20 Witty Comebacks for Negative Comments

Our world today is not without spoilers, they are everywhere. These set of persons put up a front that is dedicated to making you feel less of yourself.

Almost like a mindfully created army of mood destroyers, these types of people do everything within their power to create an uncomfortable atmosphere for you.

It is even worse with the advent, spread, and popularity of the internet, which now acts as a breeding ground for what is usually tagged Negative Comments.

You wouldn’t want to be in a situation where your joy and sanity are at the mercy of another human being, would you? Even though we don’t pray or bargain for such, there is a chance that life throws these things at us as a form of lesson.

It is either left for you to embrace the lesson in it and move along or drool over it and lose your happiness. You might probably think keeping quiet in times like this solves problems.

Well, it does to some extent which is why you need to double u with comebacks in case of the other times when silence is not an option.

Hence, I will be taking you on a couple of comebacks for negative comments. You might want to keep up with the reading so you don’t miss out on any of the fun.

Best 20 Witty Comebacks for Negative Comments

If there’s something I know about negative comments, it is the fact that none of them is for your good. While there could be minimal clues on how to perfect yourself embedded in them, they are specifically made to burn you up with rage.

So instead of giving into this fashioned mechanism, you should set up and wall that acts as a shield and also puts the speaker in his or her right place. To get you started with this, the following lines of comebacks are great tools you can strap up with for any event of negative comments from people, social media or not.

  1. Wanted to ask, were you born this dumb?
  2. It’d be an insult to God if I admire your ugliness
  3. I won’t tolerate it, I’m no hero
  4. They say silence is the best answer for a fool. How about I skip the best answer?
  5. You have empty words just like your scanty and receding hairline
  6. The query of the century should be how do those who drop negative comments breathe? Because the human nose I know shouldn’t be giving life to a nuisance
  7. My heart is heavy, not because of your bad remarks, but for your son who thinks he has a great dad
  8. When you finally shut your mouth, don’t forget to take your senses with you
  9. I love your Gram lifestyle, keep it up in real-time
  10. I heard this Gen Z was terrific, now I believe
  11. Your negative comments felt like reading nursery rhymes and bedtime poetry
  12. You’re so shitty, the toilet bemoans you
  13. More intelligent ones have called me worse
  14. Hoping to get my reaction must’ve felt like love
  15. I hope you get better, not bitter
  16. I have tough skin, you need to think harder
  17. Don’t let jealousy throw you off the cliff
  18. There are more waters than land on earth, don’t let bitterness push you off dry land
  19. It’s funny how my success was meant to inspire people, but it became your nightmare
  20. You sound too lowly to be a human

Now it’s the time to dissect these comebacks, giving you the spice and vibe in detail.

Wanted To Ask, Were You Born This Dumb?

Starting this comeback with a question is a good step in the right direction. Do you know what is dumb? Posting or saying one or multiple negative remarks about someone who is doing better than you are.

Some humans have this awful attitude of admiring others’ achievements but with a feeling of contempt.

Since you know saying bad things about someone doesn’t change anything, it will be also a good choice of a word if you put it out to anyone who tries the same lame move on you.

It’d be an Insult to God if I Admire Your Ugliness

The plan was never to be the best companion to anyone who throws tantrums at you. The side goal of comebacks is to shove the person to one side, preferably the side where they don’t have a grip on your life again. Using this line is one way to do that without being too salty.

But sincerely speaking, it does sound like an insult to God to admire someone who is not only ugly but also delights in being a party spoiler for others using their bad comments.

I Won’t Tolerate it, I’m No Hero

There’s no room for being a superhero, who defends the cause of humanity by going head-to-head with the villain.

Social media is the perfect place to spot such persons, who try to play hero even when they’re under serious threat and negative remarks by seemingly unwise keyboard warriors.

My take has always been to pass, but I’ve been often tempted to say things and I start with this line before roasting ignorance and insensitivity out of whomever it is that tries to floor me.

They Say Silence Is the Best Answer to a Fool. How About I Skip the Best Answer?

Silence maintains its place as the best answer to a fool, but it is only reserved for fools with class. So when you meet classless and clueless fools, you skip the best answer and serve them hot comebacks like this one.

I’m a product of deep thoughts and a rigid frame, so I advise you to keep your frame whether man or woman while saying this line. The results are astonishing; I only offer tested and trusted lines.

You Have Empty Words Just Like Your Scanty and Receding Hairline

As I mentioned earlier, the underlying motive of most people who cook volcanoes of bad remarks is usually to get under your skin.

What happens when they can’t achieve that? They restart their cooking expedition, this time around with more energy and vain words.

The result is sadly terrific because the words seem to have lost their spice during the over-cooking. What you then get as bad comments are empty words. You can use this line to put the person in their place and explain to them why they have an awful-looking hairline.

The Query of the Century Should Be How Does Those Who Drop Negative Comments Breath? Because the Human Nose I Know Shouldn’t Be Giving Life to a Nuisance

I know murderers, pedophiles, and even scammers have nostrils and they breathe. But I still question the source of life for those who say bad things about others, whether they made it all up or its facts. Is it the same nose that’s available for all humans that also helps them continues with their menace? I hope not.

Because in my book, I rate party spoilers and negative commentators higher in crime than most convicts. This is because they pick at people and destroy their mental health beyond recognition.

It is even worse to think that no law stops them from doing that even when they’re being responsible for the mental lockdown of a lot of people. You can ship in this line as a comeback…the result is gold.

My Heart Is Heavy, Not Because of Your Bad Remarks, but for Your Son, Who Thinks He Has a Great Dad

Witty Comebacks for Negative Comments

You may have gotten a bad remark from a man at the workplace, who doubles as a husband and a father. If you wish to shock them back into reality and make them stop their bad character of throwing tantrums, then you should count on this line of a comeback.

Many men cherish the father-son relationship they have with their kids. So when you put that on the line and make it look messy, they’ll get enraged, but who cares? Nobody does and to think he started the verbal fight is more reason not to be remorseful.

When You Finally Shut Your Mouth, Don’t Forget To Take Your Senses with You

Every bad mouther will shut up in the end, whether or not it happens or later. The hope is that he or she will leave you off their now stinking mouth, consequently from voicing terrible things about people.

And when that break happens, it’s time for you to launch your first counterattack. But before, you’ve got to till the soil on which you will lay your seedlings with this line of a comeback.

I Love Your Gram Lifestyle, Keep it up in Real Time

I bet you have an account on Instagram and you know the thing goes over there. Aside from it being a good place to see people enjoy life, it is also full of hate and condemnation.

Therefore, if you happen to get canceled by anyone on Instagram, you can use this line to set your head straight. It is a subtle savage response that puts you in the position of admonishing the person but sarcastically.

I Heard This Gen Z Were Terrific, Now I Believe

The height of negligence and shallow-minded comments propagated by those tagged GEN Z is alarming. These set of individuals have been identified to have the worse sense of reasoning and as such, they say things without intense thought over it.

In the event you get caught up in a negative comment fashioned by one of these, you can count on this line to clear the moody atmosphere.

Your Negative Comments Felt Like Reading Nursery Rhymes and Bedtime Poetry

If you want to disarm the bad comments from anybody, you can use this line. The words in it suggest the person’s words are as soft as a ball of wool and warm as an embrace.

You will piss someone off if you counter their supposed bad remark with this comeback. It will shatter the person.

You’re so shitty, the Toilet Bemoans You

How can someone be so full of shit that the toilet now complains about it? It is a hilarious thing to say to someone, and it is even more destructive to say it to someone who just tried to get under your skin by saying something bad about you.

More Intelligent Ones Have Called Me Worse

Do you want to call someone dumps without saying the word “dump”? Then dinner is served right with this line.

Anyone who throws a bad remark your way must think that’s the best roaster out there until you bring this in and tell them how uncooked their words were.

If you say this to someone who says bad things about you, there’s a chance their reaction will be an apology.

Hoping to Get My Reaction must’ve felt like Love

There’s a beast mode in games and athletics, have you thought about reaching the beast mode in savagery? If you have, get ready to receive your first title with this line of a comeback.

Like, who tells his oppressor that waiting for their response must’ve felt like love? That’s what emotional damage and shift sound like.

I Hope You Get Better, Not Bitter

Now we are toning down with the savagery and we’re hitting it from a different angle. This angle is that of dropping nuggets.

I’m sure the person who tried to put you off with a bad remark will be left wondering what type of mind you have if you say this as a response.

I Have a Tough Skin, You Need To Think Harder

Witty Comebacks for Negative Comments

Next to dropping nuggets, is the directive of dropping motivations. Wow, you’ll piss off a lot of people with this smooth comeback. It is more like a reminder that you won’t fall prey to anybody’s cheap tantrums.

Don’t Let Jealousy Throw you off the Cliff

Jealousy is a real-time disease that has no medical connotation. But the truth remains that it can pioneer someone into dropping bad remarks about you, probably to write you off and garner support and favor.

Instead of accepting the status of being the hunted, you can turn the table and become the teacher using this line.

There Are More Waters than Land on Earth, Don’t Let Bitterness Push You off Dry Land

Just like jealousy kills, bitterness completes the decay before you even know it. So you can choose to admonish the person to desist from the act to avoid an awful end.

It’s Funny How My Success Was Meant to Inspire People, but It Became Your Nightmare

When someone drops a bad comment about your success, it says one thing and that’s the disgust in the person’s mind because of your achievement. You can use this line and reiterate your dismay at how your success which should’ve been a blessing to others now becomes someone’s point of anger.

You Sound Too Lowly To Be a Human

Anyone who drops bad comments on you does not deserve to be a human. I’m not condemning the person in any way, all I’m saying is that it is inhumane to wake up and think of how to disrupt someone else’s joy and happiness with your words.

Humanity can do better.

Final Thoughts

It is rare to find someone who hasn’t been canceled in one way or another. I’ve realized that it is part of the growth process for a lot of people.

The spectators of your life will always have something to say. And while there are good comments, the inclusion of bad comments is almost inevitable.

This post provides you with a relatable and comprehensive list of the best comebacks for negative comments. What this means is that you now have your voice back and there’s no need to give annoying people the best answer (silence).

Do well to examine your situation before employing any of these comebacks and don’t forget to hit that share button below.

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