20 Comebacks When Someone Says Nice A$s

Compliments are one thing a lot of people live for. The fact is, nice remarks make one feel good and do better too.

These compliments come in different forms and are also directed to diverse parts of a person.

While most people get complimented over their physique, others get theirs due to their intellectual prowess.

Either way, someone may say nice a$s if you have a nice backside. It gets more interesting if you’re a woman, and more awkward if you’re a dude.

However, the tone of the person who says nice a$s to you might get you worked up. Relax your muscles because I’ll be leading you on a couple of comebacks you can throw if someone calls you nice a$s. Keep reading on.

Best 20 Comebacks When Someone Says Nice a$s

Some people go to the extent of building their lives around either being appreciated or appraised by others.

Unfortunately, you may not be so hooked on smiling back at someone who says nice a$s to you, hence the need for a good comeback to set the pace. Below are our best collections of comebacks when someone says nice a$s.

  1. My mom is proud of it, I can’t say the same for you
  2. I won’t even press it against you in your dreams
  3. Sadly, you can only view it
  4. What’s the cost to shut you up, I already know that
  5. Not as nice as your mom’s, yeah?
  6. Thanks, but no thanks
  7. If that’s a compliment, you need to do better
  8. Too bad DaVinci isn’t around to make a classic out of it
  9. Thanks, I wouldn’t have had it with a fluffy stomach like yours
  10. I appreciate it, but you can’t rent it
  11. Really, working out wasn’t a waste after all
  12. I bet you wish your wife has that but wishes rarely happen
  13. Don’t think about it too much
  14. Let it pass, you can’t afford it
  15. Would’ve called you a pervert but that’s a waste of bad words
  16. Would you mind keeping that to yourself?
  17. I’m sorry I can’t say the same about your face
  18. I appreciate it, I grew it myself
  19. Don’t look too much, it works like a charm too
  20. Back off! I am straight

In the next phase of this post, I will be giving you the details of each comeback and also extra information on the circumstance that can lead to someone saying nice a$s to you.

My Mom Is Proud of It, I Can’t Say the Same for You

Comebacks are usually meant to be savagery and designed to shade the person it is being used on.

In that light, I will say this line is a good comeback because it not only praises the speaker but also capitalizes on the praise to downgrade the person at the receiving end.

If you don’t feel good when someone says nice a$s to you, especially if you’re a lady you can use this comeback to shut them up or at least make them reflect on themselves and their body.

Similarly, you can use this as a guy if a lady throws the same compliment at you. I bet you might start considering going under the knife to have a butt like yours if hers is not as “nice” as yours.

I Won’t Even Press It against You in Your Dreams

Many guys drool over women with nice behinds. The back side does not necessarily have to be supermassive, but something to hold onto will do.

There’s this not-so-new slang used mostly in Africa but is breaking into the English mainstream and that is known as “Yansh”. That’s the new street way of saying nice a$s.

So if as a lay, a guy says you have nice a$s and you are not in for any of those flattering moves of most guys. You can throw their expectations of getting laid off the cliff by using this comeback.

The comeback simply means that they won’t have a feel of the proverbial “nice a$s”, even if it were to be in the dream. What is a way to tell someone that disappointment will never leave their premises when it comes to your nice a$s?

Sadly, You Can Only View It

Just like the previous one, this comeback is also a nice tackle and a good move to blur the vision of any guy who throws such a compliment at you as a woman.

Here, you’re being very assertive that the dude’s eyes are the only lucky part of his body because they’ll be the only ones to experience your nice a$s.

Since he can only view them, it means they’re way beyond his reach as long as you are concerned.

What’s the Cost to shut you up, I Already Know That

You can keep this comeback readily available for both guys and girls alike, who may want to mouth how impressive your a$s is.

It is pointless for someone to keep mouthing to you what you already know about yourself. At some point, it gets annoying and unbearable. Picture someone telling you that you’re colored when you already know that.

Therefore, when next someone says nice a$s to you, you can use this comeback to make sure they don’t repeat that. It will save you a lot of silent time to get other things done, and then respond to pointless remarks.

Not as Nice as Your Moms, Yeah?

Are you in for the dark side of comebacks? If so, you should add this line to your arsenal of comebacks.

This will certainly take the person who says nice a$s to you unawares. Don’t feel remorseful about it, after all, that’s the effect you expected, isn’t it?

So, a little sprinkle of Savage will be good to set the mood. Hopefully, the person who said nice a$s will understand that you’re not in for any form of appraisal, especially not with one regarding your physique.

When that happens, the person will be left with the option of either shutting up or avoiding the urge to throw such type of compliments your way again.

Thanks, but No Thanks

There’s no special feeling attached to getting remarks that you have a nice a$s. If you have such an ecstatic feeling, then it is probably because you’re after or concerned about getting validation from people which is very bad.

If none of these things matter to you, you can use this line of a comeback to make it obvious that you’re not in for such lame compliments.

This comeback also does the work of signaling to the person who said the compliment that you are pissed off hearing it.

Just like the previous comeback, the person will try to withdraw having seen that you’re not having any of that. The big tipoff is that this comeback works well if you’re looking at shunning perverts.

If that’s a Compliment, You Need to Do Better

While few ladies see it as a compliment when someone says to them nice a$s, the other divide does not find it funny.

To this divide of women, it is not enough of a compliment to flatter them. If you’re among this type of woman and you wish to voice out this disdain, then you can count on this comeback to deliver your message.

Do not be reluctant while saying this, as it shows a sign of weakness. So you have to maintain the strongest of voices if you are to use this comeback on anyone who thinks saying how nice your a$s are is enough compliment to make you blush or worse get flattered.

Funnily, the comeback ends with a sort of admonishment for the person to work on their pickup lines because they’re so weak.

Too Bad DaVinci Isn’t Around To Make a Classic Out of It

Leonardo Da Vinci is one of the most renowned artists and sculptors who ever lived. His expertise in the field of creativity has been often compared to the likes of Michaelangelo and other renowned artists.

This comeback features this great man as a bid to reflect on how good your backside is, alongside the compliments it is getting from people.

Unlike other comebacks, this one is not meant to attack or ridicule the person who appraises your backside.

But the aim is to exaggerate how nice or good your backside is. On the far view of things, this line is a sarcastic way of mocking the intelligence of the person who thinks you have a nice a$s.

Thanks, I Wouldn’t Have Had It with a Fluffy Stomach like Yours

Do you want it badly to floor the person who says you have a nice a$s? If your answer is yes, you might want to use this line of a comeback. This comeback is a deliberate way of roasting whoever it is that says you have a nice a$s.

To launch this counterattack, the comeback capitalizes on the physique of the person who says you have a nice a$s.

I Appreciate it, but You Can’t Rent It

Comebacks When Someone Says Nice Ass

I couldn’t think of any better way to tell someone to back off from you, especially a guy whose compliments only objectify your body and nothing more.

A lot of women love validations specifically those that come due to their physical appearance. But their love for validation is often mistaken for love interest by guys who give them these compliments.

You might want to rewrite that narrative by using this type of comeback. I know your backside is not a commodity that has a prize, so let’s see this line as a subtle way to boycott any build-up of interest from the guy’s side.

Really, Working Out Wasn’t a Waste After All

Like I always say; comebacks are not always meant to sound condescending. Sometimes, they are just replies that are engineered with humor. In this case, you are attributing the goodness of your backside to your workout routine.

Instead of being direct about it, the line infuses a pint of sarcasm to say that working out wasn’t a waste after all.

I Bet You Wish Your Wife Has That but Wishes Rarely Happen

If you woke up with the feeling of sounding cocky, then you can jump on this line of a comeback for sure. This line is most effective if you’re getting advances from a married man and he dropped a remark on how nice your backside is.

To cut him to the chase and burn whatever bridge he is building, you can employ this line of a comeback.

Don’t Think About It Too Much

As a guy who has proverbial nice a$s, there’s a chance you’ll be getting small talks from women about it. There’s this unpopular opinion that women like men with big bums, but I’m yet to confirm it.

However, what I do know is that a lot of women wonder how a man gets to have such a nice backside naturally while they don’t have it.

If you’re a guy and you get such remarks like “you have a nice a$s” and the rest of them, you can use this line to make the lady or guy snap out of whatever they’re thinking.

Let It Pass, You Can’t Afford It

This line of comeback is one of the ways to discharge anyone who says you have a nice a$s with the intention of flattering you. If as a lady you’re not buying the idea of flirting, you can cut the long story short using this line of a comeback.

Would’ve Called You a Pervert but that’s a Waste of Bad Words

For the ladies, there’s a chance a guy will say you have a nice a$s just for the sake of flattering you.

But whenever the tone turns suspicious or the compliment is accompanied by odd movements, then you can use this line to call the person to order. You’re not necessarily calling him a pervert, but are trying to warn the person off.

Would You Mind Keeping That to Yourself?

This comeback comes in the form of a question and it is an obvious indication that you’re trying to depict how nosy the person is for saying you have a nice a$s.

I get it that a lot of people do not find it alluring when their physique is talked about and if you feel this way then this comeback is for you.

I’m Sorry I Can’t Say Same about Your Face

Someone who says you have nice a$s might be flattering you, especially if you’re a lady and it is coming from a guy.

In the case that you’re not feeling the vibe, you can make use of this comeback to shut the person off. The comeback directs that the person’s face is not as fine or nice as your backside, and that’s some serious emotional damage.

I Appreciate it, I Grew It Myself

Who says comebacks should always be about someone else? No one said that. So you can use this comeback to appraise yourself for putting in the work to make sure you have a nice physique that reflects also on your backside.

Don’t Look Too Much, It Works Like a Charm Too

While this line of comeback sounds like an exaggeration, it has a bit of truism in it. I’ve seen men who turn their necks countless times just to have a peek at a lady’s fine backside.

Now tell me what greater charm is it that you need to make a man’s neck turn around? That’s the power of the proverbial nice a$s.

Back Off! I Am Straight

Comebacks When Someone Says Nice Ass

If you’re a guy and you get the awkward compliment about how nice your backside is, you can set the record straight by using this comeback.

The comeback is a clear pronouncement that you’re a straight-sexed male and not either bi-sexual or gay.


Having looked at the different comebacks available for when someone says you have a nice a$s, I’m convinced you had a great reading experience.

The comebacks in this post feature two dimensions and cut across the reactions of both males and females.

You can pick your preferred line of comeback according to your need or circumstance and employ it for the expected result.

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