Word for Someone Who Doesn’t Care About Rules

Even the most lawful society, state, or country inhabits those who oppose rules. This group of persons is unbothered about the rules, and this attitude towards regulation pisses others off

I bet you won’t be less pissed off if you have a personal encounter with someone who has no regard for rules. Fortunately, I have had my fair share of life experiences and I can tell you for sure; this set of humans is annoying.

I presume you found your way to this post because you’re in search of the perfect word for someone who disregards the existence of rules.

You might’ve probably faced someone with such an attitude and you wish you had the perfect descriptive noun or adjective.

However, your journeying to this post won’t be in vain because I have put together a list of terms or words that depicts someone who doesn’t care about rules. Keep reading one to find out more!

13 Words for Someone Who Doesn’t Care About Rules

Negligence to rules and regulations, especially in organized circles is one virus that can’t be easily wiped off.

The words on this list provide you with a comprehensive portrayal of someone who doesn’t care about rules. These words include:

  1. Loose canon
  2. Maverick
  3. Renegade
  4. Non-conformist
  5. Arrogant
  6. Scofflaw
  7. Callous
  8. Presumptuous
  9. Pompous
  10. Insensitive
  11. Individualist
  12. Egoist
  13. Deluded

Loose Canon

A loose canon is someone who is particularly unpredictable and disposed to make radical decisions that might end up haunting him or her.

A loose canon is like a timed bomb fixed to a detonator and just waiting for the time to count down before it explodes.

This same setup can work on someone who has no regard for rules. This relativity in the setup of both types of persons is why “loose canon” qualifies as a viable term or phrase that can be used to portray someone who doesn’t care about rules.

This is because such a person is vulnerable to failing to fulfill certain rules due to their negligence and their indifferent attitude.


When you saw this, I knew you might’ve thought about the recent American action thriller movie that goes by the name Top Gun: Maverick.

Well, the thriller was spiced up with some scenes that depicted the unyielding spirit of those who do not care about rules. Some of the characters disobeyed orders and it affected them badly.

The same very scenario plays out in the life of someone who cares little or nothing about rules. This rule could range from house curfews to prohibition against driving while drunk.

None of these rules stands in the presence of someone who doesn’t care about rules. Therefore, this person tends to jump right across the red line in so many things. Unfortunately, the nemesis will catch up with the person in due time.


A renegade refers to someone who defies the rule or code of conduct of any sect or circle. Such a person is labeled a traitor or tyrant by those who made the laws, including a majority of the abiders.

Being a renegade is a big offense in some countries or states. Their existence means that there are people who think or believe the rule doesn’t apply to them.

And this is against the presumed universality of some of these rules, especially in democratic countries like the U.S.

If you do not care about rules, it means you’re a threat to whatever government enacted these rules. By default, you become a renegade.

So, calling someone who doesn’t care about rules a renegade is also a cool thing to do.


Did you by any means encounter a painstakingly annoying classmate, who never changed no matter what? Or the proverbial religious fanatic, that wouldn’t sip alcohol whole at any party.

The attitude showcased by this person is known as being non-conformist. Conformism is a term that describes the act of agreement, concurring or worse being influenced.

Therefore, being a non-conformist refers to the act of not buying into the ideas of the other party.

Anyone who doesn’t give a hoot about rules is certainly a non-conformist. This attitude or flaw so to say, because too expressive in them that they lose touch with reality and see any rule as jokes.

This is probably why such a person will shake off any obligations attached to certain rules.

Word for Someone Who Doesn’t Care About Rules


Engineering apathy or defiance of rule of law is fueled more by arrogance and lack of respect for personality. Those who are the perpetrators depend on rude approaches and arrogance, to wind up their negligence to rules.

Imagine someone that beats traffic lights and ends up making excuses to avoid getting penalized. Such an attitude is arrogance displayed in a broad daylight.

This is because the rude attitude helps intimidate their adversaries, giving them safe passage even when they violate a rule.


A scofflaw is someone who violates a law by failing to follow through with an act that has been hard to implement.

Notably, the rules flouted by a scofflaw are often small, and the same thing is likely applicable to someone who doesn’t care about rules.

Such a person would probably neglect the slightest of rules due to their status as a scofflaw.


A callous person is someone who will look beyond many little details without showing concern. It also extends to the person becoming insensitive to things around him or her.

A callous individual is annoyingly uncaring towards issues around them, including rules that are meant to be kept or obeyed.

Callousness is manifested in a lot of ways; from neglecting duty calls to completely acting unbothered about the things that should have a bearing in your life.

One thing about callous people that I have noticed is how they act unconcerned, and this makes it a great word for someone who doesn’t care about rules.


This word has everything and anything to do with someone who doesn’t care about rules.

Assuming we are to give a tag to the first response action you’ll receive from such a person, don’t you think the arrogance will stand out? Well, it will surely stand out.

Anyone who sees rules as a dessert that they can skip easily if they don’t want it is certainly showing bigheadedness regarding the etiquette of feeding. This makes presumptuous a good word for someone who doesn’t care about rules.


One word that drives a complete definition of pompous is snobbish. This is unlike what you initially thought pomposity to be, right? Well, it goes beyond that as there’s another view from it.

Someone who is pompous is snobbish about the virtue of humility, making them not care for important things such as rules.


One thing that stands out in the actions of someone who doesn’t care about rules is their disgustingly visible insensitivity.

Like its one of those things that can make you puke, knowing that the person is probably out of touch with normal reasoning.

The term insensitivity portrays what someone who doesn’t care about rules has got going on for them. Therefore, you can use it when addressing someone who neglects rules.


Just like someone who doesn’t like to conform to a certain standard, some seem to be living in their world.

They’re so engrossed with their regulations, that they do not follow the pack. Anyone who doesn’t uphold rules is treading this path because he or she feels that being in sync with rules means you’re also moving with a lot of other people.

This angle of thought qualifies it as a good term for someone who skips obedience to rules.


Word for Someone Who Doesn’t Care About Rules

An egoist is someone who feels the world revolves around their tiny little head. It is so funny to imagine that some people look forward to having things done their way, so they boss around and neglect the tenets of certain rules that help keep things in order.

Anyone who graduates from this type of school of thought is heading towards ruin, a personal ruin. The thing is, skipping or being uncaring of rules does not change the fact that the rules are there.

It doesn’t change that, does it? So, an egoist would be another better term for anyone who cares less about rules.


Would you mind if I tell you that someone who doesn’t care about the rules is indirectly deceiving themselves? It sounds a bit unrealistic, albeit it is still the truth.

Just like an egoist, who thinks about their unprecedented self, a deluded fellow is plunged into self-deception. One that might revert and backfire if care is not taken.

Only a few people understand that even neglecting the rules, is not a reasonable thing to do. But because of the deception that those who do are into, it is hard for them to see things from that angle.


Putting up a kind of negligent wall against rules does not make others miss out on them. Eventually, you would revert.

But we’re not talking about you, were we? This post is about what term suits best to call someone who doesn’t care about rules.

I did quite a good work with the terms I selected and I believe one or two from this list fits in perfectly in whatever context or circumstance you want to use it.

To show me your satisfactory signal, kindly hit the share icon and help get this across to those who need it.

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