Why Are You Not Talking To Me Reply

Do you find it difficult to respond when someone asks, “Why aren’t you talking to me?” It could be difficult for you to reply if the question is sudden.

People often ask questions like this out of sheer curiosity or their quest to get your own side of the story.

This article will look at 20 possible responses to the query “Why aren’t you talking to me?”

20 “Why Are You Not Talking To Me?” Replies

Below are 20 detailed replies you can give to someone when they ask why you stopped talking.

  1. I am busy.
  2. Please let me speak freely.
  3. Your conversations are exhausting.
  4. Work was hectic today. I am so tired.
  5. You’ll squirm at my answer.
  6. Silence is golden.
  7. So you can tell it to the whole universe?
  8. Are we into word banter?
  9. Do you twitch when I’m silent?
  10. If you want everything to go on fine, you shouldn’t be seeking my opinion.
  11. I don’t have the mental bearing right now.
  12. Change the topic!
  13. Because you’re verbose.
  14. I’m sorry for being unattentive.
  15. I’d rather remain silent.
  16. I just prefer listening.
  17. My opinion doesn’t count.
  18. I don’t buy your indecent conversations.
  19. Because you won’t grow up.
  20. You are talkative!

I Am Busy

If you couldn’t reply to someone you were conversing with because you were busy, then you should let them know. This will help avoid all forms of assumptions and misunderstandings.

For instance, you may be in a conversation with someone when an important message pops up on your phone. You get quiet for a while to give the mail a reply.

They may begin to feel that they see no importance in what they are saying. That’s why you suddenly went quiet and began to handle your phone.

Make them understand why you stopped talking to them by simply saying “I was busy” or ” I had to quickly reply to an email.”

Why Are You Not Talking To Me Reply

Please, Let Me Speak Freely

You don’t always feel the need to engage in every conversation. Possibly because it is not relevant to your current disposition or because it is quite disturbing.

However, it is easy for the other person to notice your muteness and ask why you stopped talking. A direct reply helps to keep things straight.

Simply saying, “Please allow me to speak freely.” makes the person understand that what they said isn’t so relevant to you at that point.

Your Conversations Are Exhausting

Some individuals are regarded as intelligent talkers. Why? because they have a soothing way of talking to people. Their conversations add value to others and leave them with insight into how to solve a problem.

On the other hand, we have the “drainers” These people do not add an iota of value or sense when they engage others in a conversation.

You realize that Instead of getting insight from the conversation, you are mentally drained. When dealing with this type of person, bluntly let them know how you feel when talking with them.

You can say, “Your conversations are exhausting.”

Work Was Hectic Today. I Am So Tired

If you were tired and couldn’t keep up with a conversation, this is an appropriate response. Let them know the reason why you feel worked out.

It could be because of a hectic day at work, the gym, or school. Make it clear to them that you would have loved to join in their conversation, but you have remained silent because you lack the necessary strength.

Why Are You Not Talking To Me Reply

You’ll squirm at my answer

Some people do not just give others the chance to bring their opinions into conversations. These people speak as if their words are the final authority.

What gets more disturbing is when they ask you why you aren’t talking to them. If you are dealing with this type of person, do not flinch from telling them the obvious.

Silence Is Golden

This response can be used to let someone know that “not talking to them” is part of your core value. Just a handful of people can conduct themselves in such a manner that they ought to.

So, when someone talks too much, it is possible that they want you to engage in the conversation, but if you are uninterested, don’t hide your feelings or pretend.

If they ask you why you are not talking to them, then you can tell them that your silence is golden.

So, You Can Tell It To The Whole Universe?

Not every concern is headed for positivity. Some people will push you until you give them some information they need.

Often, they do it because they want to use your words against you or tell someone you said something. These kinds of people are unreasonable and always love quarrels.

They are quick to ask the reason for your silence. All they want is to hear him talk. Tell them that you are aware of their callous intent at this point, and leave it at that. “So you can tell it to the entire universe?” you could ask.

Why Are You Not Talking To Me Reply

Are We In A Word Banter?

The ideal way to converse with someone is to listen to them and speak when they are done. However, some people love to have heated conversations and expect others to follow suit.

They want a “word-for-word” type of conversation. But when you are all quiet, waiting for them to finish up, they begin to feel you are not connecting with the conversation.

If they try to inquire, Why you are not conversing with them, let them know that your principles restrict chatting while someone else is still speaking.

Do You Twitch When I Am Silent?

Why Are You Not Talking To Me Reply

We are all familiar with the saying “Silence speaks louder than words.” Silence has been a way through which many people communicate their thoughts to others.

When you stop talking to someone, they become curious to know why, because it reveals a whole lot. They may begin to think that they said the wrong thing to you.

Also, people who lie about something learn a thousand meanings when the person they are lying to becomes silent in the middle of a conversation.

Their hearts begin to beat faster, thinking you have been able to decipher their lies. When dealing with such people, simply ask, “Do you twitch when I am silent?”

If You Want Everything To Go On Fine, You Shouldn’t Be Seeking My Opinion

You know the direction that a conversation is going even before you engage in it. This means you are fully aware of what impact your input into the conversation will bring about.

However, knowing that if you say what you intend, the communication will go south, you decided to avoid it. If you are asked why you stopped talking, state unequivocally that you do not want to ruin your relationship with them by saying what you intended to say.

I Don’t Have The Mental Bearing Right Now

Admitting the truth is a great way to answer questions. When you are not in the right disposition to have a conversation, there is no need to force it.

You may end up saying things you never intended to say. You may begin to yell at someone for no just cause or even burst out laughing in an insensitive way.

This is silky because you are not in the right state of mind. Everyone experiences this sometimes. Therefore, if you are being asked why you stopped talking, do let them know that you are not in the right frame of mind to talk.

Why Are You Not Talking To Me Reply

Change The Topic!

You might have been bored and unintentional in a particular conversation, and that is why you stopped talking. When you are asked why you stopped talking, simply ask, “Change the topic!”

Because You Are Verbose

Just as we have business conversations, healthy conversations, academic conversations, etc., some people’s conversations are only centered around gossip.

The act of gossiping entails everyone giving an opinion on the subject matter. If you are someone who despises gossip, you would withhold yourself from engaging in the conversation.

If you are asked why you stopped talking, clearly tell them that you do not gossip.

I’m Sorry For Being Unattentive

Why Are You Not Talking To Me Reply

Getting overwhelmed with thoughts amid a conversation is one trait that is relatable to humans.

It is a merger because we have an unfinished business. It is an unresolved issue that becomes a matter of concern, even subconsciously.

This makes it difficult to stay focused in conversations. In this regard, if you stop communicating because you are lost in thought, kindly let them know when they point it out to you.

This will prevent them from dwelling on assumptions that you are a snob uninterested in the conversation.

I’d Rather Remain Silent

Some people have a myopic or insensitive view of things. They are unable to handle issues reasonably, in a way that does not give room for dispute, and tend to make a case out of an issue that doesn’t warrant it.

Because you are not like them, you’ll barely have anything to contribute to the matter. However, if they ask you why you are not talking to them anymore, simply let them know that you dislike their approach to the matter.

They may seek to become better or just be adamant.

I Just Prefer Listening

As easy as talking seems to some people, others feel it’s hard work. They listen to what people have to say instead, and over time, they hone their listening skills.

This category of individuals can listen to someone speak for hours without saying a word because they are good listeners.

If you fall into this category of people and someone questions you for not talking to them, simply explain to them your personality type.

Let them understand that you appreciate the conversation but prefer listening.

Why Are You Not Talking To Me Reply

My Opinion Doesn’t Count

Not continuing certain conversations may mean that you are intentionally guarding your words so you don’t say something that is meant to be confidential.

However, someone who wants to know about it will keep pestering you in every way possible.

When you do not respond after several attempts to talk with you, they tend to ask why you are not talking to them.

Assure them that your thoughts on the matter are private in this case. Hence, you wouldn’t say a word concerning it.

I Don’t Buy Your Lewd Conversations

People talk about various things by their preferences. One may be interested in fashion and lifestyle, while another may have an interest in love and relationships.

Since they have diverse preferences, they feel comfortable initiating conversations about it with people.

So also, someone who is obsessed with lovemaking does not consider it weird to have +18 conversations with others.

When you meet a person like this, you are likely unable to give your opinion amidst everything they’ve said.

Therefore, if they begin to question your silence, simply tell them that you do not fancy dirty conversations and do not engage in them.

Because You Won’t Grow Up

Insensitivity is a trait of certain people. They never take anything seriously, especially important information.

If you are responding to a person who acts this way as to why you stopped talking, clearly tell them that your silence is a result of their insensitivity.

They never take anything seriously, so it is pointless to talk to them.

You Are A Talkative!

Why Are You Not Talking To Me Reply

Only talkative people can match up with themselves. They have that fastness of speech and loudness when they are talking. They expect everyone to also talk about everything like them.

Therefore, if a talkative asks you why you aren’t talking to them, let them know how different your traits are. They are talkative and you are not. They are more talkative than you. You speak less.


In conclusion, it is important to clear the air about why you stopped talking in your conversation with someone.

This helps to avoid any misunderstanding or misconception about you. As listed above, you should make sure to give the appropriate response that relates to your disposition towards that person.

I believe you can now respond to someone who inquires as to why you stopped talking to them.

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