10 Words for Someone Who Uses a Woman

While sometimes, humans are a wholesome species, other times, we can be a bit disappointing. And a good example of people on the latter end of the spectrum.

Some of these people are people who feel it is okay to use a woman. Breaking her heart, and betraying her soul, some people think it is normal to manipulate women into doing things they would most rather not do.

Such behavior would be a far cry from the ideal lifestyle that humanity hopes for all to pursue, and it definitely has some names to give to the perpetrators of such acts of shame. Today we will name these people based on why or how they use women.

10 Words For Someone Who Uses A Woman

Here we have a list of a few different names a person with a habit of using women could be tagged with eventually by people around them or society.

While some of these are used sometimes in jest, other times, they are pretty strong words that have harsh meanings when used seriously. Here are 10 words for someone who uses a woman:

  1. Heartbreaker
  2. Player
  3. Opportunist
  4. Narcissist
  5. Gold digger
  6. Exploiters
  7. Mistreator
  8. Machiavellian
  9. Two-faced
  10. Grifter

Something to keep in mind

Before we look into all the names above in detail, let’s look at the names by considering their reason for using a woman:

  • If they are only keen on getting between her legs or getting intimate flavors from her, you can call this person a “Player“.


  • If it is for financial reasons or for a particular favor that they are able to get by coercing it by manipulating the woman into helping them, you can call them an “Opportunist“.


  • Lastly, if they are just there because of the woman’s beauty, intelligence, or humor (and I don’t mean they admire or appreciate her), you can call them a “user“.

1. Heartbreaker

A heartbreaker is a person who habitually causes people emotional pain. Usually, in a romantic relationship, these types of people can make promises to their partners or imply certain things.

They give hope and assure their partner that they will always be by their side. Eventually, they have no plans to stay a long time or commit to one person.

A heartbreaker makes all these promises to get something precious to the woman like her wealth or access that is a treasure to them. After they get it, they leave.

You don’t hear them talking about the promises they made and when they try to hold them accountable, they give you many reasons they would not and should not keep their words.

2. Player

A player is a person who uses someone for their intimate satisfaction. That is, they get into relationships for the sake of the intimate benefits they will get from it.

They are not willing to stick around and build a family. In fact, they have no emotional attachment for the women that they are with but would make sure that they have the strings to your heart to play you any way they please.

A player, for example, will ensure that you are tied to them but will never be to you. A player can be a woman too but it is mostly male and they are more after intimate gratification than any other things that the woman might have.

3. Opportunist

An opportunity like it clearly implies a person who seizes every opportunity that comes their way, but that’s not all. Opportunists take advantage of situations to their benefit and their benefit alone.

A man who uses a woman can be called an opportunist if he feigns interest in her, only to get something from her and dump it immediately after.

These types of people are not loyal hence they do not stay long with anyone and they leave the women they will when they get whatever they are interested in.

4. Narcissist

A narcissist is a person who has an inflated sense of self-importance and that lacks empathy for others around. He is also always on the lookout for admiration, praise, and every form of validation.

A narcissist can use a woman for the admiration she has for him. He can also be interested in her body or just see her as an object to be discarded when he is bored with her.

A narcissist looks down on people, hence he sees the woman as less of a human who is to do his every bidding and when she is no longer useful, he leaves a pile of wounds.

5. Gold digger

A very common name right? This term can be used for a person who uses a woman for financial or monetary matters.

They are only with her or stick around her for her money after which they would leave.

A gold digger is never around long and they only think of themselves, not the woman they are with. They will rather swindle her and then be gone than stay in the long run.

A gold digger can be a male or a female and they can also be called fair weather friends in any normal friendship, and gold diggers in any other type of relationship.

6. Exploiter

A person who uses a woman can also be called an exploiter. This is a formal term and it can be used for both males and females. Exploiters can do many things to a woman.

For example, he can financially exploit her by demanding money from her and forcing him to turn over her earnings. He can also gaslight or guilt trip her into doing things that she does not want to do.

An exploiter also tries to monitor the woman in question and take care of everything in her life so that she has no one to turn to or ask for help. This will go on until the exploiter is done and then he abandons her as a broken, wounded woman.

7.  Mistreator

It’s not your most common word but a person who uses a woman is a mistreator. This person has no good intentions for the lady and has done everything possible to get what he wants. In trying to achieve this, they abuse the woman in many ways and leave her hurt.

A mistreator has no sympathy for the woman they are with and for this they do whatever they like without feeling bad or guilty.

You don’t want someone who is uncaring about others in your life because you don’t know what they might do to you.

8. Machiavellian 

A Machiavellian is a person who unknown to other people uses cunning or mischievous ways to get what they want.

This can be on a large scale like in a power dynamic or a small scale like a personal relationship.

A Machiavellian for example can start a romantic relationship with you in other to get closer to you and get important confidential information.

When they make use of that information, they can end the relationship without knowing what they have done. A machallievan often goes for a woman in a high position or someone who is well connected.

9. Two-faced

People who use other people, or women can be called two-faced because they are not loyal, nor do they care for those they are using. A two-faced person can trash-talk a woman in private and praise her in public.

They can also cheat on their women, lie to their face, and act like the perfect husband. They are out to eat their cake and have it, and when they are done with their women they toss them out like yesterday’s trash.

A person who is two-faced is not loyal to anyone and you can never trust a person like this.

10. Grifter

A grifter is a person who deceives people into giving him money. They are known for the use of fraudulent means or many manipulate or play tricks to get money or other benefits from people.

It is grifters that make up sob stories for women. These women are then deceived by it, take pity on them, and take them in. With them, they start to give more and more to the grifter until they have no more.

Given the situations that would bring about this sort of matter, it is quite sad that some people would resort to these sorry methods to handle things. Such people by law are usually punished, and such is well deserved.

There is no justifiable reason to do such things or have them done to you.

In the case you know someone or (hopefully not) have any experience with such people, do call for help and involve the appropriate authorities, and with this list of names you also have a good number of ways to refer to such people in any description you wish to give.

Remember to always be cautious and vigilant, so as not to get caught off guard.

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