or she said to you is a way to make them sound like a moron

4. Okay, Mr/Mrs. Google and I guess you know everything

Another thing you could say when someone calls you a moron is to make them feel petty and smaller. They don’t know you enough to judge your personality, but they are trying to prove otherwise.

This is a sarcastic response to give someone that calls you names. It is a sarcastic way of saying they know nothing.

5. Damn it. I’ve spent too much time with you. Yours must have rubbed off on me.

Instead of lamely saying “You are the one who is a moron” you can construct your expression with more wit by letting them know they are the moron that rubbed off on you.

Instead of blindly admitting their remark, use it against them and make the insult less about you.

6. Could you please repeat what you just said in English? I don’t speak moron

This is another sarcasm that plays well as a response to when someone calls you a moron. By giving this reply, you are sending the impression that he or she who had called you a moron is only able to do that because they speak the language of morons like them. It is an indirect way of saying they are morons as much as they assume you to be.

7. I would never disrespect you and I would appreciate it if you could show me that same respect

If the person you called a moron is not within the social class of peers, friends, or siblings, perhaps someone older, you can still make them know that you won’t tolerate being called a moron.

This response sits well with the context where the name caller is far older than you.

What To Say When Someone Calls You A Moron

8. I know life sucks for you right now, but if you want someone to blame, take a look in the mirror

Many people start using offensive words when they are worked up or under pressure. You shouldn’t be the one to take the fall for their moody day. When such people call you morons, do well to help them reflect and gather their thoughts.

9. Remember when I asked for your opinion? Exactly, I neither

The last time we checked, nobody asked them for their opinion about you, so why give the remark that you are a moron?

This is a good response to give when the person calls you names especially in public to make everyone laugh at you. It is a witty response.

10. Well, it takes one to know one

When a verbal bully calls you any names, this is one of the best responses to give and it is not just limited to the moron insult.

When you say this, it means that the person is as much of a moron as he or she assumes you to be. You are also asserting boldness and confidence.

11. Spell moron

This is another smart sarcastic approach to your response. When someone calls you a moron, and you immediately ask them to spell moron, it does not mean that you need them to spell it literally.

By giving this response, you are sending the impression that they are dumb and dull so much so that they don’t know what they are saying.

12. It isn’t a crime, is it? Am I free to go, officer?

You may have done something that you’d expect the person to be vexed about. But calling you a moron or any other offensive name is farfetched in the situation.

In that case, since they’ve taken it as a lifetime job to be the detective of dissatisfying behaviors around, let them know it is not a crime and they should mind their business.

13. I could have reasoned your thoughts, but I can’t get my head up my butt

This is a clever way of saying that they are thinking shit and their opinion does not make sense. The next time someone calls you a moron, you can give this response to let them know that their remark about you makes them look like a scumbag.

14. I’m not a moron

When someone calls you a moron, right on that spot, a lot of emotions will be running through your mind – from anger to hatred.

So, it may be difficult to put clever words together for a snappy comeback. But what you can do easily is to be assertive and debunk their view of you.

15. And you are a depressed moron

One of the interesting things about comebacks or clever things to say when someone is insulted is that you are not only making the insult now about them, but you are also doing a sarcastic comparison to show that they are in a worse state than what they assume you to be in.

What To Say When Someone Calls You A Moron

16. That is disrespectful (insert name)

I don’t need to remind you that putting people’s names when you talk to them establishes a subconscious conviction in their name. So, it is very important you let them know that what they have said to you is disrespectful and will not be tolerated in the future.

17. If you think that made you smart or superior, then you might be the actual moron here

This is more of a comeback than a mere response to say when someone calls you a moron. Thrive on the person’s desire to make you look less smart than him or her by stressing the fact that they did not succeed.

Giving this response will keep your heads high and your chest out in such a situation.

18. Seems you’ve mistaken me for a moron, if you are looking for one, get a mirror

It may be obvious that the person is referring to you. But you don’t have to admit to that. Instead, let the person know who the actual moron is by using the mirror analogy. It works all the time.

19. You may not have noticed, but I don’t care about your opinion

Whenever someone insults you, and you make them feel ignored, it makes them even angrier and bitter. By giving this response, you are fueling your self-esteem and confidence.

20. Every single person is a fool or moron to at least ten people.

This is a witty quote by philosopher Mokokoma Mokhonoana. It sits well with this insult as a great reply to give because you are asserting what seems to be a fact, and also indirectly saying that he or she who had called you a moron is also a moron to someone else – and to you.

21.  This should be the last time you’d ever call me a moron

It is not always that you have to sound savagery when responding to an insult because if not done well, all it would do is put you on the same level as the person. Instead, you can simply and firmly warn them never to call you that.

22. That’s funny coming from a moron himself (herself)

Giving this response immediately after someone calls you a moron sends the impression that you saw the insult coming miles away.

It is a good way to turn the table and let him or her know that they are not the only one who can discern who a moron is.

23. It’s better to keep people in doubt than to open your mouth and convince us that you’re a fool

Make the person regret the statement. By giving this response, you’ve messed up their head to begin to think about what they said and how it tainted the way people view them before now.

24. At least, I have a personality

Again, this is a similarly smart way to do a sarcastic comparison to make the person’s situation worse than what he or she assumes you to be in.

By giving this response, you are implying that suppose you are a moron, then they are nothing to write home about.

25. …Says a helpless scumbag

Help them complete the insult but make them the ones with the worse problem. When you use this response, you are implying that they are monologuing and as such, you don’t give a shit about what they say.

At the same time, you are implying that they are a lot worse than what they think you are.

What To Say When Someone Calls You A Moron

26. And who are you?

This is not a rhetorical question. Expect the person who called you a moron to give a response to this question. When they do, that’s when you checkmate them. This response is a witty trap to make the person talk about themselves which will now be used against them.

27. First of all, moron, you don’t know me. So, don’t act as you do

You are not saying this just because you want to call them morons too. You are saying this to establish the fact that whatever they say about you is worth throwing into the bin because they don’t know you well enough to define who you are.

28. A temporary state of stupidity is better than a permanent state of bitterness

Launch the verbal bully into a state of helplessness by letting them know that you may be acting like a moron at that moment, but it is better than being a permanent idiot like them.

29. What did you just say to me?

When people reply to an insult with this question, it has a way of instilling threat and fear in the person who had made the insult.

When you say this with a boiling range pitch, you are sending the impression that you are about to pounce on the person. Thus, making them less confident.

30. I don’t blame you, you’ve lived all your life around morons

You need to be careful of context before using this response. If the person and his or her cliques are fond of going all around and bullying people by calling them names, this is a smart way to tag their friends and associate as peer influence on how he or she views other people.

It is necessary to admit the fact that being called a moron can make someone feel hurt. Thus, it can be pretty difficult to come up with something witty and savagery to say when you are called a moron.

While you try to absorb the number of emotions racing through your mind when someone calls you a moron, you have to get your thoughts together and then articulate your feelings in such a manner that cleverly throws the person under the bus.

The above article has attempted to make this easier for you, as I have gathered a list of what you can say. The next time you find yourself in such a situation, any of these responses would come in handy.

Why someone called you a moron in the first place, the context, and your relationship with the person will determine how best to use any of these responses.

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