20 Good Comebacks When Someone Says Stop Being a Poophead

Your emotions are one the best things that can bring you down to your lowest, especially when someone targets you to play down on you.

The use of abusive words like poophead is a great tool that can be used to get you worked up. Being called a poophead means you’re unintelligent and dumb.

However, you only get drawn to this drama when you fail to realize that you can take control of the whole situation. How then do I stay aloft even in the face of oppression?

You can do that by having something to say, especially when someone is trying so much to get under your skin by calling you a poophead.

In this article, I will be taking you on the best comebacks for someone who says you should stop being a poophead. Read on!

Best 20 Comebacks When Someone Says Stop Being a Poophead

Anyone who tells you to stop being a poophead might as well be calling you a poophead indirectly. The phrase which means the person is calling you a dummy is an insult, and you shouldn’t take it lightly with anyone who calls you that.

Below are the best comebacks you can lay your hands on, fashioned for when someone tells you to stop being a poophead.

  1. Interestingly, I’m getting this from a dickhead
  2. I’d suggest you stop calling out yourself
  3. I never asked for you name, so why tell me?
  4. Here we go again with loud words from the empty jar
  5. Did you have a look in the mirror before saying that to me? I bet you didn’t
  6. I’d love to keep silent on you, but that might cause you a heart attack
  7. Someone said I was better than you
  8. Wow, I’m a poophead that your wife is obsessed with
  9. I wish I cared more
  10. Your insults sound funny like your life’s story
  11. I love how you try so hard to be futile
  12. Your passion for demeaning me will pay off after you’re dead
  13. Who let you off your cage
  14. My only flaw is knowing you
  15. Just your words, not mine, not others
  16. You have a way of making stupidity look so fancy
  17. Your intelligence only landed you a job as a delivery man
  18. God must be regretting why he gave you a human brain
  19. I always knew you talked trash, how come you talked trash can today
  20. I’m more sensitive than your best grade in school

In the following sections of this post, I will be providing you with the fine points of all of the comebacks in this post.

Interestingly, I’m Getting This from a Dickhead

The business of serving comebacks is my expertise, and this first line of comeback is a good one off my table.

Wouldn’t it sound funny and unreasonable to think that a blind man is jesting another person for being a blind person? Certainly, it would come off as an inconsiderate move.

If you find yourself in a situation where someone says you should stop being a poophead, you can use this line of a comeback to bring out the stupidity in the person who tries to downplay you with that.

I’d suggest you Stop Calling out Yourself

With this comeback, you’re simply saying that the person who calls you a poophead is indirectly referring to themselves. In the same vein, you’re using this comeback to admonish the person to stop calling out their self.

If you’re looking for a way to prove the insensitivity of the person who calls you a poophead, then you should probably count on this line of a comeback to get you your desired effect on the person.

To make it more profound, you might want to say this line in public as it will be a bomber to the person.

I Never Asked for Your Name, So Why Tell Me?

This comeback is a sarcastic assertion that “poophead” is the name of the person who calls you and gives you that tag.

Using this statement, you’re launching a verbal missile against the person. If you want to get the best results when using this line of a comeback, you should consider putting up a smirk on your face, and don’t forget to bring up the sarcastic tone.

Here We Go Again With Loud Words from the Empty Jar

You might’ve probably heard that an empty container makes the loudest noise. Ironically, this same phenomenon can play out in this case, because it is undeniable that the person who says the derogatory statement to you is capping.

This means the person is just jabbing and none of the stuff they said about you is relevant or makes sense. In the long run, this means that the person is insensitive and unruly.

The person is making noise just like empty jars, and their words are loud but meaningless.

Did You Have a Look in the Mirror Before Saying That to Me? I Bet You Didn’t

Are you looking for an indirect way to tell someone they are ugly? If so, you should add this line of a comeback to your bucket list, and do not forget to bring in the drama when you want to address it to anyone who says you should stop being a poophead.

After the person digests this, he or she will be left with the confusion of looking for a nearby mirror to scale how ugly they look based on your assertions.

This is because the type of drama you can bring onboard with just your facial expression while saying this line can prompt the person to visit the nearest mirror.

I’d Love to Keep Silent on you, but that Might Cause You a Heart Attack

Good Comebacks When Someone Says Stop Being a Poophead

I’ve heard multiple times that silence is the best answer to a fool. The fool in this scenario is the person who says you should stop being a poophead.

But the question remains, should you be silent when someone jerks on you and makes a laughingstock out of your personality? I won’t allow for that and I believe you shouldn’t also buy into that idea.

While silence will save you the drama, you can turn the table against the person who wants to make jest of you. On that note, you can make your grand entrance into the arena of comebacks with the line.

The line suggests that since you’d like to keep quiet about the issue, you will not because it can cause a heart attack for the person who said the bad word to you. I know that’s an ironic turnaround, that’s how comebacks work.

Someone Said I Was Better Than You

Whoever indirectly tags you a poophead by telling you to stop acting like one is trying to say they’re intellectually better than you. If not, what would be the person’s gain if he or she calls you a dummy? I don’t see any other reason, or do you?

But you can make their expectations fail and also make their vision to be bleak just by employing this line of a comeback

Telling the person that someone said you’re better than them, regardless of their statement about you will certainly turn the person off.

Wow, I’m a Poophead That Your Wife Is Obsessed With

There’s no rule of boundary or limit on how severe a comeback can be. Because of this, you can use this line to stretch your verbal weapon to the family and marriage of the person who gives you the tag of a poophead.

While this line might just be a vain assertion, it can cause real damage to the marriage of the person who indirectly calls you a poophead. After all, that’s one of the aims of a comeback.

I Wish I Cared More

One of the ways through which you can get hurt by the negative words of people is when you care about it. If you detach yourself from their statements, you won’t feel dejected or even chided by them

The problem lies in not being disciplined enough to care less. However, you can resume your first stage of caring less by using this line of a comeback.

Your Insults Sound Funny like Your Life’s Story

Oftentimes, some people say a thing without looking at their own lives. This might be the case with the person who indirectly called you a poophead.

They may have told you to stop being a poophead, and they forgot they may have a flaw that’s worse than being a poophead.

With this comeback, you’ll make the person understand that life doesn’t work the way it does in their brain. Moreover, their insults are lame and sound funny just like their life that looks like a comedy show.

I Love How You Try So Hard to Be Futile

Good Comebacks When Someone Says Stop Being a Poophead

Does anyone work hard just to be futile? I seriously doubt that. So it would be a very big blow to the face of the person who indirectly calls you a poophead if you shade them with this comeback.

It doesn’t only disrespect their personality; the comeback also labels them as being losers in the face of a goal. All these hits combined will bring terror to the knees of the person who says you should stop being a poophead.

Your Passion for Demeaning Me Will Pay off after you’re dead

Whoever tries to indirectly call you a poophead will wish they were the poophead after you use this comeback on them? This comeback is turbulent because; how can the person succeed in demeaning you after they’re deceased?

This is a complete violation on the side of the person, as this comeback captures the true meaning of roasting someone.

Who Let You off Your Cage

Together with the fact that someone who says you should stop being a poophead is pigheaded and inconsiderate, the person is also as lame as whatever they think they do.

Therefore, you might as well say their thinking is primitive thereby making the person an animal. The comeback further solidifies this assertion by suggesting the person had just been let out of a cage.

My Only Flaw Is Knowing You

It is ridiculous to think that your flaw is related to another human being. And in this case, the flaw is singled out as knowing the person who might’ve asked you to stop being a poophead.

But that’s what this comeback is suggesting, and you’re super serious about it.

Just Your Words, Not Mine, Not Others

Letting someone get under our skin with just their words is a big flop on your side as it shouldn’t be so.

The narrative would’ve been different if you did the ultimate act in this type of situation which is to ignore and push aside the negative words from the person.

You Have a Way of Making Stupidity Look So Fancy

This is probably your first time reading a hard comeback like this one. This line is so vile that it could prompt the person to apologize for their bad comment. How can a man or woman live peacefully knowing that they make being stupid fancy? No way!

Your Intelligence Only Landed You a Job as a Delivery Man

When someone is indirectly called a poophead by someone else, it is assumed that the latter is an intelligent student.

This is because I can’t think of any other special skill that would prompt such a person to voice that out. But it would unfortunate if the person ends up being a delivery man while you’re in your V6 wheel. This comeback brings life to setups like this.

God Must Be Regretting Why He Gave You a Human Brain

On a normal note, God wouldn’t condemn you or regret making a human because he’s a loving God like the bible says. But if God regrets making a human, it will be for a very convincing reason.

This comeback states that this type of tragedy will befall anyone who tries to derogate you.

I Always Knew You Talked Trash, How Come You Talked Trash Can Today

What a ridiculous transition… from talking trash to talking trash can. That would be for the person who says you should stop being a poophead. This is because their admonishment is off the line and shouldn’t even be uttered.

I’m More Sensitive than Your Best Grade in School

This line of comeback is the perfect defense wall against the person who says you should stop being a poophead.

For the person to say that you’re a poophead, it means they’re reducing your intellectual capacity. So it would be a slap to their face if you use this line of a comeback on him or her.

Final Thoughts

I know how hard it is to shrug off a bad tag from someone, especially when it suggests you’re dumb. Just like some people would advocate for silence, I believe you should be something to say in response.

Consequently, I had to come up with comebacks for when someone says you should stop being a poophead.

You should pick and make use of any of these comebacks with utmost carefulness. This is to avert any form of an altercation between you and the other counterpart.

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