A Word That Describes Someone Who Never Gives Up

Some people neither quit nor give up. They’re all about the hustle and the grind and they’re so engrossed with their endeavor that they don’t even entertain the thought of giving up.

It wouldn’t be a surprise if I tell you I’ve met quite a number of these types of people. And I must say, these people kind of have a type of resilient spirit that translates to how they perceive life and why they don’t give up.

However, you might’ve asked or searched for just a word that pictures someone who doesn’t give up.

What word do you think does the perfect job? Before you get worked up with the questions, I presume you found your way to this article to get answers.

Therefore I’ll be giving you not just one but a couple of words that describes someone who never gives up.

15 Words That Describe Someone Who Never Gives Up

The following words below are the best words that describe someone who never gives up. I carefully curated this list of words, based on how the form in which the person in question manifests.

  1. Determined
  2. Indomitable
  3. Staunch
  4. Go-getter
  5. Tough
  6. Obsessed
  7. Sedulous
  8. Perseverance
  9. Optimistic
  10. Dogged
  11. Steadfast
  12. Tenacious
  13. Tireless
  14. Grim
  15. Persistent


Determination appears to be one of the best descriptive words on this list to describe someone who never gives up. And this is why I put it first on this list. A determined mind can do anything it sets its mind to do. 

The act of giving up seems like a taboo for anyone determined. I’ve been caught up in a state of uncertainty too many times and it wasn’t funny.

From battling what looks like a venereal disease to facing my journey to recollecting the right mindset to work. But has kept me going all these while being determined.


The best and foremost definition of indomitable is being impossible to subdue or quench. This is another word that depicts someone who never gives up.

Funnily, I have a lot of real-life experience and that places me in the position to relate very well with some of these words.

Being indomitable is some kind of superpower, and I’ve experienced where people showcased it. The most of places where I’ve seen it on display are the gym.

I’m not your ideal workout buddy but when I hit the gym, I do it in style. So in my few visits to a gym in my locale, I’ve seen both guys and ladies pass a certain weight threshold even though they were worn out. Indomitable also means being unable to break and they showed this very well.


Commitment is the watchword of a staunch person. What is the person committed to? A staunch person is always committed to the hustle and the grind.

Another virtue of a staunch person is loyalty. It is the loyalty to his or her occupation or passion that fortifies the person to never give up. Being staunch also connotes loving what you do.

You have to be in sync with the things you do, to be able to be staunch over it.

This is more like being a staunch fan of a football club because you love the club. Because of this, there’s no chance the person will ever give up.


A Word That Describes Someone Who Never Gives Up

A go-getter is someone who is deeply rooted in the fight to achieve something. This vow or commitment makes it hard for such a person to give up easily.

You can see this virtue in many fields of endeavor, from sports to the healthcare sector and notably in the military.

The superpower of most people who are go-getters is their ability to keep their eyes and mind on the goal. For this type of person, the catch remains the catch.

They do not give room for any slippery acts that will impede their growth and finally their aim.


Being tough is as good as being indestructible. There’s this news of the most persistent military personnel in the world. He’s a black man in the prestigious US Marine.

This man is so tough that people wondered if he was on drugs or any anti-pain syrup. It turns out that he had a bad childhood experience that toughened his mind.

A tough person never gives up, and neither do they, person, yield to circumstances. But the best part of being a tough person is not in the physiques or facial expression but in the mind.


As funny as it sounds, the obsession has a way of making you too focused and incredibly persistent. Someone who never gives up could be obsessed; obsessed with their goal.

Let’s say a person is obsessed with getting the bag, he or she will never give up until the money lands.

Obsession keeps you painstakingly focused, although it might be harmful to some people.


All through this post, I’ve barely talked about diligence. Well, that’s what I’m talking about now. Someone who never gives up is also diligent and it extends to his or her expression and application to everyday life.

Therefore, sedulous is another word that greatly describes a person who never gives up. It goes beyond being able to be steadfast.


Perseverance does its bidding in describing someone who never gives up. It is almost a perfect word for such a person because perseverance depicts a spirit of holding on. This same spirit anchors the reason why someone never gives up.

I have a friend who went into kickboxing some years back. I and some of my other friends told him not to do it because he’ll get his ass kicked so hard.

Dude didn’t listen to us and he continued to train. His first match went just the way we predicted and he was messed up bad.

However, he didn’t give up and he persevered until he got his first draw match. We were surprised because he couldn’t have pulled up such a task if he hadn’t persevered.

Although it was just a draw match, it was worth the wait and the energy invested in the days of training.


A Word That Describes Someone Who Never Gives Up

An optimist shares the same level of commitment to duties as a go-getter. Optimism prepares you for a certain mindset; a mindset of resilience. An optimist also describes someone who never gives up.

If you’re looking for the right word that pictures someone who doesn’t see giving up as an option, then optimism suits you well.

Someone optimistic sees minor things as an opportunity to grow and level up. To get to the next level, this person has to stay on track and continue to strive till it is done.


Dogged and staunch are likely the same, but the former beat the latter in the aspect of being resilient. A dogged person is strong, alert, and also patient.

Just like a dog, a dogged person is focused on the prize, alert even in distress, and patient till the deed is done. This same person would be hard to put down, or yield to difficulties.

In several instances, doggedness has been identified as a well-versed virtue in many areas such as in the military and workout sessions.


You can add steadfastness to the menu of things you can call someone who never gives up. Just like in the Christian community, steadfastness is seen as a great deal of good faith because it means that the person is fully into the things of God.

A steadfast person keeps their faith in whatever thing they’re pursuing. They’re majorly ambitious and strong-willed. Because of this, you can use it as a word for someone who never gives up.


Your choice of acceptance is a great deal for someone who never gives up. In this sense, a tenacious person accepts the reality of not giving up. To this type of person, succumbing to difficulties means the same thing as eluding reality.

I wouldn’t want to recount my experience with being tenacious because it was a long one. But what I’d love to mention is the lesson that I learned from the experience.

This lesson has to do with living consciously in the present. This technique helps you remain undefeated because you’re not pulled down by the things that should’ve been your stepping stone.


The first mental picture I had when I got to this word is that of a marathon runner. Do you know that even the winner of a marathon race got tired at some point? You might ask how then did he or she win?

Well, the person won because they were tirelessly running, even with the stress.


A person with a grim is someone serious. This virtue coincides with a seriousness that is channeled towards the right route.

Grim in this context refers to being serious with an endeavor, and it translates to having a strong will.


Persistence is the last word on this list that captures the scenario of someone who never gives up. A person that perseveres sticks to the blueprint of a task for too long until it is achieved.

Unlike any other word on this list, perseverance stands out as a great pick if you’re looking for a good word that describes a person who doesn’t see giving up as an option.


This is the point where I call it a wrap-up in this post. The main course of this post relates to a word that describes someone who never gives up.

Like I always do, I came up to the task and served you a list of 15 words, isn’t that cool? Well, it is!

I believe I’ve done justice in relieving you from searching for any of these words because my list is comprehensive.

In good faith, do not forget to hit the share button and help this post to get to either your friends or family or generally anyone who needs to see it.

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