10 Words for Someone Who Is Good at Their Work

Research has shown that a lack of appreciation and recognition of workers could be a great factor, holding them back and lowering their level of productivity.

When workers who have proven to be efficient at their work are recognized and appreciated, they are happier, and this gets them fired up to work more.

Saying the right words to someone who is good at their work, be it your employee, colleague, or friend, doesn’t stop at showing recognition and appreciation but also value.

It shows that you value their creativity, time, and excellence. Have you been having a hard time, trying to figure out the right words you can use to commend someone who is proficient at their work?

In this article, I will be walking you through 10 intriguing gifts you can give to someone who is good at their work.

10 Great Words For Someone Who Is Good At Their Work

Someone who shows a great level of proficiency in their work ought to be commended. However, your choice of words ought to relate to the context of their proficiency.

The words you use for someone who is outstanding are quite different from the words you use for someone who blows your imagination.

In other cases, they may be good at their work because they are highly skilled at it. Below are words you can use for someone who is good at their work.

  1. Great Job!
  2. I am amazed at your tenacity.
  3. You are exceptional at what you do.
  4. Now, this is a job well done!
  5. It’s rewarding to have you on my team.
  6. Creative people like you are hard to come by.
  7. This is great! How did you come up with such idea?
  8. I didn’t look out for time during your presentation. You are so skillful at your job.
  9. The company’s growth would have tripled if I knew you before now.
  10. Requesting your help has saved me my job. I can’t thank you enough.

Great Job!

Words for Someone Who Is Good at Their Work

A person who is proficient at their work, we can say is someone who has done a great job. One magnificent way to acknowledge them for a job well done is by simply saying “Great job!”. You can also include their names to the phrase, for instance, ” Great job Jane!”.

This directly tells them that you do not only find their work outstanding but also satisfactory. And will in turn ignite their level of confidence and push them to do more.

I Am Amazed By Your Tenacity

If only being good at a certain job or skill was as easy as saying the words, “I am good at my job,” then everyone would be applauded for being amazing at their jobs.

However, because it requires a level of tenacity, and can carry out the processes required to have a job well done, everyone cannot be applauded.

Words for Someone Who Is Good at Their Work

Only a few people who are patient enough to undergo the tedious journey of attaining a job worth commending are tenacious.

On this note, when conversing with someone who is very good at their job, you can simply say, ” I am amazed at your tenacity.”

This shows that you acknowledge their driving force towards bringing their A-Game when it comes to their work.

You’re Exceptional At What You Do

When talking about someone who is good at their work, you sure aren’t talking about someone who does the norm.

Rather, it is headed toward an exceptional person. An exceptional person works towards acquiring the ultimate result, against all odds.

Words for Someone Who Is Good at Their Work

Since exceptionality is the factor that makes for a job well done, it ought to be commended. You can express to the person how outstanding you find their performance when carrying out their work.

This shows that their commitment to working is not like everyone else’s approach toward their work.

Now, This Is A Job Well Done!

An excellent delivery can easily be traced to someone who does an excellent job. They are inseparable because they strive for excellence in all aspects of their work.

At this point, where every singular facet of the project or job shows an incredible level of excellence, acknowledge that it is a job well done!

Make sure you use an affirmative tone when giving this response because it shows that you know what you’re talking about.

Words for Someone Who Is Good at Their Work

It’s Rewarding, Having You On My Team

If you were able to achieve your goal because a certain person was included in your team, you ought to acknowledge the fact that their effort helped you achieve your goal.

No doubt, working in teams is often intended to bring upward growth towards a certain goal. However, the input level of each team member differs, in the sense that some are committed to performing an excellent job while others just do the norm and do not consider doing what they are paid for.

When you realize any of your team member who is good at what they do and does not hesitate to make input for the team to tend towards success, you should commend them. Let them know how their presence on the team has made a great difference.

This will let them know how much you value their presence on the team as well as their input.

Words for Someone Who Is Good at Their Work

Creative People Like You Are Hard To Come By

It is no news that most people copy others. They do not want to undergo some rigorous process of thinking, researching, and planning in order to come up with their original idea. They just leverage other people’s ideas.

However, just like the third point above, which talks about exceptionality, creative people are exceptional people.

They are the ones you can consider “good at their work”, and since people like them are hard to come by, there is a great need to acknowledge their impact.

If you are around a person who is good at their work, do not hesitate to let them know how much you appreciate the level of creativity they display in their work.

Words for Someone Who Is Good at Their Work

This Is Great! How Did You Come Up With Such A Brilliant Idea?

Ever wondered why a person would be referred to as “good at their job?” It is often because every bit of their input is outstanding. They come up with ideas geared toward solving the problem at hand.

Words for Someone Who Is Good at Their Work

On this note, if someone displays so much excellence towards their job by coming up with brilliant ideas, it is appropriate that you acknowledge the significance of their idea.

This means that you acknowledge how much their idea has made a difference in a certain project or job.

I Didn’t Look Out For Time During Your Presentation. You Are So Skillful At Your Job

When someone performs well at their work, it is a pleasing moment to behold. Especially in a setting where they are to make enlightening presentations or speeches about what they do.

This excellent delivery can keep one glued to them all day without looking out for time. They just have a way of connecting every piece of vocabulary together to make terrific sense, and you are left to wonder, ” How does he/she know this much?”

When commending such a person, let them know how much value you gained for the time you sat under their session or presentation. and how it was only possible because they had mastered their craft.

The Company’s Growth Would Have Tripled If I Knew You Before Now

Have you ever met someone so proficient at what they do and, in your head, you scream, “Where have you been all my life?” Because when they are competent, there’ll be increased work productivity.

When applauding such people for the growth they have initiated, do not mince words in letting them know how much progress your company would have gained if they were on board earlier.

Requesting Your Help Has Saved Me My Job. I Can’t Thank You Enough

In a scenario where you were able to save your job by leveraging the skillfulness of someone, it is imperative that you acknowledge this. It doesn’t matter if they gave you that assistance for a fee or as a result of your friendship.

You should point out how their mastery at work played a key role in not only getting your job done but also maintaining your job. They sure will be delighted that they helped you out and won’t hesitate to help you when you next need them.

Words for Someone Who Is Good at Their Work


So there you have it, ten words you can use for someone who is good at their work. To bring this informative and interesting article to a close, you should understand the importance of acknowledging and commending someone’s effort, especially when it has to do with their level of excellence in their expertise.

It doesn’t matter whether or not they are your employee. You can kindly commend your friend for the level of mastery they have attained in their job.

Employers, on the other hand, are advised to commend their employees as often as they can in order to increase their level of productivity. On this note, I believe you now have a clear template of what word to use when someone does an awesome job.

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