What Is It Called When You Can Read Someone’s Personality?

There has been a debate about the ability of a human to read and tell about another person’s character.

The term has been called many things, although there are other schools of thought which disagree that such a feat is possible.

This group of people has the opinion that it is superstitious and to some extent, odd, for you to read the personality of another person.

With all the agreement and disagreement between people, it becomes difficult to find the most suitable term to call the situation when you can read someone’s personality.

Will the regular gut reaction term serve the purpose of best describing the situation? If not, what other term captures the act and its result?

However, I’ll be taking you on this post as I give you details of what it is called when you can read someone’s personality. Read on to learn more!

10 Things to Call It When You Can Read Someone’s Personality

There are so many terms and words around which can closely capture the context of your ability to read someone else’s attitude.

However, most of these terms do not offer the best credence while capturing the idea of your ability to read someone’s behavior. Therefore, I’ll be providing you with a list of 10 terms for this unique ability.

  1. Highly Observant
  2. Intuition
  3. Empathy
  4. High Sensitivity
  5. Gut Reaction
  6. Psychic Phenomena
  7. Vibe Check
  8. Aura Science
  9. Character Analysis
  10. Physiognomy

Let’s get into the details of the terms I highlighted and more terms.

Highly Observant

Being highly observant is one basic way to put it if you can read someone else’s character, trait, or whatever other terms that best describes a person’s behavioral pattern.

If you can steadily watch the movement of a person by paying attention to little details and information, then you’re being observatory.

With your findings, you can draw the line and eventually tell of the person’s character. If you can pick out stunning facts from little details through a long period of observation and keen attention, you’d probably be able to read someone’s personality.


What Is It Called When You Can Read Someone’s Personality

Intuition has several names attached to it. It connotes words like instinct, insight, sixth sense, or even perception. These terms speak about one thing; the feeling of discernment.

If you’re intuitive or have a high spirit of perception, there’s a huge chance you can read the personality of someone.

The term shows that you get this hunch-like spark and you act accordingly with whatever pattern it comes in to be able to read someone’s personality.

Hence, next time you’re not disposed of with the perfect word or term to call it when you can read someone’s personality…you can simply call it intuition.


This is probably not what you generally know as empathy. Although it has a relationship with the meaning of Empathy which deals with seeing yourself from the eyes of others, it is not entirely the case.

Empathy in this case means deep understanding and assimilation. If you can understand patterns or rather read meaning into little details and mundane acts, you could tell deep things about a person.

Similarly, when you confess the person’s character to him or her or to anyone who knows them too well, you’d probably be regarded as someone who can read another’s personality.

Before you get cut up with confusion about the right term for the act, you can stuff this term into your memory because it captures the purpose and means.

High Sensitivity

I believe it takes more than being sensible to be able to read someone else’s traits. The level of sensitivity required to perform this is quite high. Therefore, if you can do this, then you undoubtedly have a high sensitivity.

Because of this, you can call it a case of high sensitivity when you’re able to read someone’s personality.

Gut Reaction

Have someone ever told you that you’ve got some guts? Even if you haven’t, you’ve probably heard someone say they live by their guts. These two instances make way for the meaning of gut reaction and its relation to this post.

Gut reaction is a phrase that speaks more about being instinctive and highly conscious. It means that you have a perception about a particular thing and you acted towards your supposed right guess.

You can develop or create your gut reaction using a repeated behavioral or terrestrial pattern.

Having birds chirp late in the morning can mean a small drift in weather. If you watch this trend and mention the proposed weather change to anyone and it eventually happens, you would be seen as being able to read stuff.

If you extend this ability to telling a person’s attitude or character, you’d be doing the act of reading someone’s personality.

Before I forget, if your gut reaction is properly developed, it can save you from a lot of trouble with committing to toxic and undeserving persons, especially in the case of a relationship.

Psychic Phenomena

This term deals with the belief that it is unnatural for someone to read another’s personality.

Hence, there must be the presence and use of some kind of odd mental powers for the one to read someone’s personality.

What Is It Called When You Can Read Someone’s Personality

In cases like this, you can also choose to call it psychic phenomena if you use any sort of Extrasensory perception (ESP) techniques to identify hidden details about a person without even having a personal relationship with them.

Those who do not know what extrasensory perception means, go on to assume there is a spiritual backup to the technique leading to the use of the term “Psychic”.

While in the real sense, the techniques employed in this process involves the study of human psychological patterns and metaphysical phenomenon that supports the discovery of another person’s character.

Vibe Check

We live in a modern world and it is reflected in so many things, including the circumstance of this post.

The term vibe check is a modern man’s phrase that means being able to detect a person’s mood. The word vibe resonates with mood and these two words have been used interchangeably in a lot of cases.

You can call easily call the ability Vibe check or Intuition. The former term is a GENZ-inspired term while the former captures the psychological connotation of the ability.

There’s a chance that you can tell of someone’s personality by studying their moods or checking their vibe so to say.

If that’s the case, you can use vibe check as the term which captures what it means when you can read someone’s personality.

Aura Science

An aura is a paranormal term that pictures the distinctive quality of a person or atmosphere.

The aura of a person tends to be different from that of another person and your ability to read someone’s personality is possible if you know the person’s aura.

Auras are energy fields or electromagnetic frequencies which concentrate on a particular part of your body. It is some kind of awareness transmission channel, that is identified using colors.

The act of studying the auras of others is often regarded as Aura science and you can use it as the right term to call the situation of this post; when you can read the personality of someone else.

Character Analysis

Character analysis is another term that best describes the situation when you can read someone’s personality.

The term means the sampling of traits or personalities within a story. The term is a literary phenomenon used by writers in developing plots for their stories.

However, you can tell of a person’s character if you explore the traits they exhibit. Whether you got this information about the person’s character from a story or got them through observation the result remains the same.

This is because you can transfer your ability to develop figures in a story into a real attestation of a person’s behavior.


The act of reading one’s character through the person’s outer appearance is called physiognomy. This term explores the examination of a person using facial expression as the primary visual canvas.

This means that physiognomy explores the reading of a person’s character via the person’s face.

What Is It Called When You Can Read Someone’s Personality

So if you can read someone’s personality from the look on their face, you’re probably performing physiognomy. Therefore, you can use the same term to refer to when you read someone’s personality.


This is the point where I draw the curtain on this subject matter. I believe the terms I provided in this post capture the right view of what you can call it when you can read someone’s personality.

While some of the terms are relative to physical or societal, others have spiritual or metaphysical meanings attached to them.

Whatever your quest may be, I know you found the best term in this post. Therefore, do not close this page without clicking on the share icon and help extend this post to others who would find it informative just like you did.

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