What Do You Call Someone Who Always Wants Sympathy

Someone that always wants sympathy is referred to as a sympathy seeker. People like these will do everything they can to ensure that they can get sympathy from people even when the situation does not warrant such.

You should also be aware that there are other names that you can call someone who always wants sympathy.

Take a look at the other names you can call someone who always wants sympathy:

8 Names To Call Someone Who Always Wants Sympathy 

  • A Sympathy seeker
  • A Sadfisher 
  • Insecure
  • Clingy
  • Emotional Vampire
  • A Narcissist
  • A Histrionic person
  • Someone with Munchausen’s syndrome

A Sympathy Seeker

What Do You Call Someone Who Always Wants Sympathy

This is a popular name you can call someone who always wants sympathy from other people. What a sympathy seeker does precisely is he will go to any extent just to make sure that he gets pitied by other people.

Someone like this will keep on telling you about how things have gone bad for him, he will make it look like he is the only one going through hardship in life.

This is what a sympathy seeker does just because he wants people to always feel sympathy towards him.

When someone is sympathetic to others, there is a level of pity the person has. Usually, when someone pities you, he will be compelled to do certain things because of his sympathetic feeling. 

That is precisely what a sympathy seeker wants, he wants people to feel sympathy toward him to get them to do things for him. 

A Sadfisher 

Sadfishing is a clever way to get people to feel sympathy for you. A sadfisher will consistently post sensitive, emotional, and extremely personal details or materials online just for you to feel sympathy for him.

He wants his followers on social believe that he is passing through hardship, meanwhile, in the real sense he is not passing through such hardship, he just wants to gain attention and sympathy from his followers. 

One major difference between a Sadfisher and a sympathy seeker is that a sadfisher goes online to make people who follow think he is going through some difficulty just to get their sympathy, while a sympathy seeker does it more offline than online. 

You will notice a lot of celebrities who make use of this method just to make their followers feel sympathy towards them. 


Someone insecure has no confidence and is always seeking validation from other people. It is so easy for an insecure person to get depressed over negative remarks from other people. 

His insecurity makes him feel like he is a fraud and he is not smart enough. Because someone must have said or done something that made him think so low of himself, he starts to seek validation and sympathy from others. 

An insecure person does not believe in his abilities and always seeks pity from other people. 

That is why he would go to any extent just to make other people feel sorry and sympathetic towards him. Because of this insecurity, he finds it very easy to make others believe he is going through hardship just to get validation or sympathy in return. 


A clingy person can be annoying. A clingy person is fond of clinging to someone, either a parent, a boyfriend or even a close friend, to get emotional support from the person.

Clingy people tend to worry a lot and get too close to you in an annoying way so that they can get sympathy and pity in return. This is the tactic they use.

When you see a clingy person, you will notice it easily, this is because they usually cling to you in a way that you think they cannot do anything without you. 

Not knowing that all the person wants is that sense of entitlement that you are supposed to feel sorry and sympathy for him just because of how he clung to you. 

If you happen to have a clingy friend, do well to communicate with the person and let him know that you are not comfortable with such clingy behavior. It could be that the person does it without even realizing it.

Once you explain it to the person, it can help him realize his fault and work towards becoming a better person. 

Emotional Vampire

What Do You Call Someone Who Always Wants Sympathy

An emotional vampire is someone who has been through a lot of hardship and may have been frustrated and angry about something that has gone wrong in his life. 

Because of the hardship, he has been through, has made him so depressed, and always seeks sympathy from other people. One of the reasons why he seeks sympathy from other people is that he has not been able to recover from the setbacks that he had. 

Someone who has not recovered from a setback will by default resort to getting solace and sympathy from other people just to get validation and feel good about himself. 


What Do You Call Someone Who Always Wants Sympathy

A narcissist thinks about only himself, he believes that he matters more than other people. This is another name you can call someone who always wants sympathy from people. 

A narcissist is self-centered, he thinks he is superior and he deserves special treatment even when others are there.

Because he believes he is more important, he expects other people to feel pity and sympathy for him even when he does not deserve it and when the situation does not call for such.

When you next come across someone who loves it when other people show sympathy to him if you do not want to call him a sympathy seeker, you can simply call him a narcissist. He possesses the traits of a narcissist. 

There are some situations where some people are true narcissists, in situations like these, they have a narcissist personality disorder (NPD). Someone who is a true narcissist thinks he is better than other people by default. 

A Histrionic person

A histrionic person is known to have what is marked as a histrionic personality disorder (HPD). People with this HPD tend to exhibit dramatic attention-seeking traits to grab the attention of other people even when it is uncalled for.

 Because the person has this histrionic disorder, he would display abnormal things that would cause others to feel sympathy towards him and feel sorry for him too.

 Since this is a psychiatric disorder, if you notice that someone you know has this disorder, you can do your best to ensure that the person gets help.

 Not just any kind of help, but help from a psychiatrist who will ensure that he is well taken care of and if necessary, admit him to a psychiatric hospital. 

Someone with Munchausen’s syndrome

Munchausen’s syndrome is simply a psychological disorder, in which a person purposely pretends like he is sick by producing fake symptoms of illness that make people think he is sick when he is not sick.

Someone who pretends like he is sick is doing it just to get the attention of other people, he is also using it as an avenue to make other people have sympathy for him and pity him.

If you happen to come across someone who has this disorder, endeavor to seek professional help so that the person can get back to being a better person

At times, those who have this disorder are not always aware that they have it. That is why they find it difficult to seek help. When someone does not know that he is sick, he would not care to get treated. 

That is the same situation here. If the person does not know that he has this disorder, he will not even think of seeking help. That is more reason why you need to help the person get professional help. 


Oftentimes, you get tired of people who always want sympathy from other people. It even gets worse if the person is clingy.

Clingy people who get too close to you just because they want the person to feel sympathy towards them seem to be more annoying. It can get unbearable when someone is always on your neck.

 They seem to not be confident. This insecurity makes them seek validation from other people and also makes them entitled to other people feeling sympathy towards them.

When you see someone who always wants to get sympathy from other people, the person could be suffering from any of the disorders I have explained in this article. 

Some of them are not always aware that they have any of these disorders, you need to call them to order so they will be aware of what they are doing. You can take it upon yourself to help the person get professional help. 

Sometimes, it is not always their fault that they have a disorder, it could happen as a result of the terrible things they have been through in life and they have not fully gotten over it.

It is a good thing that this article has enlightened you on eight names you can call someone who always wants sympathy. 


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