20 Good Comebacks to “What Are You Looking At”

The decision to stay in your lane and do things your way might be interrupted when someone who is probably a jerk decides to ruin things by asking what are you looking at.

While this question doesn’t seem like a bad one, it becomes ugly for you if this person continually picks at you with this line.

Likewise, any other time when someone tries to get under your skin, you might want to ignore the awful joke.

But considering how embarrassing it could get, you need to stand up for yourself. Because the provoker will have to think twice if they know you’ll roast their asses when they ask you such a question.

Don’t worry about what to say because I’ll be showing you a couple of comebacks when someone asks what are you looking at. Sit back and enjoy the reading.

Top 20 Comebacks to What Are You Looking At

In this post, I’ll reveal to you comebacks that you can wield when someone picks at you by asking what you are looking at.

Looking at the possible severity of the question and your mood at the moment, you might want to either sound too sassy or mild.

Whichever way you want to tread, I’ve got you covered. Here are the top 20 comebacks to what are you looking at.

  1. I was wondering who you got your ugliness from; your dad or mom
  2. The sun looks more appealing than your face, it had my eyes
  3. I would consider that as a rhetoric question, move on sucker
  4. If you don’t know already, then I can’t help you
  5. I’m looking at the mistake that your parents made
  6. I’m staring at something ugly, your face can relate
  7. Whatever I’m looking at is beyond your understanding
  8. I don’t know, maybe your empty skull
  9. The blue sky that is brighter than your future
  10. Whatever gives me joy and takes away the sadness of your bad breath
  11. I’m looking at my life where you’d be my chauffeur
  12. Whatever I’m looking at is none of your business
  13. I’m looking at the impossibility of you ever being nice
  14. I’m looking at my social status and your futile trolls against me
  15. Lol… I know this joke. Sadly, it wasn’t funny
  16. I’m looking at the chances of you shutting your mouth
  17. How about I tell you that your big mouth won’t pay off
  18. Oh! About that, it’s nothing. Just your miserable face
  19. Promise me you won’t do facial surgery if I tell you
  20. I’m looking at more love and less of your ego

Without much ado, let’s get right into the facets of each of these comebacks.

I Was Wondering Who You Got Your Ugliness From; Your Dad or Mom

There’s this smirk look on the face of anyone who asks you what you’re looking at. That’s the sinister look and it shows the person is out to ruin your day, but you don’t have to let them have that victory for long.

You can cut short their joy using this comeback that not only tackles them but also extends the savagery to their parents.

The Sun Looks More Appealing Than Your Face, It Had My Eyes

You can go from being less condescending to bringing in the savage with full force. This line serves the purpose of the latter and it does so with a clear-cut delivery.

Here, you’re stating how the sun appeals more to you than the person’s face, which is why you’re fixated on it.

You can serve this comeback if you were asked the question in an open park or field. It indicates where your attention is, and also proves it is better than the face of the questioner.

I Would Consider That as a Rhetoric Question, Move on Sucker

Most times, people say things just to get our attention. It may not necessarily be with a bad motive, so you might consider this comeback in such a case.

With this comeback, you identify the person as a sucker for attention which they are, and subsequently shuts them off by telling them to move on.

If You Don’t Know Already, Then I Can’t Help You

What’s the use of answering someone who is out to jest you? It makes no sense, which is why I’d advise you stick with this line of a comeback.

At least, you’ll achieve the aim of making them look dumb even with their question since they don’t know the answer.

I’m Looking at the Mistake That Your Parents Made

Good Comebacks to "What Are You Looking At"

Being a fan of comebacks gives you many advantages. One is standing up for yourself and the other is feeding pain to your aggressors like syrup.

This line of comeback does the latter with so much energy. Here, you’re looking at the mistake of the person’s parents which is birthing him. Funny, right?

I’m Staring Something Ugly, Your Face Can Relate

Still in the spirit of serving savage replies… here is another banger. For this line, you’re doing a dirty comparison between what you’re looking at which is ugly, and the face of whomever that is asking you the lame question.

But the hilarious part is that the person’s face can relate to ugliness. What a cool way to say someone is ugly!

Whatever I’m Looking at Is Beyond Your Understanding

There’s this hunger to ridicule you, that is present in the wording of the question what are you looking at? Instead of falling for the folly, you can turn the tables with this line of a comeback.

I Don’t Know, Maybe Your Empty Skull

Those who pick at others feel that they’re untouchable. Well, that’ll be true until you throw in a comeback like this. It will not only affect their composure, but it will also leave them wondering where their magic went to.

The Blue Sky That Is Brighter Than Your Future

Summer is a good time to see the bright blue sky and is also a time when bullies thrive due to the flexibility of the weather. If you were asked what you are looking at during this period, you can carpet the questionnaire by employing this line.

Whatever That Gives Me Joy and Takes Away the Sadness of Your Bad Breath

Having bad breath is an ugly thing. Sadly, a bully with this condition will continue to torment others than take care of the problem. How about you grant the questioner a bit of flashback with this comeback?

I’m looking at My Life where you’d be My Chauffeur

If we’re being real, you can be nice with your comebacks. If you agree with me, then you should consider this line for someone who asks you what you’re looking at. At least, you already secured a job for them…lol

Whatever I’m looking at is none of Your Business

The world will be a better place when people learn to mind their business. Unfortunately, that won’t be happening anytime soon.

But you can fast forward yours in this condition using this comeback. If you want to lecture the person on minding their business, here you go.

I’m Looking at the Impossibility of You Ever Being Nice

There’s nothing nice with someone who walks up to you and unexpectedly asks you what you’re looking at. Even if it was for fun, it could come as a shock for you which is not good. You can protest about that with this particular comeback.

I’m Looking at the My Social Status and Your Futile Trolls against Me

If you’re battling with a case of trolls and shades from the same person who asks you what you’re looking at, you should add this comeback to your bucket list.

Lol… I Know This Joke. Sadly, It Wasn’t Funny

Have you been where someone was asked what they’re looking at? If so, then you have an experience of what type of joke was meant to come out of such a question. You can refuse the same move on you using this line.

I’m Looking at the Chances of You Shutting Your Mouth

Good Comebacks to "What Are You Looking At"

Do you need a smooth way to tell someone that closing their mouth will do you a lot of good? Look no further because this comeback does all the magic you need.

How About I Tell You That Your Big Mouth Won’t Pay Off

There’s no doubt that whoever asks you what you’re looking at has a big mouth; one that looks for fights to pick.

Sadly, the person may not know that and that’s where you and your comeback come in. You must tell them and also explain that their big mouth will not put food on their table.

Oh! About That, It’s nothing. Just Your Miserable Face

Telling the questioner that you’re looking at their misery is a big violation and it will make them rethink attacking you next time. It will be a dark moment for them if you served this comeback in public.

Promise Me You Won’t Do a Facial Surgery if I Tell You

Sarcasm still lives on in the world of comebacks. This right here is a sarcastic way of telling the questioner that their face isn’t worth the hype, and it could be what you’re looking at.

I’m Looking at More Love and Less of Your Ego

Even in the face of negativity, you can still choose love and spreading it than heating the talk between you and the person who asks you what you’re looking at.

This line of comeback is a good example of how to illustrate maturity and embracing humanity.

Final Thoughts

Most times, what annoys you are the smallest of things. Like missing out on the details of something or just being ridiculed unexpectedly by someone.

The latter is the case in this post, where someone asks you what you’re looking at with a condescending tone.

Instead of laying low and allowing the person to ruin your day, you can put up resistance using any of the comebacks contained in this article.

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