20 Words for Someone Who Works With Wood

When someone works with wood, they engage in various activities and professions related to crafting, shaping, and manipulating wood as a material.

If you’re unsure what to call someone who works with wood, you’ve come to the right place!

Maybe you want to compliment or praise a skilled woodworker for their craftsmanship, and you’re looking for the right term.

Below, I’ve compiled a list of great terms for someone who works with wood.

Words For Someone Who Works With Wood

  • Carpenter
  • Woodworker
  • Joiner
  • Cabinetmaker
  • Timber framer
  • Woodturner
  • Luthier (crafts musical instruments)
  • Cooper (makes barrels and casks)
  • Carver
  • Parquetry artist
  • Marquetry artist
  • Sculptor
  • Timber cruiser (assesses timber for quality)
  • Millwright (maintains industrial machinery)
  • Woodshop teacher
  • Log scaler (measures and grades logs)
  • Sawyer (operates sawmills)
  • Wood finisher
  • Wood inspector
  • Boatbuilder



  • A carpenter is a general term for a skilled craftsman who works with wood. So, no matter the person’s specialization in woodwork, this word will work well.
  • “Woodworkers” have more artistic or creative focus than other woodworking specialists. So, it’s a broader word to use for those who work with wood
  • “Joiners” are woodworking specialist who primarily focuses on creating joints and fittings in woodwork. So, it works well if the person often works on projects like cabinetry, doors, and windows, where joinery is crucial for functionality and aesthetics.
  • A cabinetmaker specializes in crafting cabinets and storage solutions from wood. So, it still makes sense as a word to use for someone who works with wood.


You can see that the exact best word to use for someone who works with wood depends on their area of specialization, that is, what they do during wood processing before it becomes finished goods.

I have been to several art exhibitions and craft shows where event organizers struggle with the right terms when categorizing participants based on their woodworking skills.

In the rest of this article, I will explain in great detail what my top seven word choices for those who work with wood mean and will provide examples to show you how they can be incorporated into sentences.


Words for Someone Who Works With Wood

Today, when we hear the term “carpenter,” we immediately think of someone who specializes in working with wood, whether it’s for construction, cabinetry, or other wood-related projects.

The word “carpenter” has evolved to accurately represent this profession and the expertise required to manipulate wood effectively.

Vocabulary.com puts it this way: A carpenter is a person who makes things out of wood

Carpenters have expertise in shaping, cutting, and joining wood has been passed down through generations, making the word “carpenter” synonymous with skilled woodworkers.

Meanwhile, the word “carpenter” comes from the Latin word “carpentarius,” which means “wagon maker.”

Long ago, carpenters were skilled craftsmen who primarily constructed wooden structures, including wagons, carts, and buildings.

Nowadays, the term “carpenter” is associated with those who work with wood.

Take a look at example sentences where this term is used:

  • We hired a skilled carpenter to repair the wooden beams in our historic farmhouse, ensuring its structural integrity.


  • The local carpenter specializes in custom-built cabinets and shelves for homeowners looking to optimize their storage space.


According to Dictionary.com, woodworkers work in wood, such as a carpenter, joiners, or cabinet makers. You can see that it undoubtedly stands for those who work with wood.

The word “Woodworker” is correct because it combines two important parts: “wood” and “worker.”  This combination gives us a clear and straightforward understanding of what this person does.

The first part of the word “wood” tells us the material or substance the person works with. In this case, it’s wood.

The second part of the word “worker” indicates that this person is engaged in some form of labor or activity.

A worker does a job or performs tasks related to a specific field or material. When you combine these two parts, “woodworker” describes someone who works with wood.

It means the person is skilled in manipulating, shaping, and crafting wood to create various objects or structures.

So, in a nutshell, “woodworker” is a perfect word because it combines “wood,” the material they work with, and “worker,” indicating their job or occupation.

Take a look at example sentences where this term is used:

  • If you need custom-made furniture, it’s best to consult a professional woodworker who can craft pieces tailored to your specific preferences and needs.


  • The local woodworker’s shop offers a wide range of handcrafted wooden toys, from simple building blocks to beautifully detailed dollhouses.


Words for Someone Who Works With Wood

A joiner is a skilled craftsman specializing in creating and assembling wooden structures by joining pieces of wood together.

The key reason for using the term “joiner” is to distinguish this profession from other woodworking roles, such as carpentry or cabinetmaking.

So, the inner is a more specialized word that won’t work for generalizing.

Joiners are known for their precision when joining pieces of wood. They excel in creating tight and secure connections between wooden parts, furniture, furniture, or other wooden structures.

For you to call someone who works with wood a Joiner means they often focus on interior woodwork, which includes making and fitting wooden components inside buildings.

So you can now see that “joiner” is the right word for someone who works with wood because it accurately reflects their specialized skills in joining and assembling wood pieces precisely

Take a look at example sentences where this term is used:

  • The furniture company hired a skilled joiner to create custom-made wooden cabinets for their high-end kitchen renovation project.


  • When the antique wooden door at the museum needed restoration, they called upon a talented joiner to repair the intricate joinery and bring back its original splendor.


A cabinet is a piece of wood made of wood with doors or drawers used for storing things.

Therefore, cabinetmakers are skilled craftsmen who specialize in creating these cabinets.

For you to call someone who works with wood a cabinetmaker means they work with wood to design, construct, and finish cabinets.

The person has to have expertise in selecting the right types of wood, cutting and shaping it, and assembling the pieces to create functional and aesthetically pleasing cabinets.

I like this word choice because it’s a straightforward term that tells you exactly what they do: they make cabinets out of wood.

Take a look at example sentences where this term is used:

  • The cabinetmaker carefully crafted a beautiful oak cabinet for the kitchen.


  • When we needed a custom bookshelf for our home library, we hired a skilled cabinetmaker to design and build a piece that perfectly matched our needs and style

Timber framer

Words for Someone Who Works With Wood

Timber is another word for wood, especially when it’s used for construction purposes. Timber can be cut and shaped into various forms for building structures.

A framer, according to Britannica, is someone who constructs frames. In the context of construction, a frame is the basic structure that provides the shape and support for a building.

It’s like the skeleton of a house.

When you combine “timber” and “framer,” you get “Timber framer,” which means someone who builds frames and structures using wood or timber.

Timber framers use traditional woodworking techniques and tools to carefully cut and fit wooden beams together to create the framework of a structure.

You will find these frames in all kinds of buildings, from homes to barns to commercial structures.

The special thing about this word choice is that it’s specialized.  “Timber framer” is a specific term distinguishing these craftsmen from other types of woodworkers.

It tells you exactly what they do: they use timber to create frames.

Take a look at example sentences where this term is used:

  • The historic church was built by a team of skilled Timber framers who used traditional techniques to create the intricate wooden trusses that still support the roof.


  • The construction company hired a Timber framer to design and build the timber frame for the new eco-friendly house.


In woodworking, “turning” refers to the process of shaping wood while it rotates on a lathe, a machine that spins the wood at high speeds.

Woodturners use chisels and other cutting tools to carve and shape the wood as it turns.

So, the magic of this word is the second part of the compound, “turner,” indicating the specific skill or technique this person specializes in.

Imagine you have a friend who’s good at making beautiful bowls, vases, and other rounded wooden objects.

You can call them a “Woodturner” because they specialize in turning wood on a lathe to create these items.

This term not only highlights the material they work with (wood) but also the specific technique they use (turning).

I think it’s one of the best words for someone who works with wood because it tells us exactly what they do – they work with wood by turning it on a lathe to craft a wide range of intricate and functional objects.

It’s a simple and precise way to describe their woodworking skills and expertise.

Take a look at example sentences where this term is used:

  • Vitalis is a skilled Woodturner who can transform a simple block of wood into a stunning piece of art using his lathe.


  • The local craft fair saw the presentation of a variety of artisans, including a talented Woodturner who displayed beautifully handcrafted wooden bowls and candleholders

Luthier (crafts musical instruments)

Words for Someone Who Works With Wood

“Luthier” is a correct word for someone who works with wood because it specifically refers to a skilled craftsman specializing in making and repairing stringed musical instruments, such as violins, guitars, and cellos.

While it may seem like a fancy or unfamiliar term, it makes sense when you break it down.

According to Wikipedia, “luthier” originates from the French word “luth,” which means lute, a stringed instrument.

The “-er” suffix in French is often used to denote a person who works with or makes a particular type of item.

So, a “luthier” works with lutes or, more broadly, stringed musical instruments.

Now, you might wonder why this word is used to describe people who work with wood. TMoststringed instruments, including lutes, guitars, violins, and cellos, have wooden bodies.

The wood used for these instruments is carefully selected and shaped to create the instrument’s body, greatly influencing its sound quality.

Luthiers work with different types of wood to create the various parts of a musical instrument, such as the top, back, sides, and neck.

Since most stringed instruments have wooden bodies, luthiers are essential artisans who use their expertise to create and maintain these beautiful melodic creations.

Take a look at example sentences where this term is used:

  • After years of playing, the guitarist decided it was time for maintenance and took his beloved instrument to a luthier for a thorough setup and fret dressing.


  • The local luthier is renowned, and musicians from all over the region seek his expertise in restoring vintage guitars to their former glory.


Woodworking is a broad profession. Before you call someone who works with wood a particular name, consider what they do with the material.

It could be only cutting, carving, joining, shaping, finishing, or even assembling wood to create a wide range of products.

I hope this post has helped you. Meanwhile, if you can’t memorize all the words here, you can bookmark this page and visit it whenever you need to remember a variety of dishes to use for someone who works wood.

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