15 Words for Someone Who Is Easy to Talk To

Being easy to talk to is a very nice trait that will help you make and keep friends. However, what does it really mean to be easy to talk to?

While we can’t control how people talk to us or make them do so, we can control parts of us that influence approaching people.

In this article where we give 15 words to call someone who is easy to talk to, we will be explaining what it means to be easy to talk to.

One of the common words to call a person who is easy to talk to is ‘Friendly’. There are several features of a person you call a friend which makes him/her easy to talk to.

15 Words for Someone Who is Easy to Talk to

There are many English words for a person that is easy to talk to. Being easy to talk to goes a very long way to include several characteristics that a person must possess. We will be looking into some of them as we explain the 15 words to call someone who is easy to talk to.

  1. Friendly
  2. Affable
  3. Approachable
  4. Congenial
  5. Accessible
  6. Personable
  7. Interesting
  8. Warm
  9. Chatty
  10. Open-minded
  11. Sociable
  12. Expressive
  13. Agreeable
  14. Cordial
  15. Buddy-buddy


A Friendly person is one who is warm, approachable, and easy to relate with. You are considered friendly when you have characteristics that invite people and make you easy to converse and deal with. 

Being friendly is not necessarily being recognized as a friend but acting like one. This has to do with treating both friends and strangers as friends and this automatically makes you easy to talk to, even to new acquaintances.


  • I can be friendly when I want to. It depends on my mood.


Words for Someone Who Is Easy to Talk To

Being affable contains so many friendly traits including being sociable. If you consider a person easy to talk to due to how social he/she is, you can call him/her affable.

Affable is the right adjective for referring to a person who is easy to talk to and socializes with people. An affable person is one who receives people kindly and converses freely. This has to do with accommodating everyone irrespective of how very little you know about them.

Being accommodating makes you easy to approach and talk to. This makes you affable.


  • I expect everyone to be excited and affable to one another.


Being approachable matters a lot and this can give the impression that you are easy to talk to. This has to do with both your appearance and how you receive people, including strangers and new acquaintances.

Approachable is the adjective for a person that is easily approached and talked to. An approachable person is one who wears a friendly countenance and is warm in receiving people.

Your countenance calls people in while your warmness makes people comfortable around you. This is what makes a person easy to talk to.

When you find it difficult to move closer to a person, it will be equally difficult to start a conversation with him/her.


  • He looks more approachable than usual.


Congenial has two meanings; the first refers to the similarity between two people i.e. having things in common with another person; the second meaning of Congenial refers to the act of being friendly and easily socializing with people.

Congenial is a good adjective to qualify a person who is sociable and easy to talk to. The word can also be used to qualify the similarity between you and another person which makes it easy to talk to him/her.

A congenial person is one who socializes freely with people and relates with everyone warmly. When you say a person is congenial to you, it means you have things alike, making it easier for the both of you to connect.

If you are referring to a person who you find easy to talk to, even if others don’t, you can refer to the person as being ‘congenial to you’.


  • You were described as congenial. This is disappointing.


We can use this in two ways. It can refer to being able to meet a person before talking to him/her. It can also refer to being able to get the attention of a person. In both cases, the person may not be generally accessible but can be accessible to you.

Accessible is an adjective for a person who is easy to access and talk to. An accessible person is one who is physically or socially available to everyone or to just you.

You can qualify a person as being accessible if you believe that he/she is open to receiving anyone at virtually any time. However, you can only say he/she is accessible to you if he/she can’t be accessed by everyone.

When a person is inaccessible to you, he/she would be difficult to talk to.


  • I will handle it. The lecturer is accessible to me


Personable is the adjective for a person who has looks and manners that invite friends and acquaintances to socialize.

A personable person is one who wears a smile and looks that appear friendly to everyone and have manners that make people want to socialize with him/her. A personable person wears a friendly look while equally being friendly in manners.

While a person’s manners matter more in people’s judgments, looks can come first and prevent people from getting to know your sociable manners.

Words for Someone Who Is Easy to Talk To


  • I may not be personable but I know what I’m doing.


Being easy to talk to can also include enjoying a conversation with a person. It is not necessarily about you having to say anything in a conversation.

If you are talking to a person who seems to be listening without giving you a response, it is only a matter of time before you get tired of the ‘conversation’.

However, being engaging makes a person easy to talk to. Being engaging doesn’t necessarily imply that he/she never stops talking.

Interesting is a good adjective for a person who keeps your attention and interest in a conversation. An interesting person is one who is able to rouse and keep your interest in a conversation. When a person is interesting to chat with, you can expect him/her to have ideas to share, making the conversation enjoyable. 

Being interesting includes being a good listener, a good speaker, and a good engager.


  • You are interesting to chat with.


If a person isn’t accommodating, it may feel as though you are forcing a conversation with him/her. You won’t be getting good responses from him/her and the conversation could end anywhere.

However, being warm implies that the person appreciates your presence in the conversation and responds with life.

Warm is the adjective for a person who is caring and easy to engage with. A warm person is one who is friendly and accommodating, as with a friend, irrespective of who it is.

This quality makes a person treat another as a friend whether or not they are familiar with each other.

When you are warm, you are easily approached and the conversation is comfortable for the other person.


  • She is so warm. It felt as though we were already friends.


Chatty can be used for a person who is believed to talk too much. It is a more polite word for ‘talkative’. The word, however, also refers to the act of being fond of engaging with people. Therefore, you can use this for someone who easily engages with people.

Chatty is the adjective for a person who freely talks to everyone and is easily approached. A chatty person is one who is fond of having conversations. This makes him/her easy to converse with.

A chatty person always has ideas to engage with your topic. Also, you get to know when a chatty person is paying attention to your conversation due to the consistent verbal confirmations.

While a chatty person is nearly always interested in a conversation, he/she may not be the best to talk to if you just want a person who will listen to you.


  • Being chatty is fun but it’s better with some listening skills.


Have you ever chatted with a person who tiring to converse with? A person can be tiring to converse with when he/she can’t understand what you are saying, is not paying attention, or keeps trying to change the topic. Part of being easy to talk to is keeping an open mind during conversations.

Open-mindedness is when a person is good at listening and accepting the ideas and opinions of others. An open-minded person keeps an open ear during conversations and gets your point before responding.

This makes it easy to get along with him/her without being stressed out by unnecessary repetitions.

Being open-minded however doesn’t mean the person won’t be speaking. With verbal confirmations of his/her understanding, this makes him/her easier to talk to.


  • He’s not as open-minded as I thought.


Here is another word for Personable, though it has less to do with looks. This word contains two characteristics; it has to do with socializing; it also has to do with having characteristics that are socially acceptable or inviting.

A sociable person is one who freely socializes with people. It may also refer to a person who has friendly manners which make him/her easy to socialize with.

When these two characteristics are featured in one person, it is very easy to talk to him/her.


  • I’m trying to be as sociable as possible.


Here is another word for a chatty person. Not many people are expressive and this is considered a sign that a person is into a conversation.

When you are chatting with a person who is free around you, it becomes easy to loosen up around him/her.

An expressive person is one who conveys how he/she feels and what he/she thinks in a conversation. An expressive person freely engages in a conversation, making it easy for the other person to do the same.


  • It’s fun chatting with expressive people.


Being easy to talk to doesn’t necessarily refer to casual conversations. ‘Being easy to talk to’ also includes being easy to convince to see things from another person’s perspective.

This word can be used both negatively and positively but is a polite word even when it means negative. You can call a person easy to talk to if he/she is a person you can always get to agree to your decisions.

An agreeable person is one who easily agrees to opinions and decisions and is ready to give consent. This is a person you can talk to when you need his/her help with something that may bear risks.

Agreeable is also used for a person who is easy to deceive and doesn’t have opinions of his/her own.


  • We can go to the professor. He is an agreeable person.


Here is another word for a person who is warm and friendly. You can also say a person is cordial to you if he/she is warm, sincere, or affectionate with you.

A cordial person is one who is accommodating and treats everyone like a friend. This person is accessible to everyone and can always be conversed with by anyone.


  • I’ve never met such a cordial person.


You can use this word for a friendly person. When a person is considered to be buddy-buddy with another person, it implies that they are acting like friends who are very close to each other.

‘Buddy-buddy’ is the adjective for being friendly and expressing close familiarity with a person. This doesn’t necessarily have to do with just two people, however. A warm person can be buddy-buddy with everyone.


  • You shouldn’t be so buddy-buddy with everyone.

‘Friendly’ is the most common word for qualifying a person who is easy to talk to. Other similar words that sum up the qualities of being easy to talk to include; ‘Accommodating’, ‘Warm’, ‘Cordial’ etc.

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