20 Words to Say When Someone Says You Look Like a Kid

When someone says you look like a kid, such a person could be insulting or complimenting you.

However, you can know this by the situation in which the statement was made. It could also depend on the person’s facial expressions; even if expressions can lie.

Most of us have had people tell us we look younger than our age. While this may have been said to be a compliment, it could sound insulting depending on the person’s approach.

Some people are rightly young, but a constant reminder of how young one is may be uncomfortable to the ears.

Well, in this article, you will know what reply to give to someone who says you look like a kid, whether or not it is or was meant to be an insult.

20 Words To Say When Someone Says You Look Like A Kid

“That’s the look I was going for”

One way to shut someone who says you look like a kid is by telling them that you know you look like a kid and that that was the look you were going for.

You know how someone says you are giving Chanel vibes, and you say that’s the look you were going for? Yes. This is the time to use that card.

“Oh my, you look like a kid!” “Yes, yes, that’s the look I was going for, love!”

Return the frickin energy! You’d be glad you did.

“I just age differently”

Now, this is another way to concur with the person that says you look like a kid, as well as make them dumbfounded.

If the person meant it as an insult, that person will have no option but to agree that they gave you the upper hand. And if it was meant to be a compliment, you have only just helped the person to compliment yourself more.

Although he or she may feel bad, it is not your business how they feel about you feeling good about how you look.

“Wow, you look like a kid” “I know baby, it’s what happens when you age differently”, a dramatic flair would add more sparkle.

“Forever young is the deal”

Words to Say When Someone Says You Look Like a Kid

When you use this comeback, you may not sound rude, but it is quite ambiguous. It would now depend on the person to pick whatever meaning they want from what you have just said.

Although looking young even when you are quite advanced in age is even a good thing, right? The only wrong thing is when someone says you look like a kid.

Come on, now. When you say “forever young is the deal,” you have just emphasized that you know that you look good.

“You look old”

If someone says you look like a kid, one way to console yourself is by assuming that such a person is really old.

I mean, your grandparents think you are a kid, no matter how grown up you are. So in a case where someone who is neither your parent nor grandparent insinuates that you are a kid, by saying you look like a kid, you should just respect that oldie, by telling them they look exactly their age: old.

“Bro, you look like a kid” “Yes sir, that’s because I am a kid and you are old. I mean, you look old too.”

“And you look like a fetus”

If someone wants to “compliment” how young you look by saying you look like a kid, do not hesitate to also compliment how young the person is, by saying they don’t even exist as a person, but a fetus.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to be called young? All you just have to do now is return the energy that was used to give you an annoying compliment. Yes, the person may get angry, but isn’t that the whole purpose of a comeback?

A good reply could be, “Thank you! And you look like a fetus. Feels good right?”

“You don’t look bad yourself”

If you do not want to take it to heart when someone says you look like a kid, you may return a nicer compliment. This does not mean you are weak or that you have nothing to say.

You just would not be involved in unnecessary drama and banter. This would show how classy you are, and how well you handled the situation.

This may render the person who said you look like a kid, speechless if they planned on bullying you. And if such a person meant it as a compliment, well, you just returned it.

“It’s because I can mind my business”

Words to Say When Someone Says You Look Like a Kid

There is this funny saying that goes, “people tend to live longer when they mind their businesses.” Well, that saying has somehow proved to be true.

Yes, many people get in trouble for interfering in other people’s matters. Now, you may use this to chase anyone who calls you a child, away.

“Why do you look like a kid?” “I look this young because I know how to mind my business.”

By saying this, you have just called the person talkative, which may as well get the person upset.

“And don’t you just love it?”

There are many ways to tell off anyone who says you look like a kid, but a very effective way to do that is by turning the insult into a compliment.

Take an instance where someone was calling you a kid because he or she meant to look down on your stature. All you have to do is turn the insult into a compliment, by telling the person that they have no other option than to love how you look.

“You look like a kid” “Yes, it’s beautiful, right? Don’t you just love it?”

“What would you rather I looked like?”

If someone gives you an unsolicited opinion of what you look like, you should give them the audience they badly want, by asking for further advice, or maybe a remedy on how they prefer you to look like.

Yes, this has to do with a lot of sarcasm. And if they don’t get the sarcasm, joke is on them. If they do and decide to be even more sarcastic, you should lace your shoes; take two to tango.

“You look like a kid” “Oh, what would you advise I look like instead?”

“Well, at least I don’t look like you”

Words to Say When Someone Says You Look Like a Kid

You can imply that someone looks ugly or looks bad when they say you look like a kid, by telling them how happy you are to not look like them. It feels really bad to be called ugly, just like it feels bad to be called out for your stature.

When you show how happy you are to not look like someone, it is similar to when someone gets angry for being teased about dating a boring person in a group.

People affected by these kinds of situations would feel really bad. But in this case, you are defending yourself, not bullying.

“Ha, look at how small you are, just like a kid!” “At least I do not look like you. That’s something to be happy about.”

“Kids are fresh, aren’t they?”

You too would agree that kids are fresh. Their skins, hair, eyes, and even their memories! In contrast to adults whose skins may have gone through various stages and changes, and therefore not as fresh as children, kids maintain a high degree of unstained beauty.

So, the next time someone says you look like a kid, remind the person that children are fresh, and thank them for the compliment; even if it was meant as an insult.

“You look like a kid” “Well, kids are fresh, aren’t they? Thanks for the compliment!”

“A beautiful kid, unlike yours”

This is one really harsh comeback, given the fact that you have just involved the person’s child (if they have any), in a matter that entirely did not concern them. But do not feel bad about that; you are somebody’s child too.

And a beautiful child, at that. Whenever someone says you look like a kid, do not forget to remind them of how good-looking you were as a child, and how their own actual child cannot relate. Yes, you will get someone really mad by saying that.

“It’s all the healthy living”

When you eat healthily, act healthy, and live healthily, you tend to age beautifully. You could pass for a younger person than you actually are, and as such would get compliments.

You might also get looked down on by “older people.” But that is not to say you should be worried. There are many replies you can give to people who offend you like that, but in this instance, you should let them know that you live healthily. Maybe even suggest they eat healthy, too.

“Does it bother your existence?”

While it may be or is really annoying, that someone says you look like a kid, what is even more annoying, is an unsolicited concern. But in this case, you are not concerned about anything.

You are just being sarcastic, and maybe even curious to know if the way you look actually affects someone’s existence on Earth.

Now, this question is rhetorical; its only aim is to shut the person up. But as we know, some people do not know when to stop.

“You look like a kid!” “And how does my appearance affect your existence as a human?”

“Thank you! You too”

Words to Say When Someone Says You Look Like a Kid

You have returned the compliment different times, but this time, you will call them what they just called you. If you can look like a kid, who are they not to look like one? Tit for tat is fair play, no?

If someone says you look like a kid and you do not want to say too much, you just let them taste some of what they dish out to you, by telling them they look exactly like what they think you look like. Everybody gets a compliment, like that.

“You look like a kid” “Aww, thank you, sis. You too!”

“Let me guess, you are the nanny”

As you are to your mother, so is the kid to its nanny. That comparison may have gone a little off, but if you can make a pun out of the comment, then you have just conquered life again.

This comeback just means that the person who said that you look like a kid is a goat. A nanny goat. And if you look like a kid to them, that’s because they’re goats. Do not feel sorry! Do you look like a kid? No.

“Are you looking for yours?”

Show concern again, by also sarcastically asking if they are looking for their kid. Now, if they are looking for their kid, they may think you are a kid. No problem. Just show a little concern.

“Okay, granddaddy”

Like was said earlier, you are a kid to your grandparents, no matter how old you get. Now, instead of bantering words with someone who says you look like a kid, just agree with them. Let them know you respect their old age.

“You look like a kid” “Okay, granddaddy”

“You look like a mom”

Your mom also thinks you look like a kid. Just like your dad. And aunt. If someone who is neither of the aforementioned, thinks you look like a kid, you should tell them that they look like a parent.

Nobody cares if they are actual parents. The aim is to annoy Hailey the Bully, who thinks she looks chic.

“Didn’t know you were a kid detector”

No such thing as a kid detector, but this would make a nice comeback. And you can always use it to get back at the person.


It can be really insulting to have someone say to you that you look like a baby. But, never worry, you have all these comebacks to defend yourself.

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