15 Words for Someone Who Loves Wine

When was the last time you had good wine? Well, there are people who love wine so much and they have an excess of it.

Some get jobs that have to do with making wine or drinking wine. Some are so good at tasting wine that they can tell the major ingredients of every wine they taste.

There are several words you can use in addressing a person who loves wine. You can use words generally used for lovers of drink. However, there are actual words for people who specifically love wine.

One of the oldest words for a lover of wine is ‘Winebibber’. This word has been around for centuries and is used to address a person who drinks wine or alcohol habitually.

15 Words for Someone Who Loves Wine

The English Dictionary provides several words for referring to someone who loves wine. There is also English slang for a lover of wine.

Keep reading as we explain 15 words for a person who loves wine.

  1. Oenophile
  2. Winebibber
  3. Connoisseur
  4. Lush
  5. Binge drinker
  6. Alcoholic
  7. Juicehead
  8. Enthusiast
  9. Drunkard
  10. Tipsificator
  11. Buff
  12. Vinophile
  13. Aficionado
  14. Dipsomaniac
  15. Boozer


An Oenophile is a person who has a fondness or appreciation for wine. An Oenophile is not necessarily a person who gets drunk on wine.

An Oenophile can show love for wine in multiple ways, including being able to detect what wine is made of or how old a bottle of wine is.

An Oenophile may also show love for wine by keeping bottles of wine from different brands.

An Oenophile can be compared to an art enthusiast who keeps artwork.


  • Don’t mind my obsession. I am an Oenophile.


Words for Someone Who Loves Wine

A winebibber is a person who drinks wine habitually. This is a positive word for a person who drinks wine in excess, as the word originally refers to a person who simply consumes wine regularly.

The drinking of wine has become a habit for the winebibber so he/she can hardly go a day without having a taste, a cup, or a bottle of wine.

A winebibber may also be called a wine addict but people may have contrasting opinions since the definition of winebibber isn’t compulsorily extreme.


  • That’s another one of the winebibbers but he’s moderate.


As mentioned earlier, love is shown in different ways and this applies to the love of wine also. When thinking of giving a name to a lover of wine, you can simply call him or her ‘a lover of wine’ or give a word that describes his/her love for wine.

If you are dealing with a person who works in the wine production Industry or just really knows about wine, you can call him/her a Wine Connoisseur.

A wine connoisseur is a specialist in making wine or tasting wine. This is a person whose opinion is valued by wine producers. They are often used to taste wine after production to know how good the wine is and ascertain how well it will be accepted by the public.

A connoisseur is a specialist in a given field whose opinion is valued. A wine connoisseur is a connoisseur in the wine production industry. 


  • We need a wine connoisseur to test our new products


This is one of the informal words on the list that may describe your wine lover. If you are referring to a person who takes alcoholic wine till he/she is drunk, you can call him or her a lush.

Lush is the slang word for a person who drinks alcohol to a stupor. This person is addicted to wine and drinks it to a stupor. The word, ‘Lush’, is also used to refer to intoxicating liquor. 

You can consider this an informal word for a winebibber. However, a Lush may be more extreme in the consumption of alcohol than a winebibber is. 


  • That lush must never be allowed in here again.

Binge drinker

Have you heard of ‘Binge drinking’? If you haven’t, you should already know what ‘Binge watching’ means. The word, ‘Binge drinking’, has to do with a specific habit in consuming wine or alcohol. If you know what it means to binge watch, you should already have an idea of what binge drinking means.

A binge drinker is a person who consumes an excessive amount of alcohol within a short period of time. You can also call this person a winebibber or a lush. However, this focuses on the specific act of consuming a lot of alcohol within a short timeframe. 

Just like binge watching refers to the act of watching several episodes of a TV show in a row, binge drinking refers to the act of drinking several bottles of alcohol at a go.


  • He’s a binge drinker when he’s excited.


It’s quite normal to wonder why some people get so interested in alcohol that they consume several bottles of it.

Despite how unpleasant some alcoholic drinks may taste to you, there are people who find them pleasant and get addicted to the taste.

A binge drinker is necessarily a wine addict and an addict to alcohol can be referred to as an Alcoholic.

An alcoholic is a person who is addicted to alcohol and consumes it in excess. This is a person who loves alcoholic wine and has an excess of it. 

You can also call him/her an alcohol addict. Not every wine contains alcohol so not all lovers of wine can be called Alcoholics.


  • I’m an alcoholic but I’m trying to change.


This is another slang you may use for a person who loves wine. In meaning, it is quite akin to that of Lush. The name, ‘Juicehead’, puts two slang words together which are ‘Juice’ and ‘Head’.

A juicehead refers to a heavy drinker of alcoholic drinks. A juicehead isn’t simply interested in the consumption of alcohol but also uses it till he/she loses or almost loses control.

Juicehead can also be used to refer to a Lush.


  • I don’t want another juicehead in my store.

Words for Someone Who Loves Wine


Just like Connoisseur, Enthusiast has its meaning which doesn’t necessarily have to do with wine. Love for wine can be displayed in multiple ways, as stated earlier. Some lovers of wine show their love by getting drunk on wine.

Some lovers of wine, however, are more subtle in the use of wine while still appreciating the beauty of wine. If you want to refer to a person who knows a lot about the history of wines, winemakers, and how they should taste, you can call him/her a Wine Enthusiast.

A wine enthusiast is a person who is very interested in wines. This kind of person may try to know what certain wines are made of or even learn about the history of winemakers. A wine enthusiast is like a connoisseur who doesn’t necessarily have to get drunk on wine.

A wine enthusiast can also be an addict of alcohol. However, this is a positive word, due to its limited definition. As much as it can refer to wine addicts, it can refer to connoisseurs and wine tasters.


  • He is just a wine enthusiast. He’s not stealing the bottle.


This is another word for an Alcoholic. Some people show their love for wine by getting drunk on it. If you are dealing with such a person, you can call him/her a Drunkard. Just like Lush and Juicehead, this is a pejorative statement for referring to an addict of wine and alcohol.

A drunkard is a person who habitually consumes alcohol in a stupor. Like most users of drugs take drugs till they lose control and do stupid things, drunkards take alcohol till they are controlled by their drunken state.

A drunkard is any person who consumes too much alcohol, whether it is wine or not. As long as it becomes a habit to be drunk, the person is a drunkard.


  • That drunkard is back in the pub.


If you are familiar with the word, ‘tipsy’, you should already know this is another word for people who like to get drunk. The word, ‘tipsificator’, came into use in the 19th century and was a tongue twister for anyone who’s starting to get drunk.

A tipsificator is a person who drinks something to excess. It is just another word for a Drunkard. It is also considered a tongue twister for drunkards, as the word is difficult to pronounce when a person is tipsy.

Tipsificator is not slang but is an informal word and may not be featured in some dictionaries.


  • I’m not a tipsificator. I just had a bad day


You can also use this for a wine enthusiast. Just like the words ‘Connoisseur’ and ‘Enthusiast’, a Buff doesn’t necessarily have to do with wine or a wine lover.

If you know a person who seems to appreciate good wine and is actively interested in it, you can call him/her a Wine Buff.


  • He’s a wine buff. He knows all there is to know about wine.


This is a synonym of Oenophile. If you are referring to a person who appreciates or is fond of wine, you can call him/her a Vinophile. However, this word can also be used if you want to refer to someone who drinks wine excessively.

A Vinophile can refer to a person who appreciates wine and its making. The word also refers to an alcoholic who gets drunk on cheap wine. The word however is considered positive, even if you are referring to a habitual Drunkard.

Vinophilia can be generally used for the love of wine, irrespective of how it’s shown and how extreme it is.


  • He is a Vinophile who never abuses the beauty of wine.


Here is another word for those who are simply interested in wine and the making of wine. This has less to do with consumption and more to do with the appreciation of good wine. This is another word for a Wine Enthusiast, a Wine Buff, a Wine Connoisseur, and an Oenophile.

A wine aficionado is a person who is interested in wine, knows a lot about wines, and appreciates it. This kind of wine lover knows wine and seeks to know more about wine so it goes beyond the consumption of wine.

A wine aficionado may simultaneously be an alcoholic but is not necessarily so. Most wine aficionados, however, are sophisticated and will not get addicted to alcohol.


  • A wine aficionado like me would be a disgrace not to appreciate this masterpiece.


When you see ‘mania’ in a word, what comes to your mind? ‘Mania’ often deals with excessive love for something or the uncontrollable desire to do something. If ‘Tipsificator’ doesn’t appear in your Dictionary, ‘Dipsomaniac’ should.

A dipsomaniac is a person who has a persistent craving for alcohol or who is habitually drunk. This is a more formal word for a Drunkard.

 A dipsomaniac can also be simply called a ‘Dipso’.


  • He is some sort of Dipsomaniac. Those bottles are still very few.


Booze is another name for Alcoholic beverages. This should give you an idea of what Boozer means. You can use this instead of Drunkard and Alcoholic. However, while it is not slang like ‘Juicehead’ and ‘Lush’, it is still very informal.

A boozer is a person who gets habitually drunk. This is used to refer to a lover of Alcoholic wine who consumes it in excess.


  • Don’t leave that boozer in your cellar.

There are many names for a lover of wine which include ‘Wine Lover’. However, there are more specific names for how well a person does with wine.

An excessive consumer of wine can be called ‘Dipsomaniac’, ‘Tipsificator’ etc. A person with a keen interest and knowledge of wine can be called ‘Oenophile’, ‘Wine Aficionado’, etc.

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