Why Do People Act Tough?

Hello everyone. Today we will be looking at why people act tough. There are times you know that someone is just faking that macho stance, the look on their face, and all that.

You know it is not from them, it is just them pretending. But why? Is it not just better to be yourself already? Well, let’s see.

6 reasons why people act tough?

People act tough to hide their problems

By problems I mean weaknesses, fears, and anxieties. Let’s call them insecurities.

Some people who put up a bold front do it so that they seem unfazed by life despite anything that they are going through.

Yes, they are great and have something in them that makes them special but they also have issues that seem to overwhelm them.

They admire people who seem to have it “together”. Having it together is someone who is thriving.

Yes, they might have problems and worries but they are also in control and they can handle it without breaking down. They build on their strengths while working on their weaknesses.

People who don’t have this capitalize on their strengths and ignore their weaknesses.

These weaknesses led to insecurities so they have put on a tough fact to hide that. By doing this, people will think that they have no problems whatsoever.

Everyone looks up to the person who seems to have it in control and to be that person you will have to act tough even if you are not really tough.

They will throw on a masking smile, talk about problems like they are eating sandwiches, and try to convince other people that it will be fine.

The problem however is that a bold front only hides your insecurities, it doesn’t take them away. It is something you have to intentionally address by yourself.

People act tough because they are scared

A tough person doesn’t go about telling everyone. It is something innate that is seen in them.

On the other hand, people who pretend to be tough go about trying to announce who they are not to others.

They want to be tough but instead of developing themselves to be strong people who can face challenges and deal with them, they would rather pretend to be strong because that is who they really want to be.

They would deny being afraid even of those that are close to them. They would act like they can handle anything even if they do not have a clue about it.

They act like problems are nothing to worry about even if they are at their wit’s end or have no way to go about it. It just seems like a source of courage to them and they cling to that.

They think that if everyone around them believes it then it is true. It is really who they are and that they would be able to do the thugs they could not do, like facing their fears.

Well, faking never fixed problems like this. You will just have to face your fears squarely. That is what really makes you a strong and tough person.

People act tough because they want to be accepted

Does it sound weird? It is true. Everyone wants to be accepted, maybe not into a gang or clique but to be accepted and liked.

To achieve this, they act tough because acting tough means you are strong

Then people around you accept you as a better person not as an ordinary human being. People will talk to you and give you the attention and care about you.

They will want to be your friend, they will want you in their groups and frankly, it is nice.

Think about it, it is the person who has it all together that is trusted the most, that is valued by everyone.

Even if you are not friends, you hold that person in high regard. That’s what someone who pretends to be tough wants.

People act tough because they want to bully other people/ scare people

Most bullies are insecure and from the first point, hiding insecurities is also another reason people act tough.

They believe that by acting tough, they will scare people into doing this for them.

Now let’s imagine it is someone asking to do something that you won’t do and spouting threats with a menacing look on his or her face.

You are bound to do it if you don’t have a way to avoid it without getting hurt.

What if you found out that they are just acting, that those threats are very empty and they can not hurt you in any way? You won’t do it.

Acting tough gives people a reason to fear or avoid you. It will make them aware of what you can do, no matter how small.

Sometimes it is not something like hurting you physically, it is just avoiding you because of the trouble you will cause.

People act tough because they want to protect themselves

Let me ask you: will you want to pick a fight with a wrestling champion?

Would you want to mess with the officer of the law? I hear your answer is no. The thing is they might want to pick a fight with you because they have the upper hand.

In that case, you find others acting tough to repel a confrontation. They use it as a form of protection.

Most bullies want to hurt you emotionally but when they see you will be removed by whatever they say or do, they will leave you be.

Remember, since they are acting tough to scare people, you acting tough, or actually being tough will repel them.

And this works with other problems too. Certain people will not want to go close to you because of the type of person that you are.

Keep in mind that sometimes, being tough is not always about strength it is what you think and so acting tough as protection will not always work.

It is better to grow yourself into a mentally tough and strong person than to depend on acts to get through life.

People act tough because feel they have to prove something

You want to show that you can be rough too, that you can not be messed with even if you really are just a gentle soul.

That is faking not actually being tough. People pick up challenges that they can not handle to show that they are better than others, to prove that they can do it.

Now you are asking why they would want to prove to people if that is not who they are. Well, they measure their self-worth in these types of things.

They feel that by acting tough, they are stronger people and it makes them better.

The truth is pretense doesn’t make you better. Becoming tough is not about strength or how loud you can shout or how well you can bully people, it is about you being a determined person who is willing to bear the pain for something good.

How to be a tough person

This went from an expository to a tutorial. Oh well, here is how to be a tough person

Work on your weak points

Remember I mentioned this earlier. Tough people are not tough physically but mentally. It is their mind that is strong because they can see problems and not turn away. Instead, they find a solution to the problem.

Whatever your weak pony is start to work on it. Don’t think it doesn’t matter or is not related. Every part of you has to be strong and in unison, for your mind to coordinate well.

Working on your weak points may take time but keep at it. Some things are harder to change than others so keep at it. Be consistent. That consistency pays off.

Think good thoughts

Cheesy? Yes but true. You can not think of yourself as a failure and be a winner. You have to believe who you are. Guard your thoughts against negatively thinking of yourself.

Speak affirmative words, motivate yourself, and get yourself in the mood to be able to achieve anything.

Doing this regularly will increase your self-esteem and prepare you as a problem solver

Don’t back down

Don’t turn away from your problems, it doesn’t chase them away. It only makes them worse. Imagine you have a dead rat in your cupboard.

It may not stink at first but when it starts to decay, it will smell so bad, that it will attract flies and ants and cockroaches and soon you will see that your house has been infested.

It’s the same thing. Instead of backing away, look for people who will help you solve them, who will give you ideas or be of assistance to you.

Believe that you can overcome anyone and when you overcome one be sure to celebrate it.

That’s it, folks. Now, who is ready to be tough? Really tough. You?


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