What To Say When Someone Calls You Disgusting? (30 Things To Say)

When someone says you are disgusting, it means they perceive you to be gross, which is not a very nice thing to say to someone.

In most situations, the remark is pointing at your appearance or something you just said, or your appearance.

What To Say When Someone Calls You Disgusting

Whatever the case is, it is a hurtful thing to hear, but responding with dignity is what you should be focused on at that particular moment.

The best responses to say to someone who calls you disgusting are ones that will help you stand up for yourself without flinging further insults.

You should also say something that will make the person realize what a colossus idiot they were towards you by saying that to you.

It is normal to run out of clever comebacks to say at that moment and that is why I have created this list to help you ahead of the next time someone says such to you. The following comebacks always work:

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1. It’s not my fault that I fall outside your exceptionally narrow view of the world

The next time someone calls you disgusting and you reply with these words, it would immediately send the message that they are the problem for seeing people of your personality that way.

With this remark, you make the situation more about their flaws than it is assumedly about yours.

2. Where is your off button?

When you pose this question to someone who calls you names, you are sending the impression that the person rattles unnecessarily.

It is a provocative yet witty way of shutting someone off instead of stooping low to their level and resorting to name-calling. It is also a dominating way to end a conversation because it is a rhetorical question.

3. I don’t want to wake up every single day to impress judgmental hypocrites like you

By giving this response, you are stressing the fact that you do not care about their opinion of you which will brutalize the initial expectation they had while calling you disgusting.

It also sends the idea that you are unapologetic about your personality, lifestyle, and appearance, thereby displaying your confidence and self-esteem.

4. You know what life is? Go get one. You need it

Instead of beating around the disgusting concept, simply put a spin on the moment and then target their life instead of sustaining the conversation around yours.

When you give this reply, it makes the person who had called you disgusting reflect on themselves and begin to rethink their problem.

5. I cannot possibly fathom the volume of fu*k I do not give.

Again, one of the effective ways to cut short the expectation of verbal bullies or people who call others names is to show that you don’t bother about whatever they say about you.

When you give this response, you should a great degree of less concern that will discourage them from calling you that in the future

6. The only thing disgusting about me is I’m talking to you. And that ends now.

There is something witty in turning the table around after one is called names without deviating from the insults themselves.

The next time someone calls you disgusting, let them know that you are so only because you have maintained a talking relationship with them and it has rubbed off on you. So they are actually disgusted.

7. The tartness of your face sours ripe grapes

When someone says you are disgusting, they are, in a way, revealing their dating because the remark is mostly used in the late centuries. Contemporary dispensation would prefer to use words like ‘gross.’

So in the mood for Shakespeare-themed insults, give them this popular literature insult as a comeback.

What To Say When Someone Calls You Disgusting

8. If this is all you got then you are doomed

When you intimidate verbal bullies by telling them that they did not succeed in getting under your skin, then they will not pester you anymore.

The next time someone calls you disgusting, use this in wading them off because they will now see you as a hard target.

9. Maybe you should eat makeup so you can try and be pretty inside

If the context denotes that the person had called you disgusting because of your appearance or facial looks, you can immediately make them the subject of ridicule by replying with this snappy comeback.

It is a popular one that works for every appearance of insult, and this is not an exception.

10. Roses are red, Violets blue, I’m wonderfully made by God; what happened to you?

To this day, short poetry, to a high degree, is penetrative when it comes to praises, mockery, and entertainment.

The next time someone calls you disgusting, take advantage of this and use the above response to stick it to them.

11. I’m certain 90% of your beauty can be removed with a Kleenex

When you tell someone that their beauty can be removed using Kleenex, it means that they are artificial and their real appearance is disgusting. It also sends the impression that they are fake.

This insult will sit well when the person has called you disgusting because of your looks.

12. I may be disgusted. That can be changed. But being an idiot can’t be fixed

Another effective way to tackle insults from verbal bullies or people who call others different offensive names is to show them that they are in a worse situation than they assume you to be.

When someone calls you disgusting and you give this reply, you make them realize that they have a worse problem to personally deal with.

What To Say When Someone Calls You Disgusting

13. I was taught to pity the less privileged. If not, I would have given you a deserving response

By giving this response, you are showing the person that you don’t care about their opinion. You are also reducing their esteem to being less privileged.

But you have to be careful. If the person is good at a comeback, you risk bringing your parents into the conversation.

14. And you are disgusted is disgusting

This is a play around words to make the person feel like a loser for using that word on you in the first place.

It is a smart way to let the person know that they are the one who is disgusting and by that virtue, they see everyone else as disgusting.

15. By calling me that, you show me what type of person you are and the type of character you have

Make the conversation about them less about you by saying that their name calling reveals their personality than it does yours.

When you give this response, it makes the person begin to rethink what they had said to you and how it connects to who they are. Even though it doesn’t reveal anything, it is a good mind game to pull on verbal bullies.

16. It’ll take less than a minute to body shame you. I’m not doing it because I’m a human. Hope you are too

Your choice of words has the power to make someone regretful, ashamed, and guilty. When you give this response, you immediately make the person feel regret for calling you disgusting.

It also helps make the person better and not say awful things to others in the future. This response is a smart way to show you don’t care, as well.

17. And you are the perfect definition for the word “lousy”

Lousy people are slow to listen or reflect but fast to speak. When you say this to the person who has called you disgusting, you are not necessarily stooping low to their level, you are using their behavior and opinion of you against them.

What To Say When Someone Calls You Disgusting

18. Rather than stooping low to having arguments with people like you, I’d like to walk my dog now

Let them know that their personality, opinion, and presence are next to insignificant as long as you are concerned.

This is also a witty way to bring them so low on a comparative basis with your dog wherein you’d prefer to spend time with your dog than them.

19. Some people are disgusted by people who appear better than them. I’m disgusted by those people.

This is another clever response you can give to someone who calls you disgusting. The interesting thing about this response is that it is not only a smart play on words.

It also sharply sends the message that their opinion is fueled by jealousy and hate. For this reason, they are disgusting.

20. Indeed, bad things do happen to good people. It is unfortunate someone like you is talking to me

When someone says you are disgusting, they expect you to reflect on the emotional impact that the remark is expected to have on you. Instead, make them reflect on it by saying the above to them. It makes them feel like an unfortunate intervention of nature.

21. That makes two of us because I was thinking the same thing when I saw your scummy face coming towards me.

You may think that admitting to their opinion of you is not a wise decision. But it is actually the opposite. When you do this, you psychologically buy their vote to believe what you think. So the other part of the above insult would sound valid.

22. I would rather have an ugly face than a heart as bitter as yours

Again, you are making insults about them. This is also a psychological approach as discussed in the previous point about admitting. This is perfect for the situation when the person refers to your appearance.

23. Do you think I care what a rude person like you has to say about my looks? No, I don’t

As mentioned earlier, when you show that you don’t care about what they say to you, you discourage them from pestering you with awful remarks in the future.

24. I can’t spend a second allowing people like you to get to me

Giving this reply shows your confidence, admirable priority evaluation, and boldness. By giving this response, the person would feel defeated.

25. That’s what you still don’t get. I’m up here and you are down here

Make it obvious that resorting to name-calling puts them in a position that is beneath you. So when you give this reply, it makes you sound triumphant above whatever they have to say about your appearance or behavior.

What To Say When Someone Calls You Disgusting

26. If your mama knew you would grow into this, she would have opted for prevention.

I will always say that dragging one’s parents into an offensive exchange of words would always light things up. You use this leverage when you have had it up to your next and want to tick it to the person.

27. I understand, it’s my shirt, whenever I put this shirt on I come across stupid people

For one second, the person would think you want to shift the blame which would have given him or her more opportunity, only to realize that you are coming at them to call them stupid. Brilliant.

28. The truth is that you are so empty inside

When people use offensive words, a common reason for that is that they are having a bad day or feel bitter toward people. When you sense this in the person, use it against them.

29. If you think I am disgusting then your thoughts need to be rearranged

As part of paying the price for calling you something awful, you can let them know that they are shallow in thinking and that is why they see everyone in a bad light.

30. Life would be a lot nicer if people like you took the honors of remaining quiet

This is another smart way to tell the person who had called you disgusting to shut up. By saying this, you put them in an awkward position.

When someone calls you disgusting, they are showing you what type of person they are and the type of character they have.

So, instead of stooping down to their level and resorting to outright name-calling, it is best to respond with a snappy and clever reply after which you can walk away.

Even when you don’t feel you had the epic mic-dropping moment that you expected after saying the response, still be confident about your look and capabilities because you are beautiful just the way you are.

Keep in mind that people will say very hurtful things. The most important thing is that you don’t allow that to drag you down.

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