11 Words for Someone Who Loves Rain

There is a unique set of people all around the world who have fallen in love with rain and all that comes with it. These people take pleasure in not just the coolness of the weather, but also the sounds of raindrops clattering against rooftops and windows.

The feel of hundreds of those falling liquid crystals hitting their faces or their bodies, the activities such seasons bring, like dancing and playing in the rain, etc. They enjoy such things greatly and don’t try to hide it.

But what would you be able to call these rain lovers? What tag could you put on these unique individuals who love the rain a little more than the average person, to separate them from the rest? Take a stroll down and see what we found!

11 Words For Someone Who Loves Rain

Many people love the rain but there are different types of love for the rain, or better put, there are different things that people love about the rain.

Whatever part of the rain you love – the smell, the raindrops, or maybe just sleeping through it – there is a name for it.

They are all connected to the rain so let’s explore all of them:

  • Pluviophile
  • Drizzle Aficionado
  • Puddle Enthusiast
  • Deluge devotee
  • Tempest Slumberer
  • Ceraunophile
  • Petrichorist
  • Hyetalophile
  • Ombrophile
  • Nimbusian
  • Chionophile 

1. Pluviophile

Words for Someone Who Loves Rain

A person who delights in rain and rainy days and is entranced by the rain’s sights, noises, etc, is who is referred to as a “Pluviophile”.

This specific set of people got a whole name dedicated to them for their avid love for everything rain. Rain to them is a reason to be happy. They love the sound, sight, and smell of rain like the next person as long as it is not too heavy and full of thunder and lightning.

If you just want to give them a name, this one works perfectly for adults who will understand what it means.

Calling someone a Pluviophile would be one of the best compliments you give them as it would show that you acknowledge and still accept their love for all that has to do with rain.

2. Drizzle Aficionado

Another great way to refer to someone who finds joy and interest in the splendor of light rainfall is “Drizzle Aficionado”.

They take delight in light showers or drizzles and every other thing about it. A drizzle aficionado can take a walk during a drizzle just to feel the drizzle on their skin.

They also like the ethereal quality of nature during a drizzle and they enjoy the tranquility that it comes with.

While the title is not popular, it is a playful and sweet way to refer to them and praise their delicate affection for drizzles. These kinds of people love simple, small things and it makes them calm and relaxed.

3. Puddle Enthusiast

Although it is common with adults, a puddle enthusiast is a lover of rain who loves to jump into puddles. They love watching puddles form, staring at them, and then splashing around into them.

Older people might just enjoy watching their reflections and exploring puddles however they please. They also enjoy other things like the smell of rain, the wind, ripples on the surface of a puddle so much more.

While the rain might not be their main source of joy, they love rain and the rainy weather because it creates the puddles they love.

4. Deluge devotee

Words for Someone Who Loves Rain

This is a special name for people who like heavy downpours. They are the very opposite of a drizzle aficionado because of everything about a rainstorm. From the rain to the thunder and lightning and the heavy winds, they enjoy the force and intensity of a rainstorm.

A deluge devotee usually has an adventurous spirit and is very enthusiastic about the rain. This matches with who they are and they engage in storm-chasing activities such as observing and documenting the rain.

5. Tempest Slumberer

Some people love the rain because the atmosphere is cool and they find it perfect for sleeping. It is, to them, a great time to take a siesta or nap. They fall asleep easier listening to the pitter-patter of rain and enjoying the wind. Even if they are cold, they swaddle themselves to be warm and cozy.

These people are tempest slumberers and no matter the type of downpour, they will use it as an opportunity to take a nap and rest well. While others would be frightened by the wind and thunder, they sleep through it so easily.

6. Ceraunophile

You might never have heard this word before but I am sure you have heard and witnessed a thunderstorm. Well, that is all this word is about. A ceraunophile is a person who loves thunderstorms. Coupled with the lightning, they enjoy the loud sounds that would make others tremble.

Ceraunophile originates from the word “keraunos” which is Greek for thunderbolt. Thunderstorms make them excited.

They love to watch the lightning light up the sky, the low and sudden rumble of thunder, and every other thing associated with the phenomenon of thunderstorms.

7. Petrichorist

You know that smell while it’s pouring? That very unique smell is what some people are enthralled with. That smell of raindrops hitting the dry earth is called petrichor and those people who are enchanted with it are called petrichorists.

These types of people may not particularly love the rain, but right before the showers begin, they open their windows, take in the air, and enjoy it as it starts till it is too cold. They experience peace of mind and calm while it lasts.

8. Hyetalophile

Words for Someone Who Loves Rain

If you are looking for a synonym for Pluviophile, then you can call anyone who loves rain a  Hyetalophile. It is a very uncommon but unique title for a rain lover. It comes from the word hyetal which means related to rainfall.

Hyetalophiles have a deep appreciation for rain and the rainy weather. They enjoy the raindrops, the tranquility, the wind but aside from all of that the season as a whole resonates with something deep in them.

For some, it even serves as a source of inspiration and gives them a sense of renewal.

9. Ombrophile

Just like hyetalophiles and petrichorists, ombrophiles are people who have a strong affection for the rain. What sets them apart however is that they enjoy the ambience of the weather and all that they can enjoy during a rain shower.

For example, when it rains, they see it as the best time to study or to read. The atmosphere makes it conducive for them.

Ombrophiles also enjoy the visual beauty. The raindrops on the window, the leaves, the clouds, the sky, and all of that. The aesthetic of the environment during the rain appeals to them greatly.

10. Nimbusian 

A nimbusian is more concerned with the rain clouds. While they love the rain, they are drawn to rain clouds which are called nimbus. They not only look at clouds, but nimbusians study clouds, their formation, shapes, and patterns.

They also try to tell which would bring rain and during a rainstorm, they are glued to their windows staring at the clouds, appreciating and observing the environment. Their love for rain clouds also draws nimbusians to study some weather-related topics.

11. Chionophile 

Words for Someone Who Loves Rain

A chionophile is a person who loves cold weather or snow. This cold weather includes a lot of wind and a cold atmosphere from a heavy downpour. They would like the goosebumps on their skin, breathing in the cold air and exposing themselves to it

These people love the rain for the chill that comes with it and they would love it to stretch for hours on end while they situate themselves by an open window to take in the cold-scented air.

To wrap it all up, there are different kinds of people in today’s world. Some see the rain as a disturbance to their daily activities, others see its season as a cool and romantic “weather for two”, a time for indoor romance. But some people see the rain as a highlight of their day and a great reason to be alive.

And with the list we’ve made for you just above, we believe you now have a few more ways to refer to that friend, that neighbor, that family, classmate, anything, as the avid rain lovers they are.

Rain is beautiful! It’s no wonder that so many people love it so much.

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