Why Do Guys Get Mad When You Call Them Buddy?

Most guys do not find it funny when you call them buddy. But why is this so? Well, everyone has their preference of how they wish to be addressed or regarded.

So, when someone does the opposite, they find it offensive and often frown at it.

Guys generally like being respected, no matter their age or status. Respect feels like a drug to most guys and when it is not shown, they’ll probably freak out on that.

Calling a guy buddy is not bad in its way, but its use can make it bad. Imagine where a lad calls an older guy buddy. It sounds like disrespect, right? That’s the first reason.

However, I’ll be introducing other reasons which explain why guys get mad when you call them buddy. Read on to learn more!

10 Reasons Why Guys Get Mad When You Call Them Buddy?

I’ve mentioned disrespect as one of the several reasons why guys get mad when you call them buddy. Below are other reasons or factors responsible for the angst accompanied by calling a guy buddy.

  1. If he is older
  2. If a woman calls them that
  3. If their crush calls them buddy
  4. If you sound sarcastic while calling them buddy
  5. It looks like a let-down for them, especially highly masculine men
  6. If you’re not related to them
  7. If you call them that in a formal setting
  8. Some do not like it because it is often used as pet names
  9. When it sounds manipulative
  10. When it sounds rude

If He is older

Why Do Guys Get Mad When You Call Them Buddy

A lot of guys find it insulting for a younger person to call them a buddy. It is some kind of informal approach to them, especially those with rich cultural backgrounds where respect for elders is upheld.

So when a younger person, mostly a kid or teenager calls them buddy, they get mad about it.

However, society has reached a point of decadence where most of these values are no longer regarded. You see youngsters call millennial-born buddies, pals, and the like.

This erupts a kind of disgust in most of the millennial guys, who believe being called buddy by youngsters is entirely an insult because of his position as an elder.

If a Woman Calls Them That

Guys are very attentive to what they’re called, especially by the other gender. This is because most guys place respect above love or affection.

Most of them prefer you retain their respect and do away with the likeness. Because of this, a guy may get fumed when a woman calls him a buddy.

This is most effective if he’s interested in such a lady, but I’ll discuss this in the next section. When a woman calls a man buddy, it feels condescending and somewhat like she’s trying to make you feel less of a man.

I get a lot of complaints from my guy friends about how filthy they felt when a lady calls them buddy. One of them jokingly recounted that it felt like his genital organ left his body.

So this explains why guys get mad when you call them a buddy, especially if you’re a woman.

If Their Crush Calls Them Buddy

Why Do Guys Get Mad When You Call Them Buddy

Most guys do not only get mad at this particular instance, they fret and melt. I know it sounds exaggerating, but that’s how it feels when a girl you have a love interest in comes out to call you a buddy.

I can be this descriptive about how it went down because I know exactly how it feels, I’ve been there. And f you’re a guy reading this, just know you are not alone with the experience…lol

The effect of the damage caused may be less excruciating if it were to be on social media, you know how it goes down there.

But if this was on a face-to-face encounter, I bet the dude might even puke at the sound of a buddy. It is very frustrating and it means the girl is friend-zoning him.

I am among the band of guys who would prefer earlier rejection than being led on for weeks only to be called buddy on the first date.

If You Sound Sarcastic While Calling Them Buddy

Sounding sarcastic has a way of making even respectful or serious matters sound bad or condescending.

Many guys get mad when you call them buddy while sounding sarcastic. It’s more like a mockery and people do not always blend in with those who make a mockery of them.

Whether you are of the same age, a colleague at work, or even a sibling. Once you add sarcasm to the tone of your voice while calling a guy buddy, he’d certainly get upset.

It Looks Like a Let-Down for Them, Especially Highly Masculine Men

Why Do Guys Get Mad When You Call Them Buddy

Masculinity is gradually regaining its place in the life of most men after the fatal destruction caused by feminism. With this reemergence come newer ideas, views, and feelings.

Because of this, most of the masculine men I know see it as a let-down and mud in their faces for someone to call them buddy.

I got to talk to one of them, and he said buddy is meant for kids and not grown-up men and I couldn’t agree less.

It just made things clearer that a lot of guys detest the idea of being called buddy by anyone at all.

If You’re Not Related to Them

There is a level of familiarity attached to calling someone buddy, just like there’s one present in calling a guy brother or a lady sister.

It gets weird for most guys when you’re not related to them but you assume this familiarity when you’re not even related to them.

In such a scenario, you’ll hear a guy blatantly tell the other, “Yo, I’m not your buddy, mate” or “I don’t look like your buddy, pal”.

This statement bodies the disgust in their voice and also tries to some extent to shade the speaker, who is not in any familiar capacity to call them buddy.

Because of issues of familiarity, many guys get mad when you call them buddy.

If You Call Them That in a Formal Setting

There are certain work ethics put in place in different work settings and one of these rules is the prohibition of informal language.

Some of the words prohibited include the “N” word and other condescending terms like pal, buddy, or mate.

Therefore, a guy could go berserk if you choose to call him a buddy in a work environment that frowns at the use of such words.

He will certainly get mad because if he reciprocates such gestures it could impede his position in the office.

Some Do Not Like It Because It Is Often Used As Pet Names

I thought I would be surprised to hear someone call their pet, preferably a dog buddy. A lot of people do that and when I got a real-time experience I was short of words.

I couldn’t help but see the reason why many guys get and when you call them buddy.

It’s like, you’re calling them the exact thing you call your dog. What then guarantees them you’re not calling them your dog indirectly?

You know all these sounds like some kind of manipulative format where a person calls the other buddy to exert their superiority over them.

So your mind as a guy will process the information in such a way it comes out bad, especially if this person sounded funny while saying it.

Nonetheless, it is a weird reaction but it s worth it because you’re trying to figure out what exactly the person is by calling you buddy just as they do their dog.

When It Sounds Manipulative

Calling your fellow male buddy sounds cool and harmless. Well, that’s true but not until you decide to sound funky or manipulative when saying it.

Many guys are keen listeners, especially those from the hood, who pay attention to every single word that comes out of your mouth.

So when you call a guy buddy as a junior and you sound manipulative or directive he will surely knock you off for disrespecting him.

I’ve seen many guys act cool with being called buddies but the moment you trade their coolness for stupidity and decide to sound funky while calling them buddy, they’ll sure get mad.

When It Sounds Rude

Why Do Guys Get Mad When You Call Them Buddy

Just like sounding manipulative, there are instances where people sound rude and demanding while calling you buddy.

As a guy, respect is a must-have and when someone tries to deprive that of you by calling buddy, you sure remind him or her to not do that again.

Try to picture a scenario where a young lad calls you to buddy with a tone twice mature as his age.

It sets off a rude vibe to you and since guys are protective of your respect and integrity, you’ll probably get mad about it.


Buddy, pal, mate, and so on; are all informal ways of referring to someone familiar. These terms are mostly between guys and it is almost a bad thing for a woman to call a guy buddy.

I covered the reasons for this in this article which makes it a viable reason guys get mad when you call them buddy.

However, this post is a good read for those who are yet to get clarification on why most guys fret out when you call them buddy. The dude is probably trying to stay masculine, so do away with the tag.

Do not also forget to hit the share icon and get this post across to anyone out there who would find it interesting just like you did.

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