15 Words for a Man Who Jumps From One Woman to Another

A man can refuse to stick to one woman for several reasons. In most cases, the man just doesn’t want to get committed to one woman.

Some are also just very rich and do not think they are ready to get committed to one woman so they would rather enjoy their wealth with as many partners as they please.

There are several words that qualify a promiscuous man. However, when referring to a promiscuous man with certain adjectives, the reasons for his promiscuity may be considered.

For example, a man may move from one woman to another because he recognizes an opportunity to do so. A man can do this just to satisfy his sensual lusts. A man may also do this out of fear of committing to one woman.

15 Words for a Man who jumps from one woman to another

It can be easy or hard to tell why a man is moving about with women. It may seem unfair to just call a man a womanizer, especially if he/she isn’t exactly going about and flirting with random ladies.

There are adjectives that point to specific impulses of a promiscuous man. There are also general words to use. Here are 15 of them

  1. Playboy
  2. Gigolo
  3. Satyromaniac
  4. Picky
  5. Hunk
  6. Womanizer
  7. Lady-killer
  8. Lothario
  9. Player
  10. Fastidious
  11. Lady-killer
  12. Gamophobic (Fear of Commitment)
  13. Stud
  14. Philanderer
  15. Escort


This word generalizes all men who go about with several women without getting committed to anyone. Also, it mostly refers to rich young men. A playboy has to be rich to sustain the lifestyle.

A playboy is a man who jumps from one woman to another, refusing commitment, and spending most of his time on pleasure.

A playboy devotes himself to an ostentatious lifestyle with women who may also be unwilling to commit. The lifestyle of a playboy, however, can only be sustained if he is rich.

While ‘Playboy’ is the word for a womanizer, it is more suitable for a rich one and one who willingly jumps from one woman to another.

Words for a Man Who Jumps From One Woman to Another


  • The dumbest decision I ever made was falling in love with a playboy.


A gigolo (also known as Male Prostitute) is a man who is hired to sleep with an older woman and gets paid in return. Gigolos can also be hired to provide sensual services to older women from time to time.

While most Gigolos are considered to prefer older women, some only settle for older women because they are richer. Gigolos however may also provide their services for younger women, as long as they are getting paid.

A Gigolo is simply a male prostitute. He sees it as a business so there is no room for commitment to one woman.


  • Gigolos are only here for a night. Don’t fall in love.


A satyromaniac is a man who is difficult to satisfy sensually. Satyromania has to do with excessive sensual desire in a man. A man with this condition will always desire sensual intercourse and will be unable to stay with one partner unless she is able to match his energy and do it as many times as he desires.

A satyromaniac man may have little control over his desire and will not be able to endure a partner who isn’t as addicted to sensual intercourse as he is.

A satyromaniac man is an addict and will need a mental reformation to stick to one woman and curb his sensual lusts.


  • That satyromaniac? He needs a therapy.


A picky man is one who looks for certain characteristics in a woman and will jump from one woman to another in search of the one that meets his expectations.

A man will keep jumping if he hasn’t seen a woman who can satisfy his conditions. Also, he may never stop jumping around if his expectations from women are too high.

From a distance, a picky man will be called a womanizer for jumping from one woman to another. However, he is simply in search of a match.


  • He’s too picky to have a wife.


Not every man who jumps from one woman to another is a womanizer, though most of them are. This word gives a reason that makes it easy for a man to jump from one woman to another.

While a womanizer may seem to have the world and women at his feet, women are not so gullible to keep following random men. This word gives a quality in a man that makes him easily attract women sensually.

A hunk is a muscular man who is sensually attractive to women. This kind of man will find it easy to bring women to bed. If you have to refer to a womanizer without offending him, you can call him a hunk.

The attractiveness of a hunk makes it easy for him to womanize. However, not all hunks are womanizers. Being a hunk simply makes a man attract women easily.

Words for a Man Who Jumps From One Woman to Another


  • You’re a hunk. I don’t stand a chance.


A womanizer is simply a man who intentionally jumps from one woman to another due to his love for women or sensual pleasure.

The word is used generally for all men who have more than one sensual partner but it is meant to imply a man’s excessive love for women.

A womanizer is always trying to win the hearts of women, like a playboy, for the sole purpose of sleeping with them.


  • You’re a hopeless womanizer.


A lady-killer is a man who easily jumps from one woman to another using his physical attractiveness or tactful flirtatiousness.

When a lady-killer wins the heart of a woman, he lets her go and looks for another woman to attract. A lady-killer is not necessarily interested in sleeping with the women he attracts but is more interested in the fun and suspense of flirting.

 A lady-killer can also be called a heartbreaker.


  • If I were you, I’d be careful of that Lady-killer.


Here is another word for a lady-killer. Not every womanizer is interested in making love to women. However, a man who moves about with different women in romantic positions is assumed to be in a sensual relationship with each of them.

A Lothario doesn’t have to sleep with a woman but he’s more interested in seducing women.

A Lothario is a man who is only interested in seducing women. This is a manipulative man who tries to get women to feel sensually attracted to him.

Most Lotharios are also addicted to sensual pleasure. However, only the desire to seduce women makes you a Lothario.

A Lothario is also a lady-killer because he makes women like him and moves to new women, hanging the others out to dry.


  • How did I come across you, you Lothario?


A man is a player if he makes women think he’s ready for a serious relationship while he isn’t ready for commitment. This is another name you can give a Lothario.

A player is a man who moves from one woman to another and enjoys deceiving them. A player may be deceiving women to lay with him while promising commitment. However, a player always has other motives only known to him. 

A player is always a Manipulator of feelings. This can be a man or a woman.


  • I’m not a player. It’s just you.


This is a word you can use instead of ‘Picky’. Being fastidious can make a man move from one woman to another. It can also make a man get dumped repeatedly.

The word contains two meanings; being hard to please and being difficult to deal with. When a man is hard to please, he’ll likely be difficult to deal with because he will always be complaining. In this case, he either ends the relationship or the woman does.

A fastidious man is picky and will jump from one woman to another in search of who can satisfy his desires.

A fastidious man may find it difficult to hold onto one woman if he’s fixed on his expectations.


  • He’s so fastidious. No woman can stay with him

Lady’s man

This is another name for a Lady-killer but one who is simply attractive to women. While a lady’s killer is uncaring and likely to break the hearts of women, a lady’s man is most likely a caring one.

When a man is called a lady’s man, then women can see the qualities they desire in a man. ‘Uncaring’ isn’t one of these qualities.

A lady’s man is one that’s attractive to women and can easily move from one to another.


  • I’m a lady’s man. I can always get a man.

Gamophobic (Fear of Commitment)

Here is another reason a man can jump from one woman to another. When a man is scared of commitment, he will find himself breaking the hearts of women as he succumbs to his insecurity.

A gamophobic man is one who is scared of relationships that requires one to be committed. This can make a man leave a woman when he senses commitment nearby.

 This can apply to both men and women.


  • He is gamophobic. The relationship is hopeless.


A stud is a hunk or a Lady-killer. This refers to a handsome man. While a stud isn’t necessarily a womanizer, ‘stud’ is used to refer to men who can get any woman they desire.

A stud is a man who is attractive and jumps from one woman to another. 

Positive words like ‘Stud’ are advisable if you don’t want to offend whom you are referring to.


  • He’s a stud. Makes it easier for him to break your heart.


A philanderer may refer to a man who frequently indulges in sensual intercourse. It is mostly used to refer to men who flirt or end their relationships at courtship and move to another one.

A philanderer is a deceitful flirt who moves from one woman to another. This refers to a man who never gets committed to a woman but is more interested in sensual pleasure.


Here is an euphemistic word for a Gigolo. However, this word can refer to both gigolos and call girls. An escort sleeps with women to get paid for it and, therefore, will not get committed to one.

An escort is a man who gets paid to sleep with women. It is necessary for him to move from one woman to another once his business requires so.

An escort is not necessarily a man and, like a gigolo, may deal with older or younger women as long as they are paying.


  • I’m not an escort. I don’t need your money.

The most suitable word to call a man who jumps from one woman to another is ‘Womanizer’. However, a man may not be a womanizer when he jumps from one woman to another. He could be ‘Fastidious’.

Other words you can use include ‘Escort’ (which refers to a male prostitute), ‘Gamophobic’ (the fear of commitment), ‘Satyromaniac’ (excessive desire for sensual pleasure in a man), ‘Lady-killer’ (an attractive but uncaring womanizer) and many more.

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