20 Words To Say When Someone Bumps Into You

Have you ever bumped into someone on the road? Or has anyone bumped into you before? It could be that either of you were not really looking at where you were going, or even that you were absent-minded.

It can be annoying to be bumped into, sometimes. An instance where such a situation can be annoying is when you have just had an unpleasant event unfold, and on your way out of whatever you were in, someone bumps into you. Of course, you need not think before saying something.

In this article though, we would look at some words one can say when someone bumps into them. Ready? Let’s get started.

20 Best Words To Say When Someone Bumps Into You

“Hey, be careful”

Words To Say When Someone Bumps Into You

When someone bumps into you, you can nicely tell him or her to be careful, so that they do not bump into someone else, or even get themselves injured. This may just show that you care about the person’s safety, as well as yours.

“Are you okay?”

Another way to show concern for someone who bumped into you, is by checking if they are okay. This is not by any means meant to be rude.

The person who bumped into may be going through a lot for them to lose focus and hit you. Or maybe they were just absent-minded.

Whichever the case happens to be, showing a little concern will do no harm to either of you. This might also prompt the person to apologize for hitting you.

You should watch your steps

Since we are still showing little care for the person that bumped into you, you should know that it is also harmless to give a “little advice” to such a person.

Yes, it may come off as unsolicited advice, but it really is not; this person has just bumped into you, and for their own sake and the sake of others you would not want to be hit like that, you are telling the person to watch their steps.

Remember, you have to do this politely. Bumping into you could be a mistake on their own side.

“Do you mind?”

Everybody knows this phrase/question. Many people use it. It usually comes off as rude, and rude it is. Do you know why it is rude? It is rude because of the facial expressions that come with it.

But this “rudeness” can be justified because just as you think the person who bumped into someone else may be going through a rough day, the one that was bumped into, could also be having a rough day.

So when someone bumps into you, or you bump into someone, do not be surprised to hear the words “do you mind?” and do not be scared to use the word (of course you would not).

“I’m sorry”

Now, it is not wrong for you to apologize even when you are not at fault. It is not weakness, it is respect.

Do not get this wrong; there are times when you do not just apologize, and for no reason should you do it if you are resolute on not apologizing. But in a case such as this, you can just apologize first.

It is expected that the person who bumped into you would return the apology, but if the opposite happens, do not feel bad.

Not many people are as cultured as you may be. So, when someone bumps into you, you may apologize if you wish. It is a very harmless thing to do.

“Stay focused”

You may think this article is about caring for someone who bumped into you, and it is rightly so. Now again, another way to show concern for someone who bumped into you, whether rude or not, is by telling them to stay focused.

They do not have to be absent-minded whilst walking in the midst of people.

They have to stay focused on their own benefit, and for the benefit of others. Everybody goes through some stuff, and if everyone lost focus on the road, we would all bump into each other without control. You should also try to stay focused so that you don’t also bump into others.

“I wouldn’t mind an apology”

Words To Say When Someone Bumps Into You

Just as it is not wrong to apologize first even when you are not at fault, it is also not wrong to demand apologies from people who wrong you.

If in this case, you think you have been wronged by the person who bumped into you, you have the right to demand an apology. Yes, you may come off as cocky, but who cares?

Some people would not want to take responsibility for their actions, as little as they may seem, but if you know what you want, then you ask them to take responsibility for that little action of hitting you on the road.

This may waste your time when you can just walk off, but it is what you want, right?

“Sleepwalking at this time?”

You can just joke with the person who bumped into you, by asking them if they are still sleepwalking at such an odd hour.

This is meant to be a humorous situation but be prepared for a harder situation where the person may not get your joke.

Such a person may even see it as an insult. This is not to make you feel bad at all. If the person does not get your joke, it is on him or her or them, but be sure to let them know that you meant it as a joke when things turn left.

“I’m not invisible”

Words To Say When Someone Bumps Into You

You can also use the humorous approach to remind the person who has just bumped into you of your existence. Make sure to laugh whilst saying this, so that you don’t come off as offensive. Or you could even choose to be rude.

It depends on how you want to handle the situation. Firstly, you do not owe the person your politeness, and also, you have nothing to lose when you are polite. But it is up to you. Jocularly or rudely, it depends on you.

“You can see me, right?”

This is also a humorous way to call the attention of the person who has just bumped into you. Of course, you can be seen; except the person cannot see clearly, or you are actually invisible.

This may evoke mortification from the person, it may also prompt the person to apologize. However, if the person has some sense of humor, they may understand your joke.

“Penny for your thoughts”

You have heard this saying somewhere before, right? Yes, this saying is used to distract someone who is lost in their thoughts. Now, you may use this to imply that the person who has just bumped into you is lost in his or her thoughts.

When you use this saying, remember that you have just assumed (as you have been, from the beginning of this article) that they are lost in thoughts.

Maybe they are now so engrossed in whatever they are thinking about, that they can not look forward.

“In a hurry?”

In all truth, it is none of your business if a stranger walking on the road is in a hurry or not. All you know is where you are headed. However, now you have been hit, you may ask this rhetorical question.

Of course, you do not expect an answer, because it would not be your business in the first place if they did not hit you. This may get a response, though.

But what will you do with that beautiful piece of information? Nothing. So when you ask, be sure to define what expressions you use. Want to sound rude? Rude face. Nice? Polite smile or small laughter.

“Take it easy on the ground”

It’s raining humor in this article. This is yet another way to humorously call out to the person who has just bumped into you. This is more likely to evoke laughter from the person, than it is, an apology.

However, after the jokes, or even in the midst of jokes, the person may apologize.

It is a win-win situation; you get an apology, and the person does not feel bad or ashamed. But in a case where you had already been pissed off before that time, there may be no time to make jokes for someone who bumps into you.

“Excuse me”

We all know this common saying. To interject, we make use. To seek permission, we use. There are many reasons, and many instances where we use this phrase. Let us imagine it is a universal phrase.

Now, you may also use this when someone bumps into you. Whether rude or polite, you can just say “excuse me” when someone bumps into you. Remember that your facial expression would tell whether or not you meant to be rude or polite.

“Want to fall for me?”

Yep, another humorous way to approach the situation of being bumped into, by a stranger. You can make light of the situation by joking about how fly you look, so much so that a stranger is already tripping on their feet and falling for, and on you.

This is supposed to evoke laughter, except the person is in a bad mood or does not have a single iota of humor in his or her senses. So, when someone bumps into you, take advantage of the situation to feel good about yourself.

“You would want to look up”

We are showing concern once more with this sentence, as we have since the article began. One thing you should know is that it does not hurt anyone to show some level of concern to strangers.

However, you can flip from polite to rude if you want, because this can also sound rude when you want it to.

As was said earlier, it all depends on the facial expression. If you have a look of concern or a smile on your face, you may come off as polite. But a frown would give off rude energy.

Nikes don’t trip, get them

This is a straight-up comeback. Do you know why this is so? It is because there is absolutely no need to bring your assumption of their lack of Nikes into a “small” situation such as bumping into you.

But now you have, so stick to it. I mean, is it not fun to spark up some reactions sometimes?

Yes, it may evoke anger because it is offensive, but it can be justified by the fact that you are also annoyed by this person’s lack of attention. Remember, comebacks are not meant to be nice or polite, or even needed. They are just blatantly rude.

“Wake up”

This is an alternative way to ask if the person who has just bumped into you is sleepwalking. No way is this polite. Even if the facial expression you choose to use is polite, it would only give off sarcasm. You want to handle the situation in a rude manner?

Tell that person to wake the heck up! And just walk away immediately after that without giving the person time to apologize or say anything, to cement your cockiness.

Do not worry, they will focus on where they are headed, with the anger you just put in them.

“Do you need your glasses?”

“Can you see me?” “Do you need your glasses?” “I’m not invisible” “I can swear you are not blind.” Man, these sound like you are showing concern, but they are really rude.

Not everyone reacts to certain words the same way, but for someone who is probably absent-minded from the present environment, who may also even be upset, this would reek really loudly of rudeness.

But you are not out to be polite to someone who just bumped into you and probably even got your drip stained, right?

“Tread carefully”

Words To Say When Someone Bumps Into You

This is just you saying “be careful.” You can say this politely.

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