15 Words for Someone Who Hates You for No Reason

It’s quite hard to believe that a person can hate you for no reason but it happens a lot. There are a lot of words in the dictionary that describe this act. Many of them are for specific situations and from different perspectives.

A person can detest you for no reason that he/she can point at but, most times, there is usually something inspiring the hate. However, we can always call it ‘no reason’ if it’s not a justifiable reason to be against a person.

One of the most common words used for someone who hates you is ‘Hater’. However, a word that may describe this situation much better is ‘Misanthrope’ which refers to a person who hates all mankind.

What do you call Someone Who Hates You for no Reason?

Here are 15 words to call a person who hates you for no evident or plausible reason.

  1. Hater
  2. Misanthrope
  3. Antisocial
  4. Cynic
  5. Sadist
  6. Narcissist
  7. Despiser
  8. Calumniator
  9. Abominator
  10. Loather
  11. Reviler
  12. Misogynist
  13. Racist
  14. Sociopath
  15. Bigot


A ‘Hater’ is simply a person who hates you and opposes you. This can refer to all your adversaries and people who detest whether they have plausible reasons or not.

While this word refers to everyone who hates you, nothing stops you from using this to describe a person who hates you for no particular reason.

A person can be your hater due to something you’ve done against him/her. He/she may also hate you due to a situation in which you have clashed. The word is also used for people who oppose others because of jealousy or competition.


  • He is just being a hater because I have better clothes than he does.
  • He is a hater. He’ll never listen to me.


A ‘Misanthrope’ is a person who hates you for simply being a human being. While this doesn’t refer to every person who hates you for no plausible reason, this may just be why he or she hates you.

Misanthropy refers to hatred for all mankind. If you ask me, this is not a good enough reason to hate anyone or everyone. However, if you ask a misanthrope for reasons to hate every human, he/she would probably have something to say.

While his/her reasons may be implausible to you, they are definitely reasonable and enough to him. He/she may cite several characteristics of most humans which definitely can’t apply to every person.

However, the idea of misanthropy generalizes these detested traits and makes the misanthrope unwilling to tolerate a person for simply being a person.

This word doesn’t work for every person that hates you. Some may have other reasons to hate you, even if they can’t state exactly why they do.


  • He is just a misanthrope. He does that to everyone.
  • Stop being a misanthrope! Not everyone is against you.


Words for Someone Who Hates You for No Reason

‘Antisocial’ is an adjective for a person who can’t or won’t get along with society or other people. This can refer to certain behaviors that do not promote friendships and relationships.

Part of being antisocial is refusing to participate in activities with other people, going against other people, or pushing people away. These can be considered signs of hatred.

 When you say a person is antisocial, it is more like calling him or her a misanthrope, though he/she doesn’t necessarily hate every human.

Saying a person is being antisocial mostly refers to the person’s actions as opposed to how you expect a friend or a normal person to act in social situations.

This word mostly refers to a person who isn’t willing to interact with people or certain persons. Examples of antisocial people are Introverts.


  • He is being antisocial towards me. I don’t know why.
  • He won’t talk to me. He’s just antisocial


A ‘Cynic’ is a person who has a hard time trusting others. He/she doesn’t necessarily hate people. However, Cynicism often makes the cynic do things you would only expect from someone that detests you.

A cynic is someone who believes everyone is selfish. A cynic is someone who believes everyone wants to stab him/her in the back. A cynic is filled with so much distrust that he/she starts to act in advance before his/her beliefs are proven to be true.

For example, a cynic can believe that his/her partner is trying to cheat. To prevent this from happening, the cynic can do things against his/her partner and these actions will be interpreted as hatred.


  • That cynic has been against me since I got here.
  • He has no reason to hate me. He is just a cynic.


A Sadist is a person who finds it pleasurable to hurt or put others in pain. In most cases, sadism doesn’t have to do with hatred.

However, the actions of a Sadist are those you’d expect from someone who hates you and wants to see you suffer.

A Sadist is like a misanthrope, in the sense that he/she can’t be against just you. In other words, Sadism and Misanthropy have to do with the hater than you.

The actions of a Sadist are not against one person but against everyone. A Sadist can want to see you suffer but most likely wants to do it to many other people.

If a person hates you for no particular reason and is being cruel to you, he/she may be deriving pleasure from making you hurt. In that case, that hater is a Sadist.


  • He’s a Sadist. It would please him to see me cry.
  • That sadist keeps coming after me.


A ‘Narcissist’ is a person who has an inflated sense of importance. A narcissist likes himself or herself excessively and expects others to regard him/her in the same way.

While a narcissist is not necessarily an hater, the idea of professing natural hate for another person suggests an inflated sense of importance.

 When your hater claims to hate you for no reason, he/she most likely wants his/her opinion to matter concerning you. This is narcissistic in nature. While a narcissist doesn’t necessarily hate you or anyone, a person who hates you for no reason is being narcissistic.

For example, a cynic considers himself or herself important enough to be plotted against. A cynic also assumes himself or herself to be the only trustworthy person on the planet.


  • That narcissist hates me for no reason.
  • It’s narcissistic to just hate a person. Who do you think you are?


A ‘Despiser’ is simply someone who hates you. ‘Despise’ is one of the closest synonyms of ‘Hate’ ad refers to feelings of dislike or hatred for something or someone.

A despiser may or may not have a reason to hate you. This word can be used in the same way as ‘Hater’. It simply means a person who despises.

We all have something that we despise for no reason we can point at. In most cases, we despise something because we have an alternative that we prefer. Sometimes, we can’t even tell why we despise a particular thing but we do.

This also happens between humans. Whether your hater has a reason to hate you or not, you can call him/her a despiser.


  • He has been my despiser since our collision at the camp
  • He’s just a despiser. He doesn’t even know me.


The word, ‘Calumniator’, captures the acts of someone who hates you but the hatred is most likely for a reason, be it plausible or not. A ‘Calumniator’ is a person who attacks or slanders another person. He/she would make personal attacks and try to defame the other person.

This refers to someone who is trying to destroy the reputation of another person. The calumniator can have good reasons for these actions. However, his/her reasons may be competition or jealousy.

If your hater is someone who has been attacking you in public and trying to turn everyone against you, then he/she is a calumniator


  • The calumniator has no reason for his actions.
  • He is just a calumniator. We’ve never interacted.


An ‘Abominator’ is a person who has set something or someone up as his/her abomination. To abominate is to dread something greatly. An abominator may or may not have reasons to hate you. 

To abominate is to dread something and refuse to tolerate it. An example is Apostle Paul in the bible when he used to be Saul. This bible character hated the Christians for being Christians so he was against every follower of Christ for no plausible reason.

Saul had so much dread in him that he wouldn’t tolerate any Christian he came across and he would go to any length to hurt them. This is what you can expect from an abominator.


  • Stop being an abominator. He’s human too.
  • That abominator must not find me here.


A ‘Loather’ is a person who loathes something or someone. This is another close synonym of ‘Hater’ and it doesn’t necessarily mean the loather hates you for ‘no reason’. You can use this word in referring to every person who appears to abhor you.

Whether we have done wrong or not, we always have someone who doesn’t really like us. Sometimes, they have actually plausible reasons that we may be overlooking.

In other cases, the reasons are so implausible that even the loathers are not conscious of it. In this case, when the loather is asked for a reason, he/she would most likely say ‘No reason. I just don’t like him.’

If you are not aware of the hater’s reasons for detesting you, you can simply call him/her a hater or a loater.


  • She is such a loather.
  • He keeps insulting me. He’s such a loather.


A ‘Reviler’ is a hater, abominator, or loather. ‘Reviler’ is another word you can use in place of ‘Hater’. ‘Revile’ simply means disliking or abhorring something.

‘Reviler’ refers to everyone who hates you and won’t tolerate you. It is not special to people who have no reason to hate you so this may refer to people you have offended or people who have good reasons to find you intolerable.

Like the ‘Hater’, it is a general word for people that hate you.

Words for Someone Who Hates You for No Reason


  • To all my revilers, good luck hating on me.
  • Stop being a reviler to someone you’ve not even met.


A ‘Misogynist’ is a man who hates women for no reason. A misogynist has prejudiced views against women and will look down on whichever woman he meets.

While this doesn’t refer to all people who hate for no reason, that hater may be against you because you are a woman.

Like Misanthropy which is hatred for all mankind, Misogyny is hatred for all womankind. A misogynist may not have a reason to hate a woman than his natural detestation of women.

However, he may also be able to say why women should be hated but those views will be implausible and stereotypical.

The stereotypical view of a misogynist can make it seem as though he hates you for no reason. When he dwells on a stereotype, he doesn’t have to confirm whether it applies to you or not since he already believes it applies to all women.

Therefore, he will display his hatred for women to you equally without letting you know why.


  • He is a misogynist. It’s because I’m a woman.
  • He doesn’t even know me and the misogynist is already tackling me.


A ‘Racist’ is a person who hates people of other races or considers his race to be better. A racist may simply believe that there should be a barrier between races and will show favor to people of his race rather than other races. Most racists are often filled with hatred for other races.

If you are wondering why a person hates you, it may be due to your race. Race, however, isn’t a good reason to hate a person. Sometimes, the hatred is built on a stereotype about your race.


  • He’s racist. He doesn’t want me here.
  • Don’t be racist. She did nothing to you.


 A ‘sociopath’ is an antisocial person who is often violent. This is a disorder that prevents a person from being able to socialize with others. Such a person can demonstrate cynic or violent behaviors which can be often misconstrued as hatred for others.

If a person appears to hate you for no reason, he/she may simply be unable to socialize with you. However, this should be clear when you see how he/she treats others. A sociopath most likely acts the same around every one or most persons.


  • He is a sociopath. He doesn’t like me.
  • He’s naturally like that. Such a sociopath.


A ‘Bigot’ is a person who discriminates due to intolerance of differences. A racist is an example of a bigot. A bigot will show hatred for no reason other than what makes you different from him/her.

 Your hater may be acting up or going against you because you are different. The difference can be anything including gender, race, religion, etc.


  • He is a bigot. I didn’t offend him.
  • He has no reason to hate me. He’s just a bigot.

There are several words you can call a person who hates you, ranging from simple words like ‘hater’ and ‘reviler’ to more intense words like ‘misanthrope’ and ‘sociopath’.

However, the one word which may describe a person who has chosen to hate you and only you for no good reason is ‘Narcissist’.

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