15 Words for Someone Who Lives off a Woman

In the world today, there are a lot of situations that are less than ideal and would call for unsavory methods to survive. In situations like this, anyone is fair game as long as they can help.

So, a young lady who happens to be able to handle herself and others can be found to be worth sticking to in a relationship or dependency.

So looking forward, we will discuss a few different ways to refer to these kinds of people and to make things easy for one trying to describe them.

15 Words For Someone Who Lives Off A Woman

Words for Someone Who Lives off a Woman

Given the situation and the person involved, it could be either a necessary norm that in its own time would end, or it would be simply unappealing behavior that most wouldn’t want to identify with.

So, here are a few different words one could use to refer to these kinds of characters:

  1. Gold digger
  2. Trophy husband
  3. Freeloader
  4. Moocher
  5. Opportunist
  6. Money Grabber
  7. Forty-niner
  8. Parasite
  9. Leech
  10. Fair Weather Friend
  11. Scrounger
  12. Hang-on
  13. Child/Son/Daughter
  14. Bottom Feeder
  15. Predator

Key points

  • A gold digger is a person who only after the money he or she can get from a person
  • A leech or parasite goes after everything that can get their hands anyhow they can get.
  • A fair-weather friend is a person who sticks around when the going is good to enjoy the benefits of someone else

1. Gold Digger

Generally, gold diggers are people who in a romantic relationship care more about their partner’s wealth than love and companionship.

Although we mostly hear females being the gold diggers in a relationship, guys who live off a woman for the same reason as a gold digger, pass as gold diggers.

If it is in a friendship, they might live off the woman for the security and resources that she will provide. Gold diggers do not make an effort to contribute, instead, they play the pathetic victim that needs help.

2. Trophy Husband

A trophy husband (or wife) is a person who is married to another because of what they have be it in terms of physical attractiveness, resources, network, and so on.

A trophy husband does not care for companionship and love, and is there only for what he can get from the woman in question. He can make it known to her that he intends to live off her even if he has the means to stand on his own.

A trophy husband is usually in the marriage for other benefits that are long-term.

3. Freeloader

Whether male or female, a freeloader is a person who makes it a habit to take from others. They take advantage of whatever they can get from a person and continuously take from them without reciprocating it.

A freeloader also feels entitled to whatever they take. They might not deserve it but they would feel it is their right one way or another and they would keep depending on the person for all they need till they can no longer enjoy such benefits.

4. Moocher

You may not have heard this word before because it is colloquial but it is another word to use in place of freeloader. A moocher, like a freeloader, takes from the woman that they rely on and neither contributes in return nor repays the giver.

One thing about the moocher however is that they are not self-sufficient. They do not try to provide for themselves and they do not believe they can. They constantly make requests for anything they need from whoever can give them.

5. Opportunist

Words for Someone Who Lives off a Woman

I am sure the first thing that came to mind was someone who takes every available opportunity but that’s not it. An opportunist looks for an opportunity wherever he can find it without considering the feelings of others.

An opportunist who lives off a woman would not mind if she has enough for herself or if she is hurt by his or her actions.

Worse still, opportunists are not loyal so they can move from one woman to another taking as much from them and not caring about the effects of his or her actions.

An opportunist is a good name to call a person who lives off a woman if you don’t want to sound or if the person you are talking about doesn’t know what it means.

6. Money Grabber

If the person who lives off a woman is there just for money then it’s safe to call him or her a money grabber. They are easy to spot in any type of relationship.

To begin with, they are more particular about the wealth of who they are staying with. They also make it very clear what they need and why they are there. Their self-interest matters more to them than any other thing.

Money grabbers are also very obsessed with money. If they are friends or family with someone who is wealthy, they try to get close and pitch a tent so they can be entitled to some of it regularly.

If they are guys who are living off a woman for her money, they feign romantic interest and take off when they feel the woman no longer provides them with enough money.

7. Forty-niner

If you are not conversant with history then you have probably never heard the name forty-niner.

Here’s a quick lesson: two centuries ago, there was a gold rush in southern California.

The exact date was 1849 and many men rushed to California to get gold. Those men were called forty-niners.

Today, a forty-niner is a person who is only interested in getting something out of someone. They don’t really care about the person, just what they can get.

It is a slang that is a good alternative to an exploiter and we know what an exploiter does.

8. Parasite

This derogatory term implies that a person is of no value to whoever they are living off of. In the past, it used to mean a person who eats at your table but never invites you to theirs.

It is a way to criticize a person’s behavior of exploiting others for what they have and giving in return.

Parasite is seen as undeserving of what they enjoy because of how consistently they enjoy such benefits and how they never ever repay those benefits. With time, the one-time favor becomes a regular thing.

9. Leech

We all know what it means when you call someone a leech. Just like the nasty, bloodsucking animal, a person who lives off a woman takes advantage to her own detriment. They take from you till they sap you of all you have.

Another thing about leeches is that they do not contribute nor give back what they have taken. While they take from you, they are oblivious to your needs.

If there is anything that looks like an advantage, they stay when it gets tough but only so they can scrape out the last you have.

10. Fair-Weather Friend

Words for Someone Who Lives off a Woman

While a fair-weather friend does not exactly match the description of living off a woman, they are very similar.

A person who is a fair-weather friend would be around to get whatever they can from whoever they are clinging to.

They always seem like they are around, and everywhere you are but they are very unreliable.

The only unique thing about a fair-weather friend is that they leave once the going gets tough. They don’t stick around to see what more they take and at the first sign of trouble they high tail it out, and become suddenly unreachable.

Even though you gave them everything they ever asked or needed whether it was convenient for you or not, when you are in need they turn hostile and refuse to help.

11. Scrounger

A scrounger is a person that lives off people by trying to get everything for free. He or she does not want to buy it whether or not they have the means. They are also known for their incessant borrowing and they rarely pay back.

You can call a scrounger a cheapskate who just wants to get everything for free.

A scrounger would want to do anything to get a crack at a freebie and he/she would unabashedly live on free samples and would rather not have anything at regular price.

They would rather only go shopping for things they need when there’s a bargain sale for them or they are being given away than buy them as any other person would.

12. Hang-on

As the name would imply, these people are the clingy type of humans who would latch on to anyone with the slightest prospect to profit them and proceed to milk them as much as they can for as long as they can (emphasis on “as long as they can”).

This name would be a great fit if the person in question was just in any sort of relationship with the lady just to get some free food and living.

This name does not exactly sound as harsh as some of the other names on this list, so it is relatively safe to use while being polite to these people if you have them in your life perchance.

Sometimes, they mean no real harm and just do it out of a feeling of helplessness that was helped by her, but it is still distasteful nonetheless.

13. Child/Son/Daughter

Now of course no one would have expected these two to have anything to do with this list, but it is true that they live off of a woman. That woman being their mother.

Especially in the case of single parenthood, having a mother in any good sense of society’s norm means having a woman you live or live off of.

Now is this a bad thing? No, absolutely not. It is the parent’s responsibility to take adequate care of and to meet every need of the children as best they can.

So, this is among those one would call a norm in society. However, this name can also be used to describe the immature state of a person who lives off of any other woman for too long.

Most adults learn to take care of themselves. Only children need an adult to cater to every need they have.

14. Bottom Feeder

The phrase “bottom feeder” refers to a person or creature who engages in opportunistic or unethical conduct, frequently taking advantage of others or preying on weak situations for personal gain.

It can also apply to aquatic animals that eat detritus or tiny organisms found on the bottom of bodies of water. The meaning of a word might change based on the situation, but here we are laying emphasis on the first meaning.

Now while this might seem jovial due to the ways it is used in pop culture today, it holds the same meaning as many of the others in this list.

It speaks of their dependency and the mostly dishonest means they employ to get what they want. Mooching off others and feeling good about it. There is nothing good about such behavior. Which is why a “bottom feeder” can be used to describe them.

15. Predator

Words for Someone Who Lives off a Woman

Not everyone is mellow when collecting things they want. This name is for people who live of a woman and aren’t ashamed of it but are instead aggressive and strong-handed about it, making sure to shut down any resistance by force.

They do not take no for an answer and will stop at any length to get what they want. A predator is the worst type of person to live off a woman because they will drain her completely.

With all that has been said, moochers are usually a pain. Sometimes, like in the case of family, it’s taken to be normal and even great since there is a drive to care for your own as a human.

But other times, it is simply pathetic to look at. Instead of living off another person, it is usually best to become your own person and be capable enough to solve your own problems and even some of society’s problems as well.

To conclude, we hope with these terms we have given, you can now have conversations with others and be able to refer to such people as they might be in these situations.

But please do so with caution, so as not to get in trouble with them, as no one wants to be called a parasite.

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